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Are all Vaporizers the Same?  What Is A Good One?

What Is The Best Vaporizer? Depends What You Need From It

Posted by Oaktree on Thursday Oct 13, 2016
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 Are all Vaporizers the Same?



Asking if all vaporizers are the same is kind of a silly question if you ask me. It’s a bit like asking if all vehicles that drive on the road are the same. The obvious answer is no.



The reality is that all vaporizers are not the same. There are good quality vaporizers, and there are also plenty of low quality vaporizers on the market as well. 



In this article, my goal is to highlight all of the major differences of the different types of vaporizers.



Types of Vaporizers



There are two main categories of vaporizers; desktops and portables. There are also pen vaporizers but they are technically portable vaporizers.



Desktop Vaporizers



These are stationary vaporizers that plug right into the wall. They typically have the better vapor quality compared to portable style vaporizers. Their great for using with groups of people and the only real downside to them is you can’t use them anywhere.



Some desktop vaporizers have attachments to allow usage of both herbs, as well as concentrates.



Portable Vaporizers




Portables are as the name suggests portable! This type of vaporizer is perfect for people who like vaporizing on the go, as they can literally be taken anywhere! They run on rechargeable batteries and some models even come with multiple batteries to extend battery life!



Lots of portables come with attachments to be used with both herbs and concentrates. Some portable units can only be used with one or the other. 



Pen Style Vaporizers




Pen vapes are typically used for concentrates. As the name suggests, they are shaped like a pen. They are usually pretty small and very portable. The vapor quality of pen vapes can sometimes be sub-par as they usually are made of a simple wick style coil. They are meant more so for convenience and portability and you should avoid them you’re looking for a device that has good vapor quality.



Things to Ask Yourself When Buying a Vaporizer



What are you looking to vaporize?



Are you going to be using your vaporizer for concentrates? Or will you be using your vape strictly for herbs. Some vaporizers will even do both for you. Obviously shop according to what you’re going to want to vaporize.



Is portability a concern?



Will you want to use your vaporizer on the go, or will you be vaporizing in the comfort of your own home? If portability isn’t a concern, I would highly recommend going for a desktop model, as the vapor quality tends to be better.




Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Vaporizer





Good Vaporizers Cost Money



When buying a vaporizer, the saying “you get what you pay for” could not be more relevant. Therefore the best advice I could give someone who’s buying a vaporizer is to not cheap out.



Not only do cheap vaporizers break. They also really don’t compare performance wise to the high end models on the market. Once you’ve tried vaporizing with a quality vaporizer, you’ll never want to use a cheap one again.



The unfortunate reality is that high end vaporizers cost quite a bit of money. Sometimes higher end models can cost upwards up $200. The better vaporizers on the market are made out of high quality materials, and they cost money to produce. This is the reason why some vaporizers are so expensive to purchase.



The fact that quality vaporizers cost so much, leaves a big opportunity for companies to sell cheap, lower quality vaporizers for a cheaper price.



Unfortunately there are many low quality vaporizers on the market, and also lots of knock offs.



This brings me to my next point.



Never Buy Knock-Off Vaporizers



It is too easy to accidentally buy a knock off vaporizer. EBay and untrustworthy vaporizer websites are full of knock off products. You should avoid these products like the plague and only buy vaporizers from trusted sources. Needless to say, you won’t be getting any kind of warranty with knock-off vaporizers either.



Always Check Reviews Before Buying




Check trusted vaporizer review websites before buying any vaporizer. Sites such as are great for figuring out if a vaporizer is worth spending money on. The vape market is flooded with low quality products, and it is very important to always check what other people are saying about a product before buying it.




Stick With Trusted Brands



I’d highly recommend going with high quality brands you can trust such as Arizer, Atmos, DaVinci, and Storz and Bickel to name a few. When you purchase these brands, all of their vaporizers come with manufacturer warranties in case something mechanical on your vaporizer breaks. This does happen from time to time.



Only Buy Vaporizers That Come With Warranty



Even the higher end models break down from time to time. You might just get unlucky and receive a faulty unit. I’ve had units break down on me in the past, and I’ve also bought vaporizers that never worked out of the box. Just like any electronic device, vaporizers sometimes come with manufacturer defects.



For this reason, you should only buy vaporizers that come with either a warranty from the store or a manufacturer’s warranty.



Vaporizer Recommendations



Portable Vaporizers


My all-time favorite portable vaporizer has got to be the Ascent by DaVinci. It is better than most portables on the market, and goes for around $200. In my opinion it is the best portable vaporizer due to how well it performs, and also its low price point.



Desktop Vaporizers


If I had to pick one vaporizer to use for the rest of my life, it would be the Volcano Vaporizer, hands down. It is the mother of all desktop vaporizers in my opinion. It outperforms all the other vaporizers on vapor quality that I’ve tried. It’s quite expensive however and retails for around $500 for the classic, and $600 for the version with a digital temperature display.



If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, I’d recommend Da Buddha vaporizer! It’s under 200$ and outperforms most of the other desktop units on the market.



Pen Vaporizers


I personally don’t use pen vaporizers as in my opinion the vapor quality is sub-par compared to what you can get from most portables. However if I had to recommend just one, it would be the G-Pen. It doesn’t give you the best vapor quality, but in comparison to other pen vapes, it’s pretty great. It’s also very portable due to how small it is.



Well there you have it. I hope this article sums up in essence why all vaporizers are not the same!











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