FDA on CBD rules, why not?
FDA on CBD rules, why not?

If the FDA is Incapable of Providing Guidance on CBD, Why Do We Even Have an FDA at All?

What good is the Food and Drug Administration department if they can't regulate CBD?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Feb 8, 2023

fda on cbd regs

The FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, has long been touted as the guardian of public health, responsible for regulating everything from the drugs we take to the food we eat. But the reality is far from what it seems. Time and time again, the FDA has shown itself to be an inept and unreliable organization, one that is more concerned with serving the interests of Big Pharma than the well-being of the American people.


Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? The FDA approved Thalidomide, a morning sickness drug that caused birth defects, in the 1950s and 60s. The disaster was only discovered after it was too late, causing widespread harm to countless families. Fast forward to the 90s, the FDA approved Vioxx, a painkiller that was later found to cause heart attacks and strokes. These are just two examples of the many times the FDA has dropped the ball, putting profits before people.


But it's not just a matter of historical failures. The FDA's track record in recent years is just as concerning. They've been slow to approve safe and effective drugs like medical marijuana, while fast-tracking dangerous and ineffective drugs like OxyContin. The opioid epidemic that has ravaged America in recent years is largely the result of the FDA's incompetence and indifference.


In the words of Robert Anton Wilson, "the universe is a cosmic joke played on us by a universal sense of humor." And the FDA is no exception. Its inability to effectively regulate the products that we put into our bodies is a testament to the absurdity of our world.


In conclusion, the FDA's history of approving dangerous drugs, blocking safe and effective treatments, and prioritizing profits over people, is a clear indication of their ineptitude.


One of their recent failures comes in the form of “passing the buck” to Congress in relation to providing clear regulations on CBD.


What this means is that for now, everything will remain “as is” and now Congress will have to begin deliberation on what the type of regulation would be. But isn’t it the job of the FDA to provide those regulations?


If this is all sounding odd to you, don’t worry – it is!


The FDA has long been a critical part on maintaining the War on Drugs by playing the “Catch-22 of the DEA and the FDA”. In other words, when someone in the public asks the DEA to reschedule any drug in Schedule I, they would say that first they would need a report from the FDA.


Going to the FDA, the will tell you – certainly! We just need some permissions from the DEA. So you’re back at the DEA and say, “So the FDA told me I need something from you so they can give me access…and the DEA says, “Not a problem! We just need a few studies from the FDA in order to give you those permissions…”


And then you realize that the War on Drugs was a corporate power play that essentially monopolized all drug manufacturing and distribution in the hands of a few mega corps.




The point is, that the whole system is created so that it’s insanely difficult to legalize any drug that would cut into the profit margins of Big Pharma, and those who dare to even attempt this will be met with Blackhawk helicopters and paramilitary units.


What’s the FDA’s excuse this time?


According to MJBizDaily, the reason why the FDA doesn’t want to touch CBD is because it’s linked to the 2018 Farm Bill, that legalized Hemp. They argue that Congress would have to renegotiate that bill in order for them to be able to do any regulatory oversight.


And to be fair, they aren’t wrong either. The FDA can’t change laws, only Congress can. The 2018 Farm Bill made things like Delta-8 legal as long as its derived from Hemp.


Therefore, even if the FDA says anything about it, they won’t be able to do anything about it.


Here’s a snippet from the MJBizDaily Article


A massive piece of legislation that covers farm subsidies, food-stamp benefits and many other topics, the 2018 Farm Bill – promoted by then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and signed into law by former President Donald Trump –  legalized hemp production nationwide.


In so doing, it also predicated the CBD boom and, along with it, the rise of novel intoxicating cannabinoids derived from hemp.


Since that time, the FDA has been on notice to figure out how to regulate an onslaught of products containing CBD and other cannabinoids derived from hemp.

Rather than do that, the FDA declined Thursday to regulate CBD products including other food supplements, saying its existing regulatory frameworks were inadequate – and that Congress should tell the FDA what to do.


In a statement Thursday, Dr. Janet Woodcock, the FDA’s principal deputy commissioner, said the agency “has concluded that a new regulatory pathway for CBD is needed that balances individuals’ desire for access to CBD products with the regulatory oversight needed to manage risks.”

“The use of CBD raises various safety concerns, especially with long-term use,” Woodcock added.

“The agency is prepared to work with Congress on this matter.”

Though Woodcock did not mention other cannabinoids that have gained popularity over the past four years – including delta-8 and delta-10 THC, which can be derived from CBD via a chemical process, as well as delta-9 THC – the FDA has noted the “serious health risks” posed by so-called alternative cannabinoids and has been tracking reports of adverse health effects.

 In other words, it took them 4-years to say that they don’t have the tools or parameters to do the work needed. 4 YEARS!!!!


Yet, along roles a “pandemic” with a virus of 99.6% survivability and they can approve booster after booster in a matter of months…


I wonder why they can approve Pharma’s drugs in a matter of months but are incapable of telling Congress “they can’t regulate CBD” for 4-years!


Pharma HATES Cannabis


The idea that marijuana could reduce Big Pharma's revenues is an age-old one, and it is a classic example of the little guy defeating the big bully. It's a tale that has often been told in the pages of American history, and it's an one that is currently being written in the world of medical treatment.


The people at Big Pharma have been making a killing for years by marketing various medicines and potions that claim to be able to treat all of your ailments. But now that this wild card, this rebel force, this green threat has entered the picture, their earnings are suddenly in peril.



Cannabis is a potent medication that has been used for treating a variety of diseases for thousands of years. It is a natural treatment that has repeatedly been shown to be successful in treating a variety of diseases, including pain, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it is a treatment that is easily accessible to everyone who seeks it.


How does this affect Big Pharma's bottom line, then? Simple. Big Pharma's profits decline if people use cannabis instead of their proprietary medications. And that bothers them a great deal.


Big Pharma, you see, is a complicated web of interests with ties to both the highest echelons of government and the shadowy underbelly of the economy. It is not just some faceless corporation. It's a huge conspiracy, one that's out to crush the underdog and preserve a tight grip on the market.


But things are changing. People are becoming more aware of the advantages of cannabis and are demanding access to it. And even the largest firms are forced to pay attention when the public demands something.


However, these businesses continue to hold a majority of the market thanks to strategies and practices like "passing the buck" by the FDA.


The truth is that every time cannabis is legalized, Pharma loses billions. Millions of individuals could benefit from CBD, which is a truly wonderful material. However, because it is currently in a legal "limbo," it cannot be widely dispersed, and investors are wary of making purchases on the assumption that "what if the government decides it's bad again?"


This is also the main justification for why marijuana is still illegal in the US.

Maybe the FDA is telling us something…


My friends, it's time for the populace to advance past the government. We have been held hostage by a system that has been bought and paid for by the very industries it is meant to control for far too long. The government has evolved into a tool of the oppressors, used to keep the populace under control and in line.


Consider Big Pharma as an example. They have dirty hands in every pie, and they purchase politicians' and regulators' support with their influence and power. What do they get in return for this? a carte blanche to act however they choose, to push their medications and therapies on a gullible populace, and to extort them for everything they're worth.


What about the FDA, then? The very organization tasked with keeping us secure has failed miserably. They are so deeply entwined with Big Pharma that they are unable to control the regulation of something as basic and natural as CBD. They have refused to acknowledge this remarkable plant and have chosen to ignore the numerous studies that demonstrate its advantages.


Folks, this is the current status of our government. We are dealing with a dysfunctional system here. It's time for us to move past it, to liberate ourselves from its bonds, and to take charge of our own lives.


I'd say Robert Anton Wilson is one of my heroes. He had a unique perspective on the world and was a true rebel. He was aware that reality is dynamic and that our perceptions and beliefs may influence it. He also showed us that the only way to change the world is to alter our perspective on it.


Therefore, that is what we must do. We need to abandon the outdated paradigms and adopt a fresh perspective that is built on liberty, autonomy, and self-determination. In order to create a new route that is driven by our own ambitions and objectives, we must reject the conventional methods of doing things.


My friends, it's time for us to progress past government. It's time for us to reclaim our freedom and our power. Because we can only change ourselves if we change the world. So let's take action, unleash the potential of our hearts and brains, and build a new reality free from the constraints of big business and the tyranny of the state.





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