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Hemp Plastic

The Importance of Hemp Plastic

Plastic made from hemp can solve many pollution problems

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DanaSmith on Monday Aug 20, 2018

The Importance of Hemp Plastic for Ocean Pollution and the Earth

Why Hemp Plastics Will Be So Important to the Earth from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Hemp has been around for a very long time. Its economic and industrial value has been known long before, even during the time of popular innovators such as Henry Ford; when it has been said that he used hemp plastic to build some of his famous cars. Levi Strauss also made some of his very first fabrics out of hemp. 


However, the use of hemp is not restricted for these purposes. In fact, the benefits of hemp are limitless. There are a lot of ways to utilize this amazing plant. There are those that use the extract of the plant as a form of natural energy such as fuel. Even the seeds of this amazing plant can be utilized as a form of food for animals such as birds among others.


Given all the amazing uses of hemp, there are still a lot of people who are skeptical about the plant itself. For too many people, hemp still has a negative connotation because it comes from the cannabis sativa plant – also known as marijuana, weed, pot. These in turn are known for its tetrahydrocannabinol component; known to the world as THC. This is the active component present in the plant that, once used, gives a feeling of euphoric sensation or a “high” state of consciousness. But when it comes to using it on either an industrial or a medicinal level, the strain is chosen based on its active levels of THC or the other valuable cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol).


But aside from its health benefits, hemp can also be used to solve the serious issue of pollution. How? By acting as a natural alternative to plastics, which take hundreds of years to decompose; plastics end up in landfills, our oceans, and even the food we eat. Yes, you read that right. Marine animals have died because they ingest plastic, and those that survive, often end up on our plate.


Each year, the world produces around 400 million tons of plastic, 40% of which are single-use. This is the problem with plastic.


Why Use Hemp Plastic


Hemp plastics are derived from cannabis sativa, which makes it biodegradable. For us to understand demand on an industrial level, we need to be aware that the hemp plant itself is made up of high level cellulose tissues; making it the perfect candidate for a biodegradable component for various uses. In comparison to its industrial counterpart, plastics, these are made from harmful substances known as petrochemicals. The use of these types of materials may prove to be dangerous not only to humans, but to the environment as well.


Notable Features of Hemp Plastic


There are various notable features of hemp plastic. For one, a lot of manufacturers like hemp plastics because it is as biodegradable as it can get. In modern times, being biodegradable is often likened to its eco-friendly status, which in turn, does well for the environment because of its lessened carbon footprint in relation to the welfare of the atmosphere. Hemp plastics are also superior in quality when it comes to its physical characteristics in both stiffness and durability. These types of plastics, depending on how it is manufactured, are also able to withstand heat and could also be resistant to flame.


Utilization of Hemp Plastics


Today, there are a lot of uses for hemp plastics. There are some manufacturers that use these types of plastics as credible alternatives in creating toys, materials used for packaging, and to some extent, audio parts that we use in our daily activities. What a lot of people don’t know is that hemp plastics can also be an alternative manufacture component for other gadgets such as electrical sockets, chargers for various appliances, and other laptop accessories.


Specialty in Using Hemp Plastics


Perhaps the most notable specialty of plastics is its overall contribution in preserving the environment. The use of these plastics as a biodegradable and eco-friendly resource can top even the toughest and most durable components used in everyday life such as conventional plastics and polypropylene. The best thing about using this type of material is that it is not only safe for humans but for the environment as well.


The Irony of Using Hemp Plastics


Let’s face it: perhaps the reason why society has reservations in using hemp plastic is because of its association with marijuana. However, as we move forward as a whole, governments, people, and manufacturers are beginning to value its importance as a product and how it can compete with harmful chemical-based plastics. Since hemp plastics are by-products of a plant-based resource, society should start to understand that these types of plastics are becoming the go-to alternatives for an environmental-conscious industry. Keep in mind that hemp is a more sustainable resource that is biodegradable and a recyclable product; perhaps even a more economic alternative as well.

Why Hemp Plastics Will Be So Important to the Earth from CannabisNet on Vimeo.















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