DEA on marijuana growing research
DEA on marijuana growing research

The DEA Unveils Their New Approach to Cannabis Research - Yay? I Guess?

Is the new DEA policy for marijuana growers a good or bad thing?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Apr 2, 2020

DEA Unveils “New Approach” to Cannabis – Yay? I Guess?

dea on marijuana growers

ALL HAIL YOUR GREAT FEDERAL OVERLORDS! The DEA has graced us “unwashed-filth” with an update on their cannabis policies and what not. Essentially – they are going to expand on the amount of licensed facilities that could legally grow cannabis for research purposes.

Currently – there is only one sanctioned federal grow facility located in Mississippi – which have received a lot of criticism from the research community calling the cannabis “closer to hemp” than cannabis.

This has been a point of contention for decades, as researchers have been petitioning the DEA since cannabis was first placed on the Controlled Substance Act. For years – the DEA would play this game where they would receive a petition, take as long as legally permitted to respond, and then deny due to some “dubious reasoning”.

Last year however, their “stalling tactics” annoyed a researcher who sued the agency because of it. The DEA simply “updated a statement” and had enough legal wiggle-room to have the case dropped. What did they respond? “We’re thinking about it” and the judge was, “Yep – that sounds about right!”


What the DEA proposed?

Essentially – there were 37 applicants to legally grow cannabis for federal research. They simply wanted to become more diverse in sourcing cannabis – seeing that the weed coming from Mississippi was pure trash.

This new rule will now – begin to evaluate which candidates are going to be allowed. This process could take years, who knows.

It only took them two years to think about thinking about making a decision – now they will have to make a decision which could first require them to think about thinking about making a decision first and weight that against what they thought of their thoughts the last time they were thinking. It’s all very complicated legal stuff – don’t worry about it.

Basically – they will now go through the process of seeing who else would be allowed to grow weed for them. They then would “OWN” all the weed, store it – and if a lab wants to buy weed from the DEA, they would have to do so directly from the DEA.

However, the DEA would also like you to know;

“The Administration shall have no liability with respect to the performance of any contractual terms agreed to by a grower and buyer of bulk cannabis, including but not limited to the quality of any cannabis delivered to a buyer,” DEA said. “In the event that a buyer deems the delivered cannabis to be defective, the buyer’s sole remedy for damages shall be against the grower and not the Administration.”

Basically – they will own the weed, store the weed. They might not store the weed according to medical standards – fuck if they care! They also might not ensure that the quality remains at “research level” – if there are any damages or issues with the crop – it’s the responsibility of the growers and not the agency – despite storing the cannabis for prolonged periods of time and being responsible for transporting it. You know – good ol’ government efficiency.

Not to mention – it’s probably going to cost the agency $34,000 per hour to pay for the wages of a single guard that will be in charge of 17 warehouses full of weed. Especially since for some reason the Federal government can justify spending nearly $10,000 on a chair.

Nonetheless – the DEA simply are going to allow more people to grow weed for them who will be forced to sell all of the crop to the DEA, who will store it and resell it to researchers.


Advocates are happy?

Some pro-cannabis groups claim that they are “optimistic” about what the DEA is doing. However, considering that the DEA has been largely responsible for stonewalling cannabis research for more than a half a century – this reaction should actually be received with a lot more hostility.

I know we’re trying to be forgiving – but the policies that the DEA and the federal government has perpetuated due to limiting research on cannabis AND currently make no commitment to ensure that the cannabis integrity remains intact – this is a slap in the face of human rights everywhere.

It’s like a rapist saying, “I’ve thought about everyone saying rape is bad – so I’m only going to rape a little bit now…”

There’s some shit that simply don’t fly – and the DEA stonewalling research and taking over 50-years to approve more research facilities…well, that is not to be applauded. That is to be scolded for not moving fast enough – for utilizing politics to stand in the way of human rights. To disrupt medical research, to incarcerate minorities and to literally steal the property of Americans and let’s not forget the millions of dead bodies in other countries due to the outsourced “War on Drugs”.

Oh no DEA – you don’t get an applause from me. You get only the scold and fury from the millions of incarcerated and dead left in the wake of your asinine policies. Go fuck yourself very much!

I’ll applaud you when you admit to the world that you’ve only served to make the world more dangerous, to perpetuate a policy that YOU KNOW doesn’t work – and for utilizing non-laws to rape civil liberties without remorse.  I’ll applaud you when you dissolve yourself and rid the world of your draconian ways.

Until then – GFYS!







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