high quality cbd
high quality cbd

Tips For Buying High-Quality Hemp & Cannabis Products

How do you pick out high-quality CBD and cannabis products?

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BehindTheWaves on Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

7 Tips For Buying High-Quality Hemp & Cannabis Products

tips for buying high quality cbd

The people looking for hemp and cannabis products have been on the rise. The cannabis has anon-intoxicating compounds called cannabinoids or CBD. It has numerous health benefits. This is why its use has risen in the recent past. It can treat various illnesses and medical conditions. Due to high demand, there are so many products in the market. This makes it hard for you to identify quality and legitimate product. This article will give you tips to help you identify high-quality hemp or cannabis products:


1. Know Where the Product is From

Choose the products that indicate where the plant has been grown. Ensure that it is grown in countries where it has been legalized, just like, CBD Flower USA. This is because, in countries where it has been legalized, they tend to apply strict production measures for cannabis products. Therefore, you are assured of the quality of the product. Additionally, for the cannabis products made in US undergo the FDA scrutiny.


2. Look at the Ingredients

Buy the product that clearly indicates the ingredients used including the flavors and sweeteners. If the company does not indicate this just do not buy it. Some companies use corn syrup and artificial colors and other ingredients in their products.


3. The Lab Testing

A legitimate high-quality product should bear a reputable laboratory stamp to indicate that it has been tested. Whether the product bears the generic or brand name as long as it has a third party lab quality assurance stamp, you can go for it. Avoid products that lack this stamp.


4. Customer Reviews

It is always wise to first read the customer reviews and ratings of any product when buying it online. Let the people who have purchased the product before help guide when buying the product. This is firsthand information that you should never ignore when buying any online product, including hemp products.


5. Check the Labels

Genuine CBD products should indicate the amount of CBD or THC in each serving. This will help you understand how to use and deal with the product. Avoid products that just indicate the amount of these products per bottle.


6. Do Full Spectrum

A full spectrum product is one that contains all the cannabis extracts. This includes small amounts of THC- it should be less than 3%. A CBD isolates only, lack other important compounds of the cannabis or the hemp plant. For the countries that do not legalize the use of THC, you can purchase the broad spectrum product. The product contains all other compounds of the hemp with an exception of the THC. Full spectrum products should have both the secondary and primary compounds such as the flavonoids, Terpenes among others. This is because the presence of these compounds are believed to work synergistically with CBD compounds. This makes the product highly effective as compared to just using CBD only.


7. False Claims

Do not buy products that indicate the therapeutic claims about the product. This is not allowed by the FDA. Also, avoid the products from producers that claim that their products are derived from the seeds and the stem of the cannabis or hemp plant. This is because some compounds, such as CBD are not present in the seed or the stalk.

If you want to have further information about the certain product. Contact the company. If they are unavailable, go on to the next product. It means they lack good active customer care. When you are new to using these products, it can be hard to identify a good product. Hope these tips help you identify genuine and high-quality cannabis/hemp products.


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