Shadow work with Cannabis
Shadow work with Cannabis

What is Shadow Therapy Work and How is Cannabis Helping Patients Through Past Trauma?

Cannabis is helping therapy sessions but what is Shadow Work?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

shadow work with medical marijuana

Cannabis for Shadow Work – Fixing the Illusions of the Past!


Do you feel somehow limited in life? Like an invisible barrier holds you back from truly shining? Or perhaps judgmental people seem drawn to block your shine for reasons you don't understand?


You likely carry unconscious emotional wounds from past experience. Hidden hurts, buried memories, suppressed traumas - what Jung called "the shadow." Parts of ourselves we disowned and rejected after suffering.


But without integrating these shadows, you remain fractured inwardly. The hurt child within lashes out blindly when her pain feels mirrored externally. True healing requires confronting suppressed shadows with radical self-love.


Cannabis' gift lies in unlocking the basement of mind to excavate forgotten artifacts of pain. In heightened states, we gain courage to comfort our most vulnerable inner aspects in their suffering.


Psychedelic integration techniques train us to become the loving caregivers of our own fragmented psyches. Ceremony guides us inward to cradled forgotten pieces of soul until they feel safe to emerge into the light.


But a vital question remains - could cannabis itself enable this journey to wholeness? Does this ancient spiritual plant medicine offer uniquely empowering pathways to shine awareness on unconscious shadows?


In this article, we will explore methods and rituals centered on cannabis and breathwork to reveal, embrace, and transmute long-held traumas for good. By boldly descending together, we'll discover the mystic herb's gifts for dredging up the muck of yesterday so we might emerge renewed.


For within each of us waits a radiant wise self, patiently watching the drama unfold, waiting for their prodigal children to come home. But first, we must dare to question everything, assume nothing, and feel through the places that hurt most.


Are you ready to unlock the fullness of your light? The future awaits those willing to confront illusion's masquerade...


A Closer Look at How Shadow Work – Works!


Shadow work refers to practices aimed at uncovering unconscious aspects of oneself in order to achieve wholeness. The concept originated with iconic psychologist Carl Jung.


Jung realized that we all have hidden memories, beliefs, and traumas dwelling in our psyche's basement outside conscious awareness. He called this the shadow - the aspects of ourselves that we disowned or rejected due to past suffering.

The shadow holds the hurt, vulnerable inner child we felt forced to abandon to survive trauma. But without confronting our shadows, we remain fractured and ruled by subconscious triggers and distortions.


Jung developed several methods to gently integrate shadows like active imagination, dream analysis, and ritual. By consciously engaging suppressed emotions through creativity, their lessons would emerge for healing.


Holotropic breathwork developed by Stanislav Grof builds on Jung's cathartic techniques using faster breathing to rapidly access subconscious realms. This resonance of mind and body stimulates our inner healer.


Psychedelics offer similar opportunities to shine awareness on shadows that manifest externally through projection. By dissolving rigid ego structures, psychedelics can temporarily lift repression barriers allowing open engagement with shadows.


Cannabis provides gentler sensory enhancement without psychedelic intensity. But enhanced mindfulness while cradling past pain with self-love similarly facilitates integration. Even modest shifts in perception programa help rewrite rigid neural pathways centered on shadows.


The goal of shadow work is not to justify or indulge shadows but to embrace them with radical compassion. When shadows feel held in love, their painful grip on the psyche dissolves. They reveal themselves as lost aspects of soul ready to return home.


No quick fixes exist to mend a lifetime's worth of suppressed trauma. But dedication to consistent inner exploration pays exponential dividends in mental clarity and emotional resilience.


By courageously questing inward, we gain the strength to extend forgiveness and love to our most hurting, forgotten selves. Their healing liberates tremendous energy once trapped in repression. Our light grows.


Here’s how I approach Shadow Work and Cannabis



After much experimentation, I've developed a personalized 7-day cannabis-assisted shadow work ritual that guides me into my psyche's basement to heal old wounds. Well, the Shadow Work guide I created doesn’t have to use cannabis – obviously– but, I did link it there for you guys if you wish to download it. It talks about the nature of memory and how understanding that, will allow you to be able to dive deep into the conscious and effectively edit the past.


The ritual may be challenging yet profoundly cathartic. Let me walk you through how it unfolds:


First, I acquire several small objects, each representing a formative life stage - ages 0-7, 8-15, etc. Obviously, you’ll have more objects the older you are. I arrange these "timeline artifacts" intuitively in a way that feels right energetically.


Next, I spark a bowl of mindfulness-expanding cannabis just until the first waves of the high wash over my mind. This light elevation softens rigid ego structures to allow suppressed aspects space to arise. I cease smoking once I've reached this threshold.


Sitting comfortably with my spine straight, I then practice a simple breathwork routine I developed to expand the mind, release stress, and empty the self. . This further settles my energies into a calm, receptive state.

I gaze upon the timeline objects arrayed before me and begin opening my consciousness by posing reflective questions like:


"What am I ready to forgive?"

"Where do I still feel hurt?"

"What limiting beliefs keep me feeling small?"


I free-flow write down any feelings, memories, or insights that surface without judgement or censorship. This daily journaling ritual continues for a full week, unearthing long-buried revelations to re-examine with compassion.


By day seven, after a week sensitizing my psyche's shadow domains, I feel ready for a major integrative release.


I arrange my timeline objects in a circle and do 30 minutes of rapid transpersonal Holotropic breathwork to activate shadow material seeking healing. Going breath by conscious breath, I embrace whatever arises with unconditional love.


At peak breathwork intensity, I move into a powerful visualization meditation where I imaginatively retrieve forgotten soul fragments trapped in past traumas and welcome them home to my heart. You can experience the full Shadow Work Meditation here.


This ritual's intensity is mild but powerful - trauma energy releases physically and emotionally.

But with courage and care, incredible renewal follows. I emerge realigned to my highest Self, integrated and ready to manifest my full potential without limitations.


Dedication and intuition are vital in curating effective shadow work rituals for your unique path. Not all will resonate the same way universally. But with wisdom and patience, we can each rediscover our inner light - no matter how lost we feel in the darkness.


If you feel called to walk this path, take it step by step with care and compassion. Cleanse your energetic field between sessions. Most importantly, embrace all that arises with an open heart of understanding. The more we love our shadows, the faster their grip loosens.


Our inner world is filled with treasures waiting to be unearthed and polished to brilliance. But excavation takes time, tenacity, and trust in the process. Stay strong - liberation awaits!


Some things to consider about Shadow Work


While shadow integration can be incredibly transformative, working directly with trauma also carries risks. Emotions and memories long repressed for survival can overwhelm when suddenly unearthed. Caution and self-compassion are key.


I advise first exploring this inner territory with an experienced therapist trained in psychedelic-assisted techniques. They can guide your process, preventing re-traumatization. DIY methods should be carefully considered.


That said, intuitive rituals like the one I shared can empower self-driven healing when approached with care, preparation and patience. Never force things before you feel genuinely ready in your soul.

During any shadow exploration, mindfulness is essential. Remain the impartial observer noticing thoughts and feelings arise without judgment. Don't over-identify and get pulled back into pain - just acknowledge it compassionately.


Remember the wounded inner child desperately needs your wisdom and love now as an adult. They didn't deserve what happened - no one did.


Send them unconditional empathy.


If emotions become too intense, immediately shift to calming, conscious belly breaths. Make an anchor gesture with your hands to ground yourself in the now. Say affirmations like "I am safe and loved."


Healing cannot be rushed. Progress flows steadily when we consistently hold space for ourselves over time. Expect gradual accretion of insights vs instant transformation. You must gently earn your shadows' trust.


It's normal to feel mentally and emotionally drained after deep inner work. Have wholesome activities planned and make time for self-care. Cleanse your energy field with baths, nature walks, and meditation.


Most importantly, know that you absolutely deserve to heal. The path has ups and downs, but your heart knows the way. Listen within and the next right steps always appear when the student is ready.


You've got this!


Shadow integration takes bravery, resilience and radical self-acceptance. At times, it will hurt. But the joy comes from realizing hurt was always an illusion - you remain forever whole in spirit. Stay the course. The light still waits within, ready for your wholehearted re-embrace.





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