psychonaut garden
psychonaut garden

Walking Through the Garden of a Psychonaut (Plants You Can Grow at Home to Get You High)

The Garden of the Psychonaut – Home Grown Shamanism for the Digital Era

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Feb 12, 2020

The Garden of the Psychonaut – Home Grown Shamanism for the Digital Era

psychonaut garden

Welcome my fellow travelers to the Garden of the Psychonaut. It is my pleasure to take you on a little tour and show you - that no matter what the agents of Paramount Reality may do – you have the ability to explore cosmos from the comfort of your own home. Perhaps – all of these strange occurrences only happen in your mind and that is more than okay.

The experienced psychonaut understands that “reality is subjective” to the one experiencing it. No two people see the same thing – even when staring at the same thing. And so – whether you are merely chemically waltzing about within your own organism, or astral projecting yourself to other dimension – what is experienced and the profound effects it produced is what truly matters. But I digress…let’s continue walking through this garden and let’s look at the plant guides at your disposal.


Our Lady Cannabis

A staple within any garden is the friend and ally – Our Lady Cannabis. She has served shamans and non-shamans alike. She holds no judgement on any one and gives unto those who use her many gifts. It is said that “Our Lady Cannabis” can be transformed into thousands of different configurations.

She has the ability to lull you to sleep, to send you into a fit of hysteric laughter or even drive you to the deep dark corners of heavy paranoia. She is fair and caring. She is a precious gift that keeps on giving and while at times she may give you troubles – most of the time it’s a sheer joy to watch her grow in your garden.

If you – the modern shaman – wish to continue on your path…let Our Lady Cannabis bless your garden and you find her assistance on your journey to be crucial.


The Dance of Dimitri

Oh Dimitri, you have taken the veil off my eyes. While it is possible to “grow” the core ingredients or to simply harvest it in the wild – having Dimitri in your home is an essential for the psychonaut. Dimethyltryptamine is an endogenous psychedelic – meaning, you produce it in your own body.

However, the agents of Paramount Reality have deemed this to be too dangerous for humans. And so – the modern shaman must resort to making his brews at home. With Dimitri – all of the core elements are not illegal. You simply have to find the right TEK to get you started and you can take cosmic space journeys with Dimitri as well. 


Magic is the Mushroom

As we continue through the garden, we see what the old ones called “The Children of the Earth”. It was said that where the four elements meet, that is where the children of earth will play. The modern psychonaut not only welcome these children, they create an environment for it.

The beauty of the mushroom is that there are so many of them – some psychedelic, others edible and other do some wild stuff. Nonetheless – as a modern shaman – it is your imperative to grow at least once in your life some magic in a bottle.

It’s fairly cheap and the process is far quicker than that of Our Lady Cannabis. Furthermore, we share so much with our mycelial friends that it seems unnatural to not have these in your garden.


The Saint of Trip

Many shamans have wandered the desserts searching for the grandfather psychedelic – The Peyote. However, Peyote is really just mescaline and if you’re looking for mescaline then perhaps we need to introduce you to the Saint.

Standing tall and green – you have San Isidro – a cactus that is perfectly legal everywhere, but can produce some serious journeys.

It takes time and patients to prepare the Saint, but for a Shaman going on a vision quest – the saint is a good friend to have.


The Morning Glory

A cousin of Lucy, the morning glory’s seeds can be turned into LSA. While not as potent as LSD, LSA in high enough doses can provide some visual sensations that can turn any Saturday into a spectacular day to go for a walk.

In the psychonaut garden, you’ll always find Baby Wood rose and Morning Glory – because they have pretty flowers and potent seed.


A Few Poppies

One thing that has boggled the mind of modern shamans is the legality of poppies. While Our Lady Cannabis is scrutinized by the Agents of Paramount Reality – poppies are left to grow. With the right preparation – poppies can be turned into opium.

Remember game of the thrones – “Milk of the Poppy” – it’s not too difficult to make it at home. Instead of the doctors giving you Fentanyl for the pain – a good psychonaut will make hir own concoction to melt away maladies.


What’s in your garden

There’s plenty more to see in the Garden of Psychonaut – I’m glad you had a chance to walk through it. Now you, dear shaman…go back to your own and grow your own garden. Tell no one – it is only for you and yours!

Safe travels and Merry Growing to all!



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