GOT Weed Tips
GOT Weed Tips

Weed Tips for Getting Over Your Game of Thrones Depression

GOT is over and now cannabis can help with the loss

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday May 22, 2019

Cannabis Tips to get over your Post-GOT Depression

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Despite the fact that many people are criticizing the end of Game of Thrones, I believe that the anger is misdirected. Sure, there were many things about the last season that left people wanting more, however I think the main reason why people are “up in arms” is because one of the biggest shows in TV history has come to an end.

For the past 9 years, many people have been following the politics of Westerose, seen some of their beloved characters brutally murdered in front of their eyes and was exposed to some truly horrific scenes. And to be honest, we loved every minute of it.


The End of a Global Event

Game of Thrones broke television. It set a precedent that have permission to other content providers to up the ante when it comes to production value. We have seen shows before that blew us away, but Game of Thrones took that expectation and multiplied it by a thousand.

Once people got through the first season, and saw the head of Ned Stark roll, it was check mate. You simply had to continue watching, never knowing what to really expect despite the immense number of fan theories on the internet.

However, this past Sunday…all of that came to an end.

While people feel like they have been cheated by the end, the fact of the matter is that despite the flaws of the show…it was a masterpiece.

From a creative perspective, it was an immense show with millions of dollars per episode that spanned over nine years to deliver a story that was so compelling that it influenced our culture and challenged what we thought a story should be. For that, I applaud the cast, producers, writers and every single person who spent hours upon days to provide entertainment for us “common folk”.

Yet now that it has run its course…there is only one question that remains?


WTF do we do now?

This is truly the question we should be asking. WTF do we do now? We have been so involved with the storyline, and while other awesome series came and went, there was a sense of earnest anticipation for every episode of the show.

They will begin to film the prelude to Game of Thrones this summer, but we won’t see any of that footage until next year. I think this is probably the biggest reason why some people are suffering from Post-GOT Depression.

There is a “hole” in our entertainment slots that now needs to be refilled. There are some awesome shows on the horizon, but there will be a delay before we see them.


There’s always Rick and Morty

Fortunately, one of the shows that is arguably the Game of Thrones of the cartoon world, Rick and Morty was renewed for 70 episodes. This means that we won’t have to wait decades between seasons anymore.

Season 4 will appear sometime in November of this year. So at the very least you will be able to start watching the cartoon from the beginning to get a feel about the next season. Apparently, a lot of the dynamics will be similar to the first season.

However, November are still many moons away. Which still leaves those suffering with Post-GOT depression scratching themselves like crackheads in a dry spell.


In the meanwhile…

Smoke some pot, go for a walk, get out a bit. There’s a lot to do. Hell, you could even decide to pick up a book and start reading a new story.

Why not even make your own? The sky is literally the limit.

And if you’re feeling raunchy, you could always check out the Pornhub parody of Game of Thrones for a few laughs or wanks depending on your disposition.

There is no need to express your disdain for the final season. Rather, thank the creators and producers for giving you the opportunity to dislike a masterpiece.

Smoke a bowl and chill out. Take a few giant hits from a bong and let loose. Eat a brownie and lounge in the sun.

I for one am glad that it’s over. It takes balls to say “we’re done” when a show has so much fandom, and by the end of the shows life cycle…the fan base only seemed to grow. You were in the minority if you never watched Game of Thrones.

While there is no known cure for post-GOT Depression, it has been rumored that cannabis can help with many of the symptoms. Even though you can’t legally get a recommendation for this condition, that doesn’t mean that cannabis won’t help you through the ‘dark times’.

So why not spark one up right now, and in the comment section…let me know what you thought was the best thing about the show, the worst thing about the show and how it should have ended.








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