the top cannabis seeds in 2022
the top cannabis seeds in 2022

The Top 3 Cannabis Seeds to Start Growing in 2022

Why you should be growing these 3 weed seeds in 2022 and beyond!

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Why You Should Be Growing These 3 Weed Seeds In 2022

Several states in the United States and other nations across the globe have passed legislation that legalizes the use of cannabis. If cannabis cultivation is permitted in your region, the next step is to get the highest quality seeds available and start cultivating your own crop. If you are growing plants for your consumption, you are often only permitted a small number of plants. Before purchasing marijuana seeds, you must first get a license if you intend to sell them.

But which cannabis strains are particularly well-suited for cultivation during the 2022 growing season? The answer will rely on several factors: how big of a green thumb you are. Growing cannabis is a skill that, like nearly any other pastime, can be learned in a matter of hours yet takes a lifetime to perfect. It indicates that novice gardeners may anticipate a good crop from their first attempt, that seasoned gardeners will have a wonderful time discovering new techniques, and that experienced growers will never be at a loss for new challenges.

Remember that picking a cultivar suited to your growing method and experience level is essential to obtain the best possible results (and have fun getting there). However, you should seriously consider the following three weed seeds in 2022:

Blue Zushi

Blue Zushi weed seeds are great for beginning gardeners because they require little attention and are simple to cultivate. In addition to that, the flavor is quite delectable, and everyone will adore it.

The Blue Zushi strain of cannabis is a hybrid that is predominately Sativa and was developed in the state of California. Due to the high THC concentration, it is an excellent choice for smokers interested in experiencing a potent cerebral high. In addition, it is wonderful for reducing tension and discomfort.

The Zkittlez Indica strain predominates in the Blue Zushi hybrid. Over 34 percent + total cannabinoids! Not only does this strain take first place in contests, but it has also been one of the most popular choices ever since 2019. It is a perfect match, thanks to the rich confectionery fragrances it exudes.

The Blue Zushi is an excellent option if you are seeking a weed seed that will be in high demand in the year 2022.

Sleepy Joe OG

You should know by now that Sleepy Joe OG is one of the most potent strains of marijuana that can be found anywhere in the world. In light of this, there is no reason why you shouldn't be cultivating this weed in your garden in 2022.

OG Kush and GDP were the two legendary strains used to create Sleepy Joe OG. The end product is a strain of marijuana that is extremely strong, with THC concentrations reaching as high as 30 percent. Not only that, but it also has a taste that is both sweet and earthy, and it is one of the most flavorful strains that you can find. It is likely to be enjoyed by those who try it.

Sleepy Joe OG is the perfect strain for you if you're seeking something that will put you to sleep quickly. It is ideal for those situations in which you need to unwind after a long day or want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a movie without any distractions.

Permanent Marker Strain

The Permanent Marker strain was launched in June 2022 on both coasts by Los Angeles independent brand Doja Exclusive. JBeezy of Seed Junky Genetics developed and cultivated this strain, and Doja Pak was responsible for the final selection. It is a cross between Biscotti and Jealousy, and Doja Pak chose it. Permanent Marker is a hybrid strain with a predominant Indica effect.

It is a strain that produces a lot of buds that are noted for their size and density and the abundance of trichomes covering them. The buds exude a fragrance reminiscent of earthiness and Kush, along with a sweet blueberry note. Because of its sedative and euphoric properties, Permanent Marker is an excellent strain for alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Users searching for a robust high that induces relaxation will find it an ideal choice.

When growing weed seeds, it is essential to always begin from seed rather than using clones obtained from another source. It will not only ensure that you get the most potent assured genetics, but it will also ensure that you do not introduce molds or pests into your grow room. There is nothing wrong with cloning for oneself at some point, but bringing clones into your first grow is not suggested.

Also, keep in mind that there are many different types of genetics. For instance, if you plant ten feminized seeds of the same kind, seven resulting plants may be similar to the variety you want. Still, the other three may inherit characteristics from the mother or the father you did not anticipate. Always be sure to purchase more seeds than you expect to use to account for any losses.

Regular seeds will be an excellent alternative for obtaining robust genetics; however, they will need a little more effort on your part. You will be responsible for growing them and determining their sex of them on your own by removing the males from the group as soon as you see indicators that they are there. The majority of growers do not like disposing of plants, and for this reason, they prefer to utilize feminized seeds.

If you are looking for Blue Zushi, Sleepy Joe OG, and Permanent Marker strains, most of the difficult work has already been done by the breeders who generated these three incredible strains. But, if you want to be rewarded with top-quality craft cannabis, you will need to perform some picking and fine-tuning of the specific phenotypes you desire within those kinds. If you are patient and give your mother plants and blooming plants the same level of care, you will be rewarded with some of the highest quality cannabis available anywhere in the world.

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