White Russian strain review
White Russian strain review

Have You Smoked a White Russian, Lately? - The White Russian Strain Review

White Widow and AK-47 had a beautiful child in Russia!

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 16, 2022

White Russian Strain Review

There are different quality cannabis strains out there presently and it’s hard to choose between available options. One of the things that help to make such choices is adequate information on what to expect from such cannabis strains. Today we will be paying very close attention to White Russian giving a general review of all that the strain entails.

White Russian: Overview

The name of this special strain is synonymous with that of a potent cocktail. Much like the cocktail, the strain is very strong as it gives an intense intoxicating effect. This was probably what made Serious Seeds name the strain after the famous alcoholic cocktail. The cocktail itself comprises coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream. The strain however is a hybrid product of the cross between White Widow and AK-47. The parents of the strain already show what to expect as this particular packs a bit of a punch.

The strain has been around for a while as it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1996. It has since gained popularity for its high THC content and intense high. Individuals who have low tolerance might want to be careful with this strain as it is likely to cause them disorientation. Many seasoned users testify of the strain’s ability to provide an energetic boost and elevate their moods. This makes this strain perfect for daytime use as it stimulates the senses and puts the body in the right mood for the day.

White Russian is an indica-dominant strain that sits comfortably as a top-shelf strain highly in demand. The strain can easily be caped or smoked while others are more comfortably infusing it into edibles. Its potency might not make it the best strain for novices. It is therefore advised to be tapered slowly in terms of dose. Seasoned cannabis users readily find this strain perfect to open up the creative genius within them.

White Russian: Strain Review

We will be reviewing the strain with respect to its aroma, flavor, and appearance. Other vital information such as growth info, medical benefits, and possible side effects of the herb will also be explained.


White Russian has a characteristic scent that is intense and attractive. The flowers of the strain have a blend of dark and earthy smell with undertones of citrus. This is due to its high percentage of useful terpenes such as myrcene, pinene, and limonene. On ignition, White Russian increases in its sweet citrus fruit which can easily take over the entire room. It is best to avoid smoking this strain outdoors because of its pungent smell.


The terpenes that give White Russian its characteristic scent also impact a special taste on it as well. The strain has a similar taste to wood with hints of citrus. A complimentary creamy taste makes the taste of the strain be characterized as complex. Exhalation of the strain gives a mix of sweetness and spiciness which comes with its piney aftertaste.


The buds of the strain grow the appear clustered. Their sizes are majorly small with one growing to medium size. The entire plant grows to be pale green until harvest time when it changes characteristically. The trichomes become white to indicate that the plant is ripe to be harvested.

Growing info

This strain requires proper curing and training techniques in order to get the desired result. It is therefore not the best strain for a newcomer to start with. The plant is rigid and tough enough to grow in different conditions. The plant is also naturally resistant to molds and pests which makes it perfect for many growers as less maintenance is needed. 

The plant can easily be grown outdoors and indoors without complications. Constant sunlight and a warm climate will produce the best result when the strain is cultivated outdoors. A yield of 17 ounces per plant is to be expected when the plant is grown outside. The same plant when from indoors grows to a maximum height of four feet. This makes it perfect for indoor growers with limited space. The strain has a low ratio of leaves to flower which means the grower will spend less time trimming. The flowering time of the strain is between 9 to 10 weeks with a yield of 13 ounces per square meter.

Cannabinoid Profile

White Russian is a mixed strain with equal indica and sativa characteristics. The THC content of the strain ranges from 19 percent to 25 percent. This is why the strain is known to be very intoxicating and energetic. The CBD content on the other hand is usually 0.1% or less. The implication of this is that the strain is less likely to be relaxing or sedative in effect.

Medicinal Effects

The high THC content and terpene profile of White Russian confers on it a great deal of medicinal effect due to the entourage effect. Medical marijuana patients use it considerably to deal with chronic pain, headaches, and back pain. The strain can also be useful to elevate depressed moods, relieve anxiety, or treat inflammation. Its ability to boost moods has also been used considerably to help patients dealing with stress and PTSD.

Possible Side Effects

Proper use of this strain is sure to not give side effects. However, overdosing on it can promote signs such as dizziness and anxiety. There can also be an increase in paranoid thoughts though this occurs at extremely high doses and is very rare. Common adverse effects at safe doses are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Bottom line

White Russian is a special strain that is loved by recreational and medical marijuana users. Its intense intoxicating effect makes it a fan favorite in social gatherings and among daytime users. The strain is equal in terms of growing indoors and outdoors with little difference in the yield from both sources. It is important to use the strain properly to avoid unwanted side effects that occur at high doses. Ultimately, it’s a special strain with dynamic characteristics.








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