best disposable vape pens
best disposable vape pens

What are the Best Disposable Vape Pens in 2022?

California brands lead the 'best of' category for disposable vapes

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Laurel Leaf on Saturday Mar 26, 2022

best disposable vape pens

The cannabis industry is a very innovative one. Over the years, different products and delivery devices have been developed for consumers to get the best experiences. One of these is the disposable weed pen. Disposable weed pens presently are among the handiest devices currently available. They are elegant and attractive, easy to use, and very inconspicuous, giving you all the perks of cannabinoids right in your hand.

Weed pens are pretty practical, as they are compact and come with pre-filled cartridges consisting of a variety of artificial tastes.

It is well known that, on occasion, purchasing vape pens can be a tricky venture due to there being a lot of brands and strains, which makes it difficult to know your starting point. Because of that, we have come up with this list of the choicest THC disposables of 2022 for you to know where you can look for your new favorite THC disposable.



Dosist is a technology expert that provides you with precision and tranquillity, as the design of their pens is such that they vibrate to inform you when you have taken 25mg of cannabis oil, ensuring you get an accurate dosage on each inhalation.


An added advantage of Dosist is that, unfortunately, they have emphasized explaining the effects of their various products rather than the proportions and names of the terpenes and cannabinoids, a marketing gimmick that is controversial in the cannabis industry.


Bliss is especially good if what you need is a mood boost with a larger percentage of THC, calm when what is needed is a reset, Sleep, which is an 8:1 THC to CBD formula created to get some sleep or Arouse to stimulate your senses with a 10:1 THC to CBD formula.


In addition, in their THC-plus doses, they possess conventional products such as Bliss THC-plus, which is an energizing blend of high-vigor cannabis made to give a feeling of excitement and vitality.


The Arouse THC-plus provides a balanced mixture of high-quality cannabis with increased THC content, giving a feeling of lucidity and excitement.


Dosist also has the Relax THC-plus, a tranquil mixture of top-vigor cannabis made to give a feeling of mental and physical ease as well as serenity.



This company offers a variety of high-potency cannabis products. The company always keeps an eye out for fresh projects and sustainable growth. In addition, their platforms are utilized to enable the industry, facilitate awareness about social injustice, and inspire concrete, advantageous change.


The Pineapple Dream All-in-One is one of their variety of sweet products; a disposable device that brings all you need in one place, including an integrated battery and a tasty pineapple-flavored oil with even notes of refreshing herbs. This disposable contains a 3:1 ratio of THC and CBD. It is operated with ease and is ready to smoke right out of the box.With the Leune pen, you can anticipate that you will feel tranquil and calm in your daily busy life.



Dompen designs disposable vaporizers that are sophisticated, stylish, and, above all, effective. Dompen is reasonably priced and tastes yummy. The disposable vaporizers can be seen in Sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, offering absolutely tasty flavors. Their oils are created with the use of a top-notch distillation process that gives rise to a solvent-free product that has a high THC content. In addition, it includes fruit-derived organic terpenes to improve the flavor.


At Dompen, extracts crafted from great quality designer strains are used. The disposable battery was fashioned to last longer than the cartridge to make sure every single drop is used. The level of THC in these pens is typically high, with CBD having lower levels. Dompen vape pens also contain a whole range of terpenes, showing the exact bouquet of the strain. Additionally, they announce the results of the teat of each batch non stop online. The action reflects the company's dedication to safety and potency.



Kurvana has one of the largest markets; they possess various options for their disposable pens, delivering a wide range of delicious products. Each user, based on their taste and preferences, will determine the best choice for them. All their disposables are manufactured with All-In-One technology and are ready to use. The Kurvana devices have a trademarked look that is quite stylish, colorful, and compact. They have great portability and accurate delivery, and innovative performance accompanied by great portability.


Originals: This is the vintage and traditional terpene-rich extract that honors a lot of today's rampant stains like Grapefruit Kush, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Lemon Haze, O.G Cookies, Wedding Cake, and many more. The traditional flowering strains they function with have local cannabis terpenes that trap the feel and taste of the flower from which they come. With the use of strains that have been valued since they came to be and highly high potencies, this unique line is found appealing to those who are interested in intriguing scents and flavors.


Carbon21: Among Kurvana's vape lines, Carbon21 is the most important and special vape line. Consisting of judiciously chosen raw concentrates. For each strain under Carbon21, they mix their selection of live plants and special collection methods. Due to the exclusivity, they are made in small groups. Each strain is brought forth in its barest form of concentrate, rich in flavonoid, cannabinoid, and terpene intricacies of a living cannabis plant.



These are live plant oils that have high cannabinoid content and are full-spectrum, single-origin extracts. They are oils perfectly made for users who find strong psychoactive impacts and a taste profile genuine to the herb or strain interesting while keeping important bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.


Bottom Line

Having a combination of THC and vape disposables lets you acquire the best both worlds have to offer.

Due to the fact that they are disposable gadgets, there is no need to charge the devices between uses. There is a possibility of being more economical depending on how much is being consumed. They are pre-loaded and ready to use. They are also portable and easy to move around with. These vapes are made with THC and give psychoactive results and other gains associated with its usages, such as euphoria, hunger, laughter, relaxation, and pain relief.





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