thc laced Halloween Candy
thc laced Halloween Candy

Get Ready for THC-Laced Halloween Candy Reefer Madness Stories, Again

Halloween in coming so get ready for THC edibles given to kids stories

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Oct 13, 2019

Please Don’t Fear the Reefer this Halloween

thc laced halloween candy

It’s October where folks can dress up, indulge in sweets and generally have a good time. Halloween is probably people’s most loved “non-holiday” except perhaps for 420. However, proponents of prohibition would like to “scare” you again this year – and mark my words they will try.


What am I talking about? Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, every year around this time several headlines read, “BEWARE OF SPIKED CANDY”. Prior to this, the entire “Razor blades in apples” trope was also popular. However, legalization gave prohibitionists another irrational fear to worry about – spiking kids with THC edibles.


The Logic Behind the Lunacy


Firstly, let’s take a look at how an idea like this could be formed at all. The “Halloween Scares” didn’t arise due to legalization. People have been “warning people” about dangerous candies for a long time, especially since Halloween is the only day where it’s okay to accept candy from strangers.


The fear is, “since they are strangers, they might do something to the candy”.


Since legalization ramped up over the past years, the edible niche within the marketplace exploded. Nowadays, you can find any candy or chocolate bar spiked with THC, CBD or a combination of both. Edibles, are obviously for adult consumption and considering that some of the candies (out of the wrapper) is impossible to identify as “spiked” or not.


Thus, it would be very easy for “someone” to replace the Halloween candies with Spiked THC candies. At least according to the logic of this argument.


However, there are other factors in play that makes this potential scenario very difficult to manifest. We’ll be going through those points throughout the rest of this article.


  1. Weed is fucking expensive!


As an avid cannabis consumer, I can tell you one thing – weed ain’t cheap. Of course, you can buy shwag for next to nothing, however, when we’re talking about cannabis industry edibles – these ain’t shwag. Considering that weed is so expensive, who in their right mind has the solvency to spend hundreds of dollars on weed candies to simply give them away. If someone does this, it means that A) they aren’t cannabis consumers and B) they are doing it out of pure malice.


  1. The Risk is too High


As a cannabis smoker, getting caught by the cops is the last thing you’ll ever want to do. This means, by handing out laced candies only increases the odds of the 5-0 knocking on your door. Not to mention, if caught, this would mean you’ll get charged for a battery of charges including; child endangerment, child abuse, aggravated assault, trafficking in a federally illegal substance and a whole lot more.


For a “joke” the cost of the potential risks are far too high to make it a legitimate pursuit. No one is so “hard for pranks” that they would face 10+ years in jail for the pay off.


  1. Most people aren’t dicks


Most people who consume cannabis are decent, hardworking people. There is no inherent need to do something so malicious. Prohibitionists has a preconceived notion that cannabis consumers are these immoral beasts that chase after pleasure at the expense of everything. However, considering that there are over 50 million avid tokers in the US alone, the evidence simply doesn’t support this. The fact of the matter is that most people are respectful, typical citizens that simply smokes their drugs as opposed to drinking their drugs.


  1. It’s never come true!


Probably the most compelling argument to steer you away from the Halloween Scare this year is that throughout recent history, this has never happened. Every year we are warned about cannabis candies, and every year nothing happens. At one point in time we should start realizing that, while there is a “possibility”, the probability of it happening is statistically insignificant.


This isn’t to say that it can’t happen because we do live in a world with damaged people who likes to inflict pain on others. However, up to date, and for the past 10 years of cannabis being highly prominent – this has never happened.


Don’t Fear the Reefer


The reason I wrote this pre-emptively was to provide you cannabis advocates with some source material prior to the increased prevelance of the headlines during this month. You’ll see that before the end of this month, you’ll read at least one or two headlines warning about “Cannabis candies”.


I figured, why not stop the argument before it begins. If you do run across someone who believes in the notion that “cannabis candies” could be in their kids baskets, simply reference them to this article and don’t waste your breath. I have gone through the trouble of arguing in your favor, and if they still have issues…they can reach out to me directly on Twitter and I’ll be more than happy to set them straight.


Spooky Tokes everyone!









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