top bongs of 2021
top bongs of 2021

The Top 10 Bongs of 2021

What are the best bongs of 2021 and how do you get your hands on one?

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Lemon Knowles on Thursday Jul 1, 2021

The Top 10 Bongs of 2021

best bong pipes

In the past bongs were secretly kept indoors or masked as an innocent vase, but with the semi-legal cannabis industry thriving as more states decriminalize marijuana, bongs have emerged from the shadows. There is a huge collection of bongs available for sale online, including those that resemble modern art. That's why we compiled a Top 10 Guide of  the best glass bongs and water pipes of the year, each vetted by our team of glass enthusiasts.

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8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe

Most bongs merely provide functionality, however sometimes, it's also good to possess a bong that appears distinctive and memorable. The 8” Raked Beaker Water Pipe is bound to make your friends speechless with a turquoise rake style so beautiful, you’ll wish to line it out on the table as a centerpiece.

This is a wonderful bong  at an inexpensive price , with a robust and durable bottom. that includes coloured glass, and a “beaker” form that's simple to wash and tough to knock over.

The bong is available in the option of blue or red and  a forty five degree angular joint. It comes with a set downstem and a deep bowl for those that wish to pack a large amount. The glass is thick and durable, to make sure that your bong won’t break easily.

funky pineapple bong

Funky Pineapple Bong

The Funky Pineapple ring is a stimulating twist on everybody' favorite tropical fruit. Raised glass marbles embody the bottom of the bong whereas worked glass leafs will be found on the neck. A cultured 14mm feminine joint is combined with a polished 14mm male bowl for a really clean look.

The joint leads into the body of the bong by method of a set downstem. This subtle downstem cools and filters your smoke. The hits made by the Funky Pineapple bong are sweeter than the real thing.

smoked glass bong

Smoked Series Beaker Water Pipe

This Smoked" bong is  probably the best bong in its class, perfectly crafted with tinted "smoking glass" and fine gold accents.This water pipe is roughly 12.5 inches "tall and has a gorgeous design, from the flared spout, donut-shaped ice catcher, flush 18mm female joint, to a 5 inch" wide base for water and smoke circulation, with a 14mm deep male head that will please even the bravest smokers. The Marley Natural Smoked Beaker is a pillar of strength and beauty, an extraordinary addition to any smoking collection. All parts of the Smoked series are delivered in an individual box that is uniquely designed for each glass tube.

walnut wood bong
Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong

This perfectly handcrafted water pipe from Marley Natural cleverly combines feature and design, by fantastically blending sustainably sourced black walnut wood and hand-blown borosilicate glass. Marley Natural Smoke is reinforced on the edge of the base to increase strength and balance, and has a removable bowl with a curved neck, an eight-light filter and a spacious expansion chamber. This bong will turn out to be an ideal collector's item to enhance your smoking ritual. 


coyote bong

Coyōté" Water Pipe

The "Coyōté '' by My Bud Vase is  unique and complex smokeable vases from glass, porcelain, ceramic, and one of a kind materials sourced from artisans worldwide. The Coyote assists you in your smoking endeavours while keeping the main objective private, with its vase- like appearance it will be perceived by most  as a regular vase. Simply flip the rubber grommet joint farfar from sight strains and visitors will assume you simply have a wonderful taste in vases. The sand-like texture and matte Aztec fashion layout wrapped across the base give "Coyōté'' a rugged but sensible appearance. Go on a adventure with "Coyōté'' that transcends the maximum superb smoking experience.

beaker base water pipe

Beaker Base Water Pipe

This classic beaker does not only provide a great look, it's  mainly created to build up extra smoke and to keep more water than the average straight tube bong. With extra water comes quicker cooling and more filtration. The stunning clear glass lets you look into all of the internal workings of your smoke sesh. This water pipe consists of a fission downstem that diffuses smoke thru water and is constant in area to save you damage. That diffusion offers you extremely clean hits in a compact piece.

raked bubble bong

Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

This bongs is created with thick clear glass to shape the pipe itself and its glass downstem that connects to its rubber grommet joint to create an airtight seal.Raked green and fumed glass accents are at its base to present the water pipe complex character, regardless of its low-priced price! It comes with an identical fumed glass "pinch bowl" fashion slide with a green coloured glass cope with that suits into its downstem perfectly. This bubble beaker is made properly right here withinside the USA!.

bubble bong pipe

11" Glass Bubble Bong w/ Rubber Grommet

Simplicity is what makes this smoking gun so beautiful. It has a large blister base on a sturdy stand, which provides extra stability, making it a very durable water pipe. It is made of thick glass and has an extended mouthpiece, which makes it comfortable every time you hit the bong. Plus a removable bowl with a handle that is easy to operate and avoid  burns.

banana bong pipe

Banana Bong

The aesthetically pleasing banana water pipe is more than a tropical smoking sensation.This particular fruit tube comes with a showerhead percolator, thick base and a sculpted banana mouthpiece, in addition to a strengthened 14mm female joint. That gives you a very clean and smooth smoke. The banana water pipe  is made from high quality borosilicate glass, that offers  you stability and durability.

arora water pipe

"Aurora" Water Pipe

"Aurora" is also capable of being disguised as a normal flower vase. Remove the male bJust like the goddess herself, the "Aurora '' Water Pipe has brought on a new dawn for the already successful family of My Bud Vase products. As with all My Bud Vases elegant and unique bongs, "Aurora" is high class glass. The only difference between this wonderfully crafted water pipe and her equally impressive siblings is that she is not alone! Although her beauty is still one-of-a-kind, "Aurora" is the first collection offered by the brilliant minds over at My Bud Vase that will meet the high volume of demand.

Aurora" is likewise able to be disguised as a regular flower vase. The "Aurora" Water Pipe has delivered a brand new sunrise for the already a successful collection of My Bud Vase products. As with all My Bud Vase's stylish and precise bongs, "Aurora" is excessive elegance glass. The simplest distinction among this splendidly crafted water pipe and her similarly spectacular siblings is that she isn't alone! Although her splendor continues to be one-of-a-kind, "Aurora" is the primary series presented through the tremendous minds over at My Bud Vase in order to meet the excessive quantity of demand.

"Aurora's" coloring is harking back to the Aurora Borealis, in any other case called the Northern Lights.The "Aurora" Water Pipe has an iridescent shimmer layout going for walks up and down its glass. This layout is accentuated through its genie-like chamber, which is likewise able to contain a massive quantity of water for gold standard filtration and is protected withinside the identical tinted studs. Connected to the rubber joint grommet, a set downstem percolator leads into the primary chamber. A lovely purple-tinted male bowl included for dry herbs, insert the fake flower poker and proper peacock feather, and rotate the vase to hide the rubber grommet. Finally, a bong you do not need to hide away.

Haven’t found the perfect bong just yet? There's something out there for everyone. Take a look at our shop for even more classic and unique items to add to your collection.

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