why isn't marijuana legal in the usa
why isn't marijuana legal in the usa

The Real Reason Marijuana Isn't Fully Legalized in America, Yet.

Power brokers are setting up the future of cannabis, and sorry, you are not invited.

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Dec 1, 2022

real reason cannabis is not legal

The REAL REASON why weed isn’t fully legalized yet…


One would think that with 7 out of 10 Americans in favor of cannabis legalization – the US would have legalized cannabis by now.


Rather, you’re getting the “Biden is going to sign a bill about researching compounds that’s been researched since the 1970s and earlier by Nations such as Israel” – SO BE HAPPY!


It’s interesting that within a “Democracy” – the people’s will isn’t being respected but rather we’re constantly getting these “fake victories” such as pardoning federal prisoners for “simple possession” which released absolutely no one from federal prison.


Because there wasn’t anyone in federal prison for simple possession.


Now, you’re getting a bill that will research compounds and marijuana further to see if it has medical value, when in fact, there is already several FDA approved medications derived from cannabis. For example, Epidiolex or Dronabinol are both cannabis-based medicines that can be prescribed by doctors today.


Therefore, the “further studying” on the cannabinoid compounds – while a welcoming element – is also incredibly empty within its actions. It simply goes to show that the “will of the people” is not the priority for the political class.


In fact, if you were to look at what the bill actually does – you’d be a little bit more weary of the government’s actions.


According to Marijuana Moment,


The research legislation that is heading to Biden would encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop cannabis-derived medicines. One way it proposes doing so is by allowing accredited medical and osteopathic schools, practitioners, research institutions, and manufacturers with a Schedule I registration to cultivate their own cannabis for research purposes.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would get a mandate to approve applications to be manufacturers of marijuana-derived, FDA-approved drugs under the bill. Manufacturers would also be allowed to import cannabis materials to facilitate research into the plant’s therapeutic potential.

Another section would require the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to look at the health benefits and risks of marijuana as well as policies that are inhibiting research into cannabis that’s grown in legal states and provide recommendations on overcoming those barriers.
SOURCE: Marijuana Moment

For those who don’t understand “political-scumbag”, let me translate.


The FDA (which is primarily being funded by Big Pharma) would allow “accredited organizations” with a Schedule I clearance (aka Big Pharma), to cultivate their own federally protected cannabis for “research and development”.


These federally protected grows would also be able to import cannabis as they see fit.


The DEA, the enforcers of Pharma, would then grant them clemency under the law and presto change – Pharma can grow, develop and sell cannabis-derived medicine without worrying about any banking issues or competing with the cartels as they would be the only “federally sanctioned” growers out there.




We’re told that this will “create easier research access” to cannabis, however, so would simply removing it from the Controlled Substance Act.


Now, under the new law – Pharma will have special conditions to grow and research weed while the rest of the public and research firms with Schedule II access and lower, won’t be able too.


What type of medical drugs would they be able to develop with such special privileges? Why not simply remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act and give everyone access to the crop?


The reason is the same reason why the United States is in such a difficult situation currently in terms of culture, society, and the general “people vs government” narrative.




During the inception of the United States, the “founding fathers” envisioned a world where the individual would be able to make something of themselves – free from the tyranny of an overbearing government where they are merely serfs to the kingdom.


Perhaps for a while this was true – but as certain individuals grew their businesses, and government expanded its boundaries – there came a point in time when the elected and the corporations began to work in conjunction.


Of course, there was a mutual benefit for both parties. The political class would be able to pass laws that benefit the corporations in exchange for “donations” to their causes. Eventually, these special interests grew and today we know them as lobbies.


According to Wikipedia;


The history of lobbying in the United States is a chronicle of the rise of paid advocacy generally by special interests seeking favor in lawmaking bodies such as the United States Congress. Lobbying has usually been understood as activity by paid professionals to try to influence key legislators and executives, which is different from the right for an individual to petition the government. It has been around since the early days of the Republic, and affects every level of government from local municipal authorities to the federal government in Washington. In the nineteenth century, lobbying was mostly conducted at the state level, but in the twentieth century, there has been a marked rise in activity, particularly at the federal level in the past thirty years. While lobbying has generally been marked by controversy, there have been numerous court rulings protecting lobbying as free speech. At the same time, the courts have made no final ruling on whether the petition clause of the US Constitution covers lobbying.


There came a point in time when corporations became “too big to fail” which basically means, they have become such a force that the government will bail them out even if they squander the money recklessly.


For example, how many times have banks accepted money from drug cartels, terrorist groups and criminal organizations and only received a slap on the wrist. Nobody ever gets jailed, they get slapped with a meager fine, and it’s business as usual.


Meanwhile, Johnny Nobody has $3,000 in cash in his truck and suddenly he is “suspect number 1” and gets thrown in jail for the half an ounce of weed he has in his pocket.


The point I’m trying to make here is that the are two classes of people in the US.


The 2-Tier Society


I’m here today hoping that I can dispel the notion of a polarized government. The “Left” and the “Right” only exists within the sociopolitical hivemind – however, this is merely an illusion projected by the entity known as “government”.


The government projects two faces – one on the left that is all about liberalism, progressivism, etc and on the other side it’s about “conservative values and blah blah”.


However, all of these are empty gestures. The truth of the matter is that the left and the right serve their masters. While they are “elected” by you, they are “owned” by the corporations. Lobbying is their very “public” way of paying these politicians to swing laws in their favor.


Their money…erm…free speech…gets to “influence” politicians by putting them in Jaguars and flying them private. These politicians, after having their sphincters polished by the various lobbying groups – vote in favor of these corporate interest (often at the expense of you and me).


This is why the latest cannabis political move was not to liberate cannabis from the clutches of prohibition but rather to give it completely to the Pharmaceutical companies to create drugs, which the FDA will approve and the DEA will enforce.




This is exactly what the War on Drugs has been for the past 55 years. The fact that the government basically did nothing and are congratulating them on “moving the needle forward” is the problem.


The problem is that there is a class of people that own the representatives of the people. This means YOU no longer have representation. Rather, you are a bargaining chip. You are the thing the politician uses to attract donors and lobbyists to shit on them with money so that they can bend the law to suit their donors.


Is this one group?


Nope – there are different titans all fighting for their piece. You have Pharma, you have military, you have tech, media (used to be bigger), Intelligence, Space, etc…but the biggest ones by far are Tech and Pharma and Military.


Under these three branches most of the decisions in your life are being made. Pharma owns the media, the FDA, the DEA are their enforcers.


This was the wet dream of Nixon and is currently being solidified by Biden. And the people are cheering, because they don’t understand the mechanics of the government.


The fact of the matter is that you’re a spectator in the thing they call “government” which is basically a reality show where people “make decisions” on your behalf and where you believe your vote matters.


And your vote does matter, to keep the show alive…but the real decisions are being made by rich people in dark smoky rooms plotting out the next move to benefit their donors.


What can you do about it?


There really isn’t much you can DO about this game. It’s a game that is much older than you and I. However, you can decide to NOT participate in it. The way you do this is by stop giving a shit about any of it.


Biden is signing a bill now that will grant pharma special rights to grow weed – whoop! It doesn’t help you in any way, it doesn’t stop cops from arresting people for cannabis, it doesn’t stop it from being federally illegal.


Don’t applaud Biden, don’t say, “How far we have come!”

Ignore them!

Focus on your shit, grow, and play their game with the least amount of effort as possible. Pay your taxes (but use the system to pay the least you can), vote (if you want to), but in the end, realize that nothing what they do should matter to you anyhow.


If you want to really “DO” something then you can choose where you spend your money. After all, the corporations doing the lobbying are using the money you gave them to bribe the politicians you elected to change laws that benefit them.


So find out who is the lobby doing the laws you hate, and find out who they represent. Then, once you have identified the companies behind the lobbying groups – stop buying their shit.


When someone asks you, “why aren’t you buying this shit?” you can say, “Because they sponsored this  law which sucks and therefore, I refuse to give them my money!”


When enough people do this, you’ll see the change happen quickly.


The bottom line


Cannabis isn’t legal because pharma didn’t want it legal. They wanted a special clause to allow them to do drug research before it gets to the market – if it ever gets there!


This is because you don’t have rights, you have privileges granted to you by corporations who own the politicians you elected. These politicians take money from lobbies which shape laws to benefit the corporations.


Sorry – this is the reality of life as you know it.


The only current power you have is;


  1. Don’t give them your attention

  2. Spend your money on NOT THEM


I hope enough people who read this article understands what I’m saying right now…it’s the formula on how you beat the machine.





What did you think?

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