Florida man weed stories
Florida man weed stories

The Best Florida Man Weed Stories Ever Recorded

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Apr 29, 2019

The Best “Florida Man” Weed Stories Ever

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Who is “Florida Man”. For some, it’s a common headline about men in Florida that usually is followed by some absurd string of words. For others, it’s not many “men”, but one Man. Florida Man is a modern myth that has gained some popularity over the past few years.

Today, I’d like to look at the best “Florida Man” weed stories. Florida is known for its wackiness at an almost cartoonish level. Some of the Florida Man stories can be quite gruesome. For instance, “Florida man stabs couple and eats dead man’s face” is just one example of how Florida Man can go to the side of the horrific.

However, there is also a comedic side to Florida Man. When it comes to weed, there are a couple of Florida Man stories that stand above the rest.


Florida Man tried to pay for McDonald’s with a Bag of Weed

The first story relates to a 23-year-old Florida Man who tried to pay for a McDonald’s order with a baggy of weed. Allegedly, he went through the drive through and tried to pay for his order with cannabis. The fast food worker denied the transaction, of which the Florida Man drove off.

Eventually he came back again. It was uncertain if he tried to buy the order again with weed, or whether he had cash on him. Nonetheless, the action prompted the Fast Food worker to call the cops, and eventually the Florida Man was arrested for possession and driving under the influence.

Perhaps this Florida Man thought that it would be okay to buy burgers with weed, but he learned the hard way that not everybody is as accepting to cannabis as he might think.

A harmless crime or a good trade? I know for a fact that if I was the guy at the fast food joint, I’d probably take the deal, especially the deal was good. On the other hand, if the baggy was just seeds and stems, I’d also reject the offer. However, calling the cops was a bit too much. The dude obviously was stoned and wasn’t causing anybody harm.

Nonetheless, let this Florida Man story be a lesson to us all, “McDonalds will not accept weed for burgers”.


Florida Man Burns Weed in the Yard

Another comical Florida Man story relates to a 64-year-old who was burning cannabis leaves in his yard. A snitch neighbor called the cops on him. When the police arrived, the Florida Man reassured them that he’s only burning trash.

The cops pointed out that it smelled a lot like weed. The Florida Man reassured the cops that it was just trash, the “good stuff” was inside on a tray. The cops went inside and found a tray with weed on it. Once the cops found it, the Florida Man also thought it would be a good idea to tell them about the weed he had in the fridge.

The cops went ahead and searched the fridge to find more than six ounces of weed and some cannabis extracts.

Unsurprisingly, the Florida Man was arrested on possession charges. Not sure if he ever got convicted, but it’s definitely a story that reminds us that in the case of cannabis possession, don’t tell the cops where you hid the stash.

Also, don’t burn leaves in your back yard if it’s going to be stinking up the neighborhood. Sure, you might think that it’s cool to smoke weed, but some pesky neighbors might call the cops on you.

Ah Florida Man…when will you learn?


Florida Man tries to hide a pound of weed in his pants

In this Florida Man story, a traffic stop led bust revealed the desperate attempts of a 21-year-old trying to hide a pound of weed in his pants.

Allegedly, he was pulled over. The cop smelled weed and asked him to step out. The Florida Man did so, but before he was stopped, tried to hide a pound of weed in his pants.

Once standing, gravity started yanking on the bag, of which Florida Man stood there trying to keep it together. Eventually, the man was busted and released on a $12,500 bail.

At least this Florida Man tried to hide the weed, unlike the previous example.


Florida Man Smokes Weed in a Police Parking Lot

In our final Florida Man story, we follow a man who decided that sparking up in a Police Academy parking lot was a good idea. Needless to say, a cop smelled the weed and walked 15 yards to where the man was smoking.

Once the officer approached the Florida Man, he pointed out that he was “smoking in a police parking lot”. The man said that he’d turn off the weed.

When the cops asked him to turn over the weed, the man refused and then was arrested for possession. I wonder if he would have turned over the weed, if he would have been let go. Nonetheless, this Florida Man story teaches us that smoking in police parking lots…is a bad idea.


What’s your Favorite Florida Man Story?

I’ve shown you four of my favorites, what are other Florida Man headlines that are worth exploring?











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