Marijuana Subreddits
Marijuana Subreddits

What are the Best Marijuana Subreddits to Check Out on Reddit?

Reddit isn't just for meme stocks, there are some great weed groups to hang out in!

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Joseph Billions on Friday Jul 2, 2021

The Best Marijuana Subreddits and Group Chats on Reddit?

cannabis subreddits

All cannabis users can gain a thing or two from a community of like minds. Some of these communities can be found on Reddit as subreddits.

Reddit is a very popular social media forum with hundreds of millions of active users with various interests. It is a heterogeneous discussion forum that supports a wide range of online communities globally. It is one of the most visited websites currently.

There are weed subreddits that give out information on different types of weed, recent developments in the weed industry, and any and everything weed-ish.

If you're an active Reddit user, you'd have heard of one or two. But passive Reddit users might not know about these weed-related subreddits.

Here, I'll be giving a list of some of the best weed subreddits where you can get the best weed-related information, recipes, and trippy content.


The best weed subreddits

This list is meant to point you in the right direction to meet and read the comments of other cannabis enthusiasts around the world.


#1 - Cannabis Cultivation (r/CannabisCultivation)

This subreddit has around 117k members. These members are from all countries of the world. Here, information is constantly passed about the cultivation of cannabis. Some members put up eye-catching marijuana photographs, along with quality memes.

The unique aspect of this community is that there are novices as well as professionals here. You'll come across several novices uploading yellow, wilting, disease as well as pest-ridden leaves in a bid to get helpful information to improve their crop yield.

If you're interested in tips, advice, and solutions from experienced cultivators, join this community.


#2 - Microgrowery (r/Microgrowery)

Microgrewery is very popular among the cannabis cultivating community. This is largely due to its large membership.

This subreddit has 286k members. All members contribute various posts to the forum from methodology discussion to troubleshooting tips for small-scale cannabis cultivation.

Despite the large size, the subreddit is mostly civil and pleasant to surf through.

It has a section dedicated to novices, called Growing Basics. The subreddit showcases skillful ways of cultivating small-scale cannabis plants. These growers grow these plants for themselves and thanks to this subreddit, they all boast of having significant harvests.

One thing about this community is that no question ever goes unanswered. Join this community if you're about to set up a covert cannabis garden.


#3 - Cannabis Extracts: Hash, Oil, Rosin (r/CannabisExtracts)

This subreddit with 112k members is dedicated to the craft of extracting compounds from cannabis plants.

A commendable feature of this forum is that its team of moderators is active and functional. They block off unwanted sales pitches and spam memes.

Cannabis Extracts is filled up with the best extraction methods known. There are also experimental recipes found on the forum, some of which might make you feel like you don't belong among these experts.

However, there are several beginner-friendly posts to teach novices and beginners in the group. The Pros also exchange techniques for creating the finest products using cannabis extracts.

So, if you're a beginner or a pro, you'll be able to find something to improve your craft in this community.


#4 -  Marijuana ( r/weed)

This is another popular subreddit. It boasts over 550k members. It is one of the best places to search for anything marijuana-related on Reddit. Members get educated on the policies, exchange information, and current advocacy measures on the legalization of cannabis in countries around the world.

The comments section in this subreddit is filled with juicy inputs from its members. Different opinions are contributed by people with reasonable discourse and additional information. Like other respectable weed subreddits, this one is also very civil and you can never predict what the next post will be on.

For information focusing on current events and policy announcements related to cannabis around the world, this community is the best subreddit to join.


#5 - Trees (r/trees)

With almost 2 million subscribers, this subreddit might just be the most popular. It is actively growing.

Trees came into existence as a means to build a budding community that revolves around cannabis enthusiasm. From its current stats, you can say this subreddit has more or less achieved its goal.

The contents here are not limited in anyways, there are several posts to get lost in the comment section that is also entertaining and informative.

The members of this community refer to themselves as "Ents", coined from Tolkien's Lord of The Rings mythos.

Most of the discussions on this forum revolve around support and advocacy for the use of all forms of cannabis.

Every 4/20, the community is always agog with discussions, and the comment sections are always lit up. One of such posts holds the post of the second most popular post of all time on Reddit.


Other subreddits worthy of mention are;

r/Treecipes: This forum is for cannabis creatives that put up mouthwatering posts of cannabis-infused goodies. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand, as well as replicate recipes can be found on this subreddit.

Learn how to whip up the best cannabis-infused baked goods or edibles by joining this community.


r/GrowBuddy: A new subreddit with already over 3,000 members and growing fast.  Get all your grow questions answered, post pictures, get grower feedback, and more!


r/StonerProTips: This subreddit is fully dedicated to smoking tips and tricks. With 72.1k members, this forum teaches everything a cannabis user needs to know about enjoying weed in the best ways possible.

Some posts help members figure out ways to mask the aroma of cannabis if there are important places to be. Some users also share their experiences about using cannabis in their various locations.


Last words

It's not everyone that loves stepping outside to get high with friends. Some prefer to stay home, see movies, and surf the internet.

When next you find yourself home and high, try out the weed-related subreddits listed above. You'd be sure to have the best time reading and surfing through these subreddits.

In no time, you will find yourself becoming an active member of these forums, dropping comments and educational posts. You will find weed-related memes that you can have off these forums and post on your other social media accounts.


Have fun!








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