weed emojis and icons
weed emojis and icons

The Most Epic Weed Emojis to Spice Up Your Social Media Interactions During Quarantine

Marijuana emojis and icons are how many younger consumers communicate now

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Apr 4, 2020

The Most Epic Weed Emojis to Spice Up Your Social Media Interactions During Quarantine

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Emojis are known as ideograms which serve as a representation of a concept or idea unconnected to any language. They have been in existence for a very long time as several ancient cultures used some characters to a way of representing objects such as birds, arrows and fish. It wasn't until 1982 that the usage of text symbols was adopted to form pictures. Some of these included:

  • : )
  • : – )
  • : D
  • : P
  • : (
  • : O

After this, a man named Shigetaka Kurita created emojis in the late 1990s for a mobile internet platform in Japan. However, emojis only became widely popular and an important part of communication online when several mobile operating systems included it on their devices.

Emojis are a way of communicating the way you feel to someone when communicating through texts. One of the feelings you might probably want to communicate as a cannabis user is your experience with the plant and that has been made easier through the emergence of weed emojis. Their use and popularity are to be expected with the increased legalization of cannabis as cannabis users can now express their feelings with them. The weed emojis can be gotten by downloading the weed emoji app or keyboard for your device or you can choose to use the normal emojis if you want to be discreet.

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10 Great Weed Emojis to Use

There has been a recent upsurge in the number of weed emojis out there but here are a few of them combined for you to understand and use in your conversations.

Doobie – This is an image of a wrapped weed joint that can be sent to your friends to indicate the start of your smoking session. It can serve as an invitation for them to join you or just as a way of informing them about what you’re doing.

doobie emoji

Holding a joint – This emoji is normally interpreted as okay but for weed enthusiasts, it signifies holding a joint. This is because a joint is usually held between the thumb and the pointer for smoking. The good thing about this emoji is that if you send it, only those who are in the know will understand what it means.

holding a joint

Toasted – This is an emoji you can send to your friends if you can’t seem to get yourself up when they are inviting you for a smoke. Sending them the toasted emoji will let them know how you feel at the moment and they will understand.

toasted emoji

The Rocket – This emoji is another one of those which has a different interpretation for cannabis users. It is simply used as a rocket even though it signifies a blast off for weed enthusiasts to let others know how they feel after just having a smoke or what is about to happen.

blast off emoji

Alembic – This is a weed emoji that requires some prior level of understanding from both the sender and the receiver as the emoji is an image of an apparatus used by chemists to turn liquids into concentrated forms. However, for weed enthusiasts, it represents a glass pipe which signifies getting high.

alembec emoji

Smoking – This is also a cross used emoji that is easily accessible but for cannabis users, it signifies the smoking of a joint.

smoke puff puff pass emoji

Craving – This is a weed emoji that conveys your needs for a joint. So, anytime you have that need for a joint, just send it to your friends to see if they can hook you up.

craving emoji

Weed’s Got Me Like…What?? – This weed emoji signifies what you’re probably feeling when your friends are talking about something you can’t seem to get a hang of because you are high. To express this feeling with the normal emoji, you can use the confused emoji and they will understand that you are high and unable to comprehend what they are saying and let you be.

weed have me like emoji

420 – This is a weed emoji used in inviting your friends for joint smoking meet up. It became popular when some high school students met up at 4:20 pm to smoke weed and have been used for this purpose mostly. Also, it also signifies the 420 day which is April 20 of each year which is an important day for weed enthusiasts.

420 emoji

Giving thanks to the man – Whenever you just feel grateful or an overwhelming love for the gift of all things weed and weed-related, sending this image of Tommy Chong the weed icon to a friend conveys what you mean without any further need for explanation.

giving thanks emoji

Weed icons or emojis can be used not only in chats with your friends but also on youtube videos, cannabis-related posts and on all social media interactions to spice things up especially in this period when you might feel bored or out of sorts from being at home.







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