The future of Vaporizers
The future of Vaporizers

The Cannabis Vaporizer is the Future of Marijuana Consumption

Why the vaporizer will be the future of medical and recreational marijuana?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Monday Jul 29, 2019

The Cannabis Vaporizer is the Future of Marijuana Consumption

vaporizers of the future

CBD and weed vaping devices are increasingly getting popular despite the availability of many other means of cannabis consumption. Basing on many factors, vaping devices are all set of be leading accessory in cannabis consumption market.

This article deals with the use of mind soothing substance and the tools associated with its use. Please note that this content is not aimed at encouraging illegal use. Do not use cannabis if it is not legal in your area.

During the last three years, vaping has really picked up and marijuana vaping and e-cigarette are all in high fashion. You can attribute this to the ease in marijuana consumption made possible by handy devices. It is now as easy as checking time of your cell phone. 

What is vaporizer

The vaporizers were first used for vaping cannabis. Desktop vaping devices were developed earlier and then handy ones were introduced. They are very easy to use. However, a dry herb vaping device would require a bit of experience (just as you need for joint rolling).


How do they work?

A vaping pen comprises of an atomizer, a battery pack, and a button to switch on the device. A mouth piece and a tank are also essential parts (more like an electronic cigarette).

The operation is simple. A user needs to inhale at the mouthpiece while pressing a button. This activates the battery which in turn heat the atomizer into action. The atomizer vaporizes the powder or e-liquid in the tank without heating it enough to burn out.

Temperature plays a critical part in the process by controlling how much vapor is produced. Lesser heat means lesser vapor and this is the problem with some of the handy vaping devices. Some of the expensive models allow a user to alter heat settings. However, this feature is absent in low cost devices.


Why cannabis vaporizer are so popular

Cannabis vaping devices are popular as they offer as easier, healthier and more convenient means of consuming cannabis as compared to typical methods. It is possible to consume e-liquids and flower by using a variety of devices.

Vaping weed has many advantages. It is better for a user’s health as the vapor is free from cancer causing substances and tar related to smoking weed in a cigarette. A vaping device produce cleaner and healthier vapor through a complicated process.

Owing to certain reasons, it is safe to assume that vaping cannabis will become a more popular method as compared to edibles or any other form of cannabis consumption.

According to a recent study by Cowen & Co (a New York-based investment bank) a staggering number of polled people reported personal use of CBD as a supplemental ingredient. Previously known for pain killer application, the supplemental usage came as a surprise for the poll managers.

Even more interesting was the projected revenue estimates by the analysts. The analysts believe that the market will generate US $16 billion by the next six years.  The revenue figure is a huge raise from the $600 million-$2 billion sales in 2018. The legality issues at federal level are withholding the growth (though CBD enjoys technical legality through the Farm Bill of 2017. At present, ten US states allows recreational usage while another 33 states permit medical use of Marijuana.


Concentrates:  California is the biggest market in recreational marijuana use and Concentrates are the product of choice. Sold in the form of vapes, they outsold powdered cannabis by 4% (37% against 33%). According to BDS analysis, the pattern is likely to repeat in coming years.

The industry as a whole is moving towards vaping.  According to BDS statistics, vaping is getting popular in other states as well with 69% more vaping devices sold in 2018. CBD vaping device sales trend showed even higher levels with 105 % increase during 2018.

Demographics:  Vaping devices are being used by younger consumers as compared to non-users. This was reported by a survey conducted on Facebook.


Various vape products

It is common to use the term of weed vaporizer for a number of vaping devices. These may include vaping pens used for consuming vape oil, concentrates, dry herbs, and even CBD based non-psychoactive substances. These devices bypass burning process by directly converting the oil to vapor.

You can acquire the same benefits from a CBD pen as you can get from the consumption of strong concentrates of cannabis or CBD.


Pens are the most portable method of consumption

It is easier and convenient to consume CBD with vape pens. You don’t have to bother for leaks, foul smell, to unease associated with pot.

As reported by Substance Use and Misuse (a Journal), 35-46% people use vaping devices to conceal usage while 29-42% use them for ease in usage.


Herb vaporizer delivers stronger effects

Irrespective of usage for consuming CBD or THC, a vaping device typically produce better output as compared to other tools.

This fact is endorsed by the Journal of the American Medical Association. According to one of their studies, Cannabis vapes produce stronger output as the consumers were found with higher THC levels in their blood as compared to usage of a weed vaporizer.

There are a greater number of college students using cannabis in 2018 than in the last 30 years. More people are looking for better and stronger means of CBD consumption today.

It is now scientifically proving that vaping produces far more potent results than smoking marijuana in the same quantity.

In a latest research conducted by Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit in Baltimore (funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), 17 volunteers for a study to compare the effects of vaping and smoking marijuana. These volunteers were required to quit smoking marijuana for 30 days before the study. The participants reported much higher effectiveness of vaped marijuana on vaping during different sessions. However, one of the scientists associated with the findings admitted to previous connections with Cannabis business companies. 

In different sessions, the volunteers were given variable doses (0mg, 10mg, and 25mg) of THC (the effective psychoactive agent in weed) to smoke and vape. Each volunteer consumed the three dosage in each session without knowing the exact quantity consumed. They were required to fill out a questioner at the end of each session about the effects delivered by vaping and smoking.

Apart from the self-filling of the provided questioner, each volunteer was made to go through a series of mental and physical tests after each session. In addition, the participants were medically monitored for blood pressure and heart rate by taking readings every ten minutes during each session. There were also made to go through multiple computer tests that involved testing mental and sensory performance during the phases of high.

The results were very interesting. THC doses in the range of 25mg made each volunteer very high regardless of the smoking or vaping method. A participant suffered from hallucinations while a couple vomited. Similarly, the vapers and smokers displayed highest effects during the 1st hour of intake. These effects included dryness of mouth, enhanced heartbeat, redness of eyes, and paranoia. In most cases these effects did not wear off even after eight hours. Sometimes these effects persisted even when THC blood levels normalized.

In each case, the vaping effects were much higher than smoking.


As the hemp market booms, so do CBD vape sales

The marijuana is finding more and more popularity for medical as well as recreational reasons (apart from getting legal status). By the start of 2026, marijuana market on global level will be in excess of USD 66.2 billion. As reported by Grand View Research, Inc, the market will steadily rise at the rate of around 24% during all this time.

Marijuana is also finding increasing application in the medical field for treating a number of serious diseases like Parkinson’s, certain types of cancers, arthritis, and a number of mental disorders. It is also finding application in serious pain management among elderly and seriously ill patients. These factors are going to heavily increase the demand of Marijuana for medical applications in coming years. 

Ever since the marijuana has been made legal in many countries, the black-market demand has substantially reduced. People can now buy it from legal source for recreational or medical reasons. On the other hand, governments can earn heavy revenues through taxation on cannabis sales. North America is likely to be a big market after medical marijuana legalization in the Canada and the USA.

However, the marijuana has been made legal in Europe with very strict conditions about production and sale. This will affect the European (as well as global) market negatively. Australia, Poland, Uruguay, Germany, and Israel are some of the markets with great potential. Most of the new technology related to cannabis is being developed by Israel. Thailand, New Zealand, South Africa and UK are resolving the issues related to marijuana legality at present. All these developments are likely to result in very high demand of cannabis in near future.

  1. The legal cannabis market in U.S is expected to rise by over 24% between 2019-2025, from the 2018 value of USD 11.9 billion.
  2. The biggest share of market in 2018 was held by medical cannabis. It is expected to rise by over 12% by 2025. The prime reason being its application in treating cancer and other fatal diseases.
  3. In 2018, marijuana buds scored the highest market share. They are expected to increase their share at the rate of over 20% between 2019-2025.
  4. Some of the biggest names in legal cannabis industry include Maricann Group, Inc, Aurora Cannabis, GW Pharmaceuticals, plc, Canopy Growth Corporation, Aphria, Inc., The Cronos Group, Tilray, Lexaria Corp, ABcann Medicinals, Inc, and Organigram Holding, Inc.

Most CBD cannabis users prefer vape pens.

The most popular and quickly growing product in the cannabis and hemp market today is the non-psychoactive CBD. It is derived from hemp and has little legal relevance with weed.

2017-2018 experienced 105% popularity in CBD vape. This was one of the hottest developments. Commercial research shows that CBD vaping is much more biologically sustainable method as compared to oils or edibles.

Human body absorbs between 34-46% of CBD through vaping based on scientific research. When taken in edible forms, only 10% of CBD is absorbed by the human body.


Is a vaporizer a healthier alternative, are they actually any better for you than smoking?

This is a hotly contested topic at present owing to underage usage of e-cigs. Additionally, the absence of clear legal distinction between CBD and tobacco smoking products is placing lots of pressure to contain their use.

Another point of discussion is the viability of liquids vaping as healthier option against the dry herb option. The basic point is that dry herbs can produce cancer causing substances and tar. According to the American Lung Association, when a user smokes marijuana, the process generates almost similar types of  injurious substances that are generated through tobacco smoking.

In such a scenario, vaping is a healthier option as they are believed to have reduced effects on respiratory system as compared to smoking weed.

However, the quality of vaping liquid is very erratic depending upon the brand. E-liquids can easily be contaminated by harmful substances like cancer causing chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. This aspect is a serious source of concern for legislators, vendors and buyers.

CBD is released by cannabis once it is heated just below its burning temperatures. Vaping devices makes it possible to release CBD without burning the cannabis, explains Dr. Tishler.

Interestingly, no controlled medical study has been conducted to compare the effects of vaping vs smoking CBD. However, vaping devices are known to reduce the toxic compounds generated by smoking cannabis. As explained by Loflisssasn, the percentage of generated pyrolytic compounds is far less when you smoke cannabis in comparison to smoking tobacco. In turn, the vaporized cannabis carries even lesser amount of these cancer-causing compounds as compared to smoked cannabis.

A scientific study by Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics (conducted in 2004) evaluated the smoke against the vapors generated through vaping devices. The study concluded that the vapor produced through vaping devices comprised of CBD in general. There were traces of pyrolytic elements (as found in smoke) but they far lesser than the smoke.

A professor of psychology at University of Albany (Dr Mitch Earleywine) declares it much better for human health when he says that cannabis users show great improvement in lung function and bronchial tract when they use cannabis through a vaping device, instead of smoking it.

In one of his studies conducted in 2010, irritation of lung was reported by 20 volunteers upon using cannabis frequently. All of the volunteers were given vaporizers to use for a month. Respiratory tract infection developed in eight cases. Twelve cases reported betterment in lung irritation. The findings indicate the lower impact of vaping on human respiratory system.


Convenient, concentrated and varied, the vaporizer for weed is the future

Vaping devices allow users to benefit from products with varied concentrations and substances like CBD. Producers of all types of cannabis products have to cater to vaping lovers basing on its popularity.

The problems with product quality variation can be resolved through research and laws upon legalization of cannabis. This will help vaping products to get better with time.

However, the legal status of cannabis is tricky at the moment in US. It is illegal at the federal level. Semi-legal in some states and legal under certain conditions in many states. A reader can gather more information on this subject by visiting Norml.

It is true at the moment that the expert opinion is divided about the risks and benefits of marijuana vaping. It is not possible to conduct full scientific investigation into the matter when marijuana possession is a punishable offense under federal law. At the moment, marijuana is legal to use for recreational purposes in 10 states (including Washington, D.C). Thirty-three states are already in the process of legalizing marijuana use for different purposes. There are bills under consideration at the federal level that are aimed at minimizing federal interference at the state level weed laws and rectifying problems caused to marijuana communities. The system is surely moving towards marijuana legalization in complete US.

For those who love vaping, they can always find a list of best vaping devices available in the market at the moment.


Regional Insights

Cannabis is favored by 57% adult Americans for medical uses (against 32.0% in favor and 60.0% against legalizing it just 10 years ago). This raise in public vote is sure to increase its demand in coming years. On the other hand, US growers can benefit a lot from its legalization in Canada for recreational as well as medicinal usage. At present, the cannabis companies from Canada lead the global cannabis market.

Many countries in Europe and South America are promising cannabis markets. Australia and Israel offer great opportunities. Israel is presently leading the Agri research on cannabis production by developing technologies that promise greater yields and more potent strains. Colombia and Uruguay in Latin America are ready to meet global market demands owing to US restrictions on export of cannabis. With the addition of Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand and UK in legal cannabis list, the market demand of medical marijuana will rise very high in near future.


Legal Marijuana Market Share Insights

At present, a small number of companies have the funds, technical expertise and legal cover to manufacture and market medical marijuana. Yet the competition is tough. Additionally, the funding for research is a critical factor in development of new and exciting cannabis products. There are many players still in the field. Some of them include; Aphria, Inc, Canopy Growth Corporation, Maricann Group, Inc; Aurora Cannabis, The Cronos Group, Tilray, ABcann Medicinals, Inc, Organigram Holding, Lexaria Corp, and Inc.GW Pharmaceuticals, plc. There is a lot of space for new players in the market as the demand is expected to explode in near future.








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