cannabis for urinary tract
cannabis for urinary tract

Cannabis Strains For Cystitis Urinary Tract Infections

Medical Marijuana Strains For Urinary Tract Infections

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DanaSmith on Friday Jul 27, 2018

Cannabis Strains For Cystitis Urinary Tract Infections

Can Marijuana Help with a UTI? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Cystitis is a common condition arising from an infection in the lower urinary tract due to inflammation within the bladder walls. Although it isn’t serious, it is extremely uncomfortable and without proper treatment may lead to complications.


The discomfort and pain suffered by those who have this condition arise due to the presence of bacteria in the urethra and bladder. Although both men and women can suffer from cystitis, women are at higher risk for developing this condition because of shorter urethras.  The symptoms of cystitis include abnormalities in the urine, pain in the abdomen, lower back, or above the pubic bone; frequent urination, and burning sensations. In a healthy individual, this condition goes away on its own and there is no need to medicate. Typical cases usually don’t last any longer than around four days. For people with weak immune systems or the elderly, antibiotics may be prescribed.


Cannabis has shown to be a helpful alternative for people who would rather use natural medicines especially in extreme cases of cystitis. The human endocannabinoid system has receptors in body parts that are affected by cystitis urinary tract infections, which is why many patients find relief from using cannabis for this condition. Research tells us that there is a link between the endocannabinoid system and bladder function. Specifically, when the CB2 receptors are activated, inflammation and swelling in the bladder is effectively reduced. Additionally, studies show that cannabis effectively provides relief from the symptoms of cystitis including inflammation, pain, and difficulty sleeping.


These are the 5 best strains for treating the symptoms of cystitis urinary tract infection:

blackberry kush strain

  1. Blackberry Kush is a multi-purpose indica strain that can effectively treat inflammation, pain, and difficulty sleeping among patients with cystitis urinary tract infections. It is well known for its powerful sedative effects and a strong buzz, thanks to a THC content of 20%. Blackberry Kush delivers a blissful high paired with a delicious berry taste. However, you only need very little of this strain to feel its psychoactive and medicinal effects. This strain is best used at night, especially if the discomfort from cystitis is making it difficult to get some shut-eye.


cannatonic strain

  1. Cannatonic is a legendary high CBD strain that is well-suited for cystitis urinary tract infection patients who do not want to get high. Cannatonic is famous for its versatile uses as a medicinal strain, since it has the ability to treat a multitude of conditions especially pain and inflammation. In some phenotypes, Cannatonic’s CBD content can reach as high as 17%, so you can be assured that it’s one of the most powerful therapeutic strains out there. The only drawback, if any, is that its effects last shorter than your average cannabis strain. This only means you’ll need to medicate more often.

tangerine haze strain

  1. Tangerine Haze is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid with delicious citrus flavors. If you’re looking for a pain-killing strain that keeps you alert and uplifted, Tangerine Haze will do the job. This strain can also treat stress and depression, two conditions that may accompany the discomfort of cystitis urinary tract infections. However, it has been known to also cause anxiety, paranoia, and cotton mouth, so it’s best to experiment with Tangerine Haze in small amounts until you find a comfortable dose.

mr.nice cannabis strain

  1. Mr. Nice is an indica-dominant strain with THC levels of 13-16%. It takes its name from Howard Marks, a famous cannabis smuggler who wrote an autobiography called Mr Nice, which discussed his time in prison. Nevertheless, this strain delivers a euphoric, happy, and relaxed vibe that UTI patients will find relief from especially from inflammation and chronic pain. It also helps to induce your appetite, which is beneficial if your condition is causing you to lose your zest for food. Mr. Nice also helps to battle depression and anxiety.

green crack cannabis strain

  1. Green Crack is one of the world’s best and most well-loved sativa strains. But don’t worry because despite its name, it contains no crack at all. This strain is ideal for patients looking for relief from pain but with a mental clarity and focus that will help you be motivated and productive all day. Even if you’re tired or worn out, you can count on some Green Crack to uplift you while offering a wide range of medicinal benefits.


Have you used cannabis to treat cystitis UTI in the past? Share your experiences with us below!


Medical Marijuana For Cystitis Urinary Tract Infections from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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