weed deals gone bad
weed deals gone bad

Weed Deals Gone Bad: The Hidden Gems of Legal Weed

Just because you are selling legal weed doesn't mean it is easy customer service

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Oct 27, 2019

weed deals gone bad

For the longest time, cannabis deals were conducted in back alleys away from the public eye. With legalization and legal points of sales, this all changed. Now, we have stores with shelves full of products ready to be purchased for anyone old enough to buy.


Back then, if something weird or out-of-the-norm occurred, at most it would become a funny story – but to the greater public knowledge, it never happened. Now, with legal stores and security cameras, we can get gems like the case I’m about to tell you about.


The Case of a dissatisfied customer

We begin in Oregon, a known state for selling some true dank. Within the Dispensary “NW Compassion Medical Center” on a Friday, an exchange between an employee and a dissatisfied customer put the dispensary on the map.


Apparently, 30-year-old, Daniel Applegate, returned to the dispensary with roughly $40 of cannabis with a complaint that he received “less than what he paid for”. He was accompanied by an older woman who eventually was revealed to be his mom.


The workers informed the man that there is no “refund” policy for weed, especially if the purchase is more than a week old. This didn’t sit too well with Applegate who became aggressive.


Security footage shows us exactly the moment when the “snap” occurred.

It starts off with Applegate and his mother talking to someone…when suddenly...he tried to reach behind the counter to steal some cannabis. We can only assume that he did this because he felt like the dispensary stiffed him and he was entitled to the weed.


The staff member immediately responded and didn’t allow Applegate to take anything. A quick frame cut shows how Applegate shifts his rage to a bystander who took one “hella-beating”. Quickly after the confrontation, Applegate is shown running out of the dispensary obviously aware of the colossal “fuck-up” he just initiated.


Applegate was later caught by the police and charged with third-degree robbery, fourth-degree assault, and criminal mischief as well as interfering with an officer. All for roughly $40 of weed.


A sad story or a victory for cannabis?


There’s a couple of things that pop out to me when reading this story.


  1. We have the entire ordeal happening in a legal cannabis store!

  2. It was all caught on camera

  3. The police stepped in to help the dispensary

  4. This video normalizes cannabis in a way that activists can only dream of


Firstly, the entire thing happened in a legal cannabis dispensary. This is simply a testament to the cannabis industry as a whole. It’s an affirmation that cannabis is no longer taboo, deals no longer occur in alleys and we have matured as a society.

The next gem of this story is that we can actually see the bizarre behavior ourselves. I embedded the video above – go ahead and watch the whack-ness.

In this story, the police were the heroes who actually came to the defense of the store. Can you imagine thirty years ago something like that happening? Neither can I! In this story, the cops went after a deranged consumer who simply didn’t know when to say enough. But the mere fact that this cannabis point of sale is protected by the law should make anyone feel proud.

Finally, this incident legitimizes the cannabis industry. We have seen so many “Dumb Criminal” videos about thieves who get caught doing dumb things on camera – that finally, we have a weed store added to the mix. We now no longer even find the store concept taboo – we have accepted it to be fact; it is legitimized.

For me, the entire story is a massive victory for the cannabis industry and we can expect more crazy shit like this to unfold as the industry continues to mature.


On a Side Note –

If you’re in a dispensary, like on the street – NO REFUNDS! All sales are final unless of course you have a pre-discussed arrangement with your supplier. Nonetheless, please don’t be an Applegate and try to ask for a refund on weed, especially if it’s been in your possession for more than a week.

In fact, if there is one thing that I hope dispensaries can implement in their operations as a result of this story is adding the term “Applegate” to their lexicon.

“Don’t be an Applegate” or “what an Applegate” are ideal terms we can use to ascribe “bad customers” and we have seen our share of Applegates already. For consumers, not being an Applegate is something to be proud of – it means you’re a well-versed, calm and collected consumer who understands the basic dynamics of commerce. Good for you!

We will see more Applegates come and go, however, this Applegate hopefully named them all for future references. Sure, shame on his name I guess – but this incident could influence the way we speak for generations to come!









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