marijuana needs more research
marijuana needs more research

The DEA Insults Americans by Changing Their Cannabis Narrative to 'Needs More Research' While Blocking All Research

For 5 decades he DEA said marijuana needs more research while simultaneously blocking all cannabis research in America

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Aug 13, 2021

DEA Says “More Research is Needed” in final FUCK YOU to the American People

more research on marijuana

For decades, organizations such as NORML have been petitioning the US government to remove the federal barriers to research only to be stonewalled by the DEA and the FDA.


Despite all of this active campaigning against the plant from these agencies, activists have worked tirelessly to legalize it state-by-state and now 33 states allow some sort of cannabis on the books.


This of course has also sparked the commercialization of cannabis, which have generated billions in tax revenue over the past few years.


However, with mass commercialization of cannabis comes some inherent problems. For example, the potency rush aims to increase the potency of the plant due to the ill-founded belief that “more potent means better”.


The truth of the matter is that more potent doesn’t equate to a better smoke. There are plenty of other factors that are equally important such as the density of other cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids.


Nonetheless, the hyper-commercialization of cannabis will create more instances of people potentially having adverse reactions to the plant – especially when we’re talking about “processes cannabis”.


This is why advocates have long been asking legitimate science to look at the plant, to research it and to create a safety profile based on these studies.


Except, all the previous studies on cannabis were taken from a single crop grown in Mississippi with weed that resembles hemp – thanks to the DEA.


But now, that the DEA is losing the battle on their stronghold over cannabis research, they are finally “allowing” researchers to source cannabis from different places.


DEA Hypocrisy in 2021 Revealed!


Commenting from San Antonio, Dante Sorianello the assistant special agent in charge of the DEA in San Antonio confirmed that the DEA is opening up more research;


"More testing has been opened up. And that is because the federal government DEA is taking this much more seriously and looking at this to see what are the pluses or minuses of cannabis," says Sorianello


This is a good thing, but the following sentence sent shivers of rage down my spine.


"Therefore, as DEA has always stated. More research needs to be done. So a good proper decision based upon science, and not emotion can be made to formulate laws - change laws or keep certain laws the same," says Sorianello.


WHAT? The DEA has always stated…but then blocked ALL research for the past five decades.


“Good proper decision based upon science and not emotion…”




The Shaffer commission provided legitimate science to the legality of cannabis in 1970, which was ignored and laws not based in science but emotion and propaganda was passed – which led to the incarceration of millions.


It’s rich for the DEA to claim “real science” when they placed cannabis in the same category as heroin. The CSA has no real scientific bases. It’s all conjecture and they have been funding studies (95% of these studies) for the sole purpose of looking for negative effects of cannabis.


This is probably the greatest slap in the face of the American people since Nixon ignored the Shaffer Commission and placed cannabis as a Schedule I substance.


Why these agencies need to be held accountable


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades – government agencies frequently commit atrocious acts and no one gets sacked or even jailed.


If you don’t believe me, just ask Ted Kaczynski who was part of MK Ultra during the Harvard LSD experiments which were designed by the CIA to literally break down a person’s psyche.


Later on Kaczynski became “The Unibomber” and all fault was placed entirely on him. Except, he was part of a government experiment that broke him down in such a way that the researchers conducting the experiments should also be held accountable for the person’s actions.


Some might say, “Reginald – if that happens, then there would be no experiments” but let me flip the argument and say, “if a private company releases a faulty product – who is responsible and forced to pay compensation to the affected parties?”


The DEA has played an active role in stifling cannabis research in conjunction with the FDA, citing each other as the reason why they “can’t” open up research.


Only now – when they lost the battle against the will of the people are they “permitting us” to conduct more research.


These are the types of things that US citizens should be furious about. These are the types of attitudes harbored by the government that needs to be eradicated because if this goes unchecked – it only further establishes one single truth.


Welcome to the II-Tier System

You’ll get fired if you admit you smoke weed and are a White House staffer – but if you’re the son of the President, smoke crack and get jobs!


You can choke an innocent man to death, as long as you wear a badge and work for the city. You can poison people’s drinking water, as long as you have some sort of political affiliation.


You can steal, assault, threaten, spy, abduct, and a plethora of other criminal activities without any consequence – as long as you belong to the right “class” of citizen.


For the vast majority of Americans, you fall into the second class – the class where all the rules apply and where you can get decades of imprisonment for things that the “first class citizen” gets away with Scott free.


The Sticky Bottom Line

I wrote this article in anger because I think the government has done a fantastic job in pitting people against people. Whether it’s race, sex, or any other element of division – they promote it on their media, they force it in their narratives and push the blame onto you for everything going wrong.


It’s time we begin to held them all accountable. It’s time we call them out on their bullshit.


Yes we need more research! But no, the DEA has not always said that – they were the very people standing in the way of the research. For them to be able to blatantly lie like that tells you just one thing – they think they are smart and you are dumb.


You’ll be their bitches forevermore!


Unless of course, you realize – you’re the one holding all the power…you just need to get organized.









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