best time of day to smoke weed
best time of day to smoke weed

What is the Best Time of the Day to Get High?

Is there a best time of day to get high or to save your stash for?

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 24, 2021

What's the best time of the day to get high?

best time of day to smoke weed and get high

Anyone who starts smoking pot and enjoys the exhilarating feel it brings will want to know the best time to get high. Of course, you don't want to get high at crucial meetings or close to someone uncomfortable with cannabis. There are different times, and we will highlight all of them, so work with a time that best suits your schedule. 


In the morning

Getting high in the morning is often referred to as the 'Wake and bake" moment, which is fantastic. When we wake up, our body comes alive, but we have also to get the body energized, hence why some people go to the gym first thing in the morning.


Just as you enjoy the gym in the morning, you can also enjoy weed in the morning to get that kick into your day such that you show up at work ready to take over the day. 


Taking weed in the morning is also helpful with medical issues that may make you have a terrible day. If you went clubbing the night before and worried about a hangover, you can shine on your day by smoking weed. 


However, smoking in the morning is not for everyone. Some people smoke in the morning and do not have a firm grasp of their day because they couldn't manage to be high. This makes them unproductive, and it can be worrisome. 


However, some people can handle it and end up having the BEST day ever. For you to know what works for you, you've got to try. Take cannabis in the morning and observe how your body reacts to it; how did your day span out, and how were you handling the day's events? 


If you felt energized, happy, and productive afterward, you can take cannabis and get high in the morning. On the contrary, if you felt exhausted and unproductive, don't smoke in the morning. 


After work

Many people agree that this is the best time to smoke weed and get high as you are coming back from an environment where you were most likely under pressure. How do you get the pressure off your back? With a nice blunt right after dinner. 

Cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol after a long day; it re-energizes you and compels your body to get rid of stress and tension such that you are in a good mood. 


For a more fun experience, you might want to have friends around you or colleagues who also smoke weed. You all can go to your favorite spot (where you are allowed to smoke) and relax with cannabis. 


As you relax, conversations about the day's job will commence, there will be lots of laughter, a feeling of joy, and content that prepares you mentally for the week ahead. 


Before or during a movie

A good time to smoke weed is before watching a movie. There is nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing on your favorite chair with your shoes off, high, and ready to see characters in action. You are bound to enjoy your movie time even more, when you are high and in a euphoric state. 


Have a complete evening by getting some snacks as you watch: make this is a weekly experience during weekends, and you will show up in the new week ready to conquer. 


In the evening and before bedtime

Another good time to get high is in the evening when you get back home, and there are chores to do, and you want to relax after a long day. If you're going to have a very calm and soothing evening as you relax on your balcony looking at the skies, then getting high at that time is the way to go. 


You should also get high before bedtime if you are having difficulty falling asleep. Cannabis contains THC, a powerful sleep aid: when THC is activated by binding to CB1 cannabinoid receptors, it modulates sleep cycles. 


Cannabis will also keep you sedated until you wake up, so getting high is a good idea just before bedtime if you have been struggling with sleep for a while. 



When going out to have fun 

Now, this is a perfect time to get high! A good puff will bolster your spirits just before heading out to have fun with your friends or if you are going out to enjoy the scenery. Getting high at this time helps you show up with a fun persona ready to enjoy whatever the outdoors has to offer. 


Have you been to a party where everyone seemed like they were bored? If you have, you will agree that it can be a major turn-off. The solution is simple: get everyone invited to the party (those who already smoke cannabis) to get high before attending the event. 


The party will be so much fun with everyone high, ready to dance, interact and have a good time. 


Bottom line 

People smoke cannabis and get high for different reasons, and in some cases, your reason for smoking can determine when you should smoke. In addition to the numerous times to get high mentioned above, you must also consider other factors that make you use cannabis. 


For instance, if you are using it to manage your eating disorders (cannabis boosts people's appetite), you have to smoke three times before all meals. If you are using cannabis to treat sleeping disorders, you should smoke before going to bed to sleep well. 


If you have other health challenges for which your doctor recommended cannabis, please ask for the specific times you should smoke to get the kind of relief you desire. 


Generally, anytime is a good time to smoke weed; it all depends on the circumstances we outlined above. The right cannabis strain can be enjoyed anytime or any day: get high and enjoy the feeling! 


*If you have health challenges, please don't smoke marijuana or use other cannabis products without a doctor's prescription.





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