THC levels for medical marijuana patients
THC levels for medical marijuana patients

What is the Ideal THC Level Preferred by Medical Marijuana Patients?

A new poll suggests that the myth of more is better is alive and well.

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Aug 11, 2021

What is the Ideal THC Level Preferred by Medical Marijuana Patients?


What do consumers prefer when it comes to their THC potency?


A recent poll aimed to answer this question and the results based on a very small sample group suggests that most people like “high potency cannabis”.


However, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the answers given by those who responded to the survey. It’s also important to note that the person who placed the poll wishes to start a dispensary in Germany, and wanted to know what would be the best threshold to maintain within their store.

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At the time of writing this article, this was where the poll was sitting at and as you can see, we have the largest number of votes coming in with “Greater than 25%”.


However, is this really true within the medical community, or was this poll hijacked by recreational users?


According to the comments, most people who use it for medical purposes don’t really think that THC potency is that important.


They much rather focus on things like terpenoids that help modify the effect. In the next sections, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of these categories.


THC is NOT the most important factor


The first option on the list is also the second most popular option within the poll. These are cannabis users that understand that THC is not everything.

The cannabis plant, especially for medical purposes – require a complex mix of cannabinoids. CBG, CBV, and a slew of other cannabinoids all work together to create a particular effect and while most people are still not fully aware of these cannabinoids – those with experience know that “whole plant” is best.


When you’re using cannabis for medical purposes – the idea isn’t getting stoned but to alleviate symptoms. Thus, many times higher potency strains can provoke an undesired level of “highness” which renders the medical patient incapable of functioning as they normally would.


1:1 CBD to THC


Once again, this is more of a hype choice than a choice based in experience. While it’s true, CBD and THC both work well together and CBD counteracts the euphoria of the THC – without the other cannabinoids, and terpenoids – you’re not getting the “whole cannabis experience”.


Nonetheless, this has become a popular option for many people who believe that a 1:1 ratio would provide them with the most benefit.




Most street weed sits about at these thresh holds. I’m talking about the reggie weed of old. In fact, some of them would even be lower than 10%, but this is actually a very nice range of THC for those who want to feel some euphoria but still would like to be functional.


The potent strains of yesteryear sat within these margins and people loved it. I’m talking about Acapulcan Gold, Jamaican Red, and the likes of course.


Some of these strains have perished from existence – at least their original genetics. This however was the least sought after category.


15% - 20%


In 4th place, we had this category. These strains tend to pack a slight punch and you don’t need a lot to get high.


This level of potency is quite common these days and is a great option if you want to buy higher potency weed without going to above 25% levels.




This was the third most popular category. According to the poll, a good quantity of folks do prefer higher THC in their smoke, however – they don’t want to go beyond 25%. Perhaps because this is their threshold for an “enjoyable smoke”, however – when it comes to medical ailments, the idea is to get relief as opposed to getting high.


Greater than 25%


The winner of this particular poll was this final category, but here it depends on what you are using cannabis for.


For example, smoking 25%+ is a sure way to get you stoned, however – as we mentioned several times, getting high isn’t the objective for medical patients.


This makes me think that some of the people who were answering the poll were in fact recreational users who are “Chasing a high”.


Although, when you’re using oils orally, higher THC is also warranted.


Depending on the condition, higher THC may be a better medicinal option – and thus, this poll could also have been answered by patients within this category.


Yet if we’re talking about flower – then it’s probably recreational users who filled in this last category.


So what’s the best threshold?


To be honest, the best threshold is the one that works for you. Currently, we don’t have enough research to talk about specific conditions and the correlation between different THC levels.


All of the answers on this poll was anecdotal and should not be considered as “law”. However, it’s a good way to gauge what the public prefers, especially if you’re thinking about opening up a dispensary.


I personally prefer flower within the moderate range. Anywhere above 10% and below 20% works for me.


I only like the “hard stuff” on very special occasions, and even then I use it sparingly.


Other people swear that high potency weed is the only thing that works for them and if this is you, then continue to use it. You are the ultimate authority over your body and irrespective of “studies”, polls and so forth – you’re the one that knows you the best.


I always tell people to conduct their own research, to experiment often and to find what works for them. Cannabis is a complex plant that when smoked, interacts with a complex organism.


Everyone will have their own unique preference…..what’s yours?









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