cannabis happiness
cannabis happiness

How Has Cannabis Affected Your Life in a Positive Way, Let Us Count the Ways!

Cannabis is having a positive impact on millions of new people each day

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Sep 27, 2021

How has cannabis affected your life in a positive way?

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There are so many articles out there focusing on the negative aspects of cannabis – many of which I have analyzed and debunked.


However, today I’d like to focus on the positive aspect of cannabis. And so, we’re going to be looking at some of the responses to “how has cannabis affected your life in a positive way.”


At the end of this article, I’ll repeat the question and recommend that you also add your voice to the conversation by simply dropping a comment on whichever social media platform you are reading this from.


Personally, cannabis has helped me at several stages of my life.


It helped me cope with depression, pain, and helped me open up my worldview in such a way that I now am constantly curious. Some of my hobbies include, “studying things I know nothing about” – and part of this is due to cannabis showing me that the world is far bigger than my point of view.


I could get into much more about my personal walk with cannabis – however, let’s take a few moments to hear what others had to say…


It helps pay the bills!


There was a time when only drug dealers could say this – but these days hard working people like you and me can be employed by the cannabis industry. Hell, even I fall into this category seeing that I’ve been working digitally within the Cannabis sphere for the past 12-years.


The cannabis industry currently employs 321,000 people annually and this figure is set to rise as more states begin to legalize. Cannabis will be paying the bills, taxes and much more over the coming years!


It keeps me focused


One of the people who answered the question on Reddit said, “If I find a good podcast or audiobook, I can literally run for miles!”


Cannabis can be a distractor – but finding the right strain and the right activity can produce amazing results. In the case of running and exercise – cannabis can make you laser focused. You can “let go” of the mechanical tasks you need to do – like putting one foot in front of the other – and zone into another activity like listening to a podcast or audiobook, or simply music.


I frequently do Shamanic Walks where I put on a playlist on Spotify – typically some drumming or didgeridoo music – take a big hit of weed and walk for 20-30 mins while doing a Breathwork pattern. The goal of the walk is to banish any intruding thought and to simply become fully aware of this moment – the eternal present.

The cannabis acts as a catalyst for the conscious mind to take a back seat and allow the unconscious to take greater control – laser focus indeed!


Helps for Depression more than Pharma Pills


While this may not be the case for everyone, one of the Redditors that answered this question had the following to say,


“Helped me with depression 10x more than the prescription meds I was on.”


For many people, cannabis provides relief from psychological issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and so forth, without the harmful side effects of conventional pharma medicine.


Some people use cannabis to combat the side-effects of these medicines while others simply replace them altogether. Nonetheless, there are millions of people who have found relief from their psychological disorders by the use of cannabis.


Made me more Open-minded


It’s strange, but cannabis can have this effect on some people. It allows them to see beyond their own belief-limitations, and creates enough plasticity to embrace other ideas.


Another person added the following;


It makes me more sensitive to other people and their feelings. Honestly I’ve smoked weed daily for like 4.5 years now and my life it’s way way better now than it was when I started smoking more. The weed is not what made my life better, but it also did not make my life worse or get in the way of stuff for me.


Empathy is a common side-effect of cannabis consumption. You are able to “put yourself in other’s shoes” for a mere moment, allowing you to accept foreign behavior as long as it doesn’t directly interfere with you or others.


It makes me sleep!


Let another Redditor explain it…


I suffered from chronic insomnia for years, but i noticed consuming cannabis before bed really helps me fall/stay asleep. It can also serve as a mood booster when I'm stressed or worried about something. On top of everything, the act of smoking itself serves as an effective reflection period. Sitting on my porch and partaking in a few puffs centers me. No one bothers me. It gives me the chance to process the day.


A good night’s sleep is definitely good for the health. Surprisingly, it also helps boost these other issues that the person mentioned – mood, reflection, etc.


Cannabis can help some people with their insomnia, typically you’d need a heavy sedative strain that would be classified as an “indica dominant” in your local dispensary.


It makes me Self Aware!


Weed makes me self critical in a healthy way. I’ll notice things about myself that I want to work on and improve. Also a much healthier alternative to alcohol when you just want to chill/escape from reality on a weekend night.


The one bad thing about weed is that it makes me snack like a complete animal. Id never eat a Twinkie sober.


There is a sense of self-awareness that can arise from cannabis consumption. This is because the brain likes to keep things as automated as possible – and so, when you lock yourself into a routine it begins firing off these automated algorithms.


Smoking weed interrupts these cerebral processes, which forces you to reflect on your behavior in a different light. It shifts where your awareness rests, and thus – you can reexamine your behavior with “fresh” albeit hazy eyes.


Better sex!


Sex last longer! And It helps me sleep better, I use to have bad anxiety but it’s mostly under control. The key is not so get so stoned your out of it or paranoid. Think of it like alcohol you know you limit just enough for each situation


Sex can be far more enjoyable when you and your partner are blitzed – you’re able to connect on a deeper, more personal level which enhances the experience.









What did you think?

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