what to look for in a dispensary
what to look for in a dispensary

What to Look for in a Dispensary? (Characteristics of Reputable Locations)

What should you look for when picking out a reputable dispenary?

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Chiara C on Thursday Feb 20, 2020

Characteristics to look for in a dispensary

what to look for in a dispensary

Choosing a dispensary can be daunting. If you live somewhere like Colorado, Oregon, or California, chances are, you’re probably spoiled for choice. This also means that you have the luxury of choosing one that can really cater to you and your needs. But where to start? And how do you separate the real deal from the riff-raff? We’ve come up with a handy guide to help you navigate the complex world of cannabis dispensaries and what qualities to look out for when choosing one.


According to Kisi, a tech company that specializes in cloud security systems, which recently did a study on the growth of dispensaries in the Unites States, the number of dispensaries in the country has reached 7,490, with sales for recreational marijuana reaching 7.3 billion in 2019. Among the states, Oklahoma has become the fastest growing market and holds the top spot in terms of number of dispensaries per capita.


Wherever you live, choosing the right dispensary can be crucial to having a quality cannabis experience. Here are a few qualities to keep in mind:


1.     Attention to detail


There’s something to be said about dispensaries that go the extra mile to make their customers feel comfortable and to really cultivate an experience that makes them feel assured in their decision to shop there. In recent years, especially with recreational legalization in a number of states, dispensaries have really upped their game in terms of design, service, and overall experience. Take places like popular California dispensaries Mr. Nice Guy, Apothecarium, and Caliva, whose approach to design brings a level of class and sophistication that was once rare.


A little attention to detail can go a long way in conveying the message that the dispensary values its customers. Here are a few to look out for:


-    Ambience - What kind of mood is being set? From a shop’s lighting to the music being played, these can dictate the type of experience you have in a dispensary, and whether or not you’ll be returning.

-    Placement of merchandise - How are the products being laid out? Are they easy to locate and are they arranged in a logical manner? Are the display cases well-lit?

-    Cleanliness - You want to make sure the dispensary is adhering to standards of hygiene so pay attention to general cleanliness in the shop and how they handle their products.


2. Selection


A wide selection to choose from is paramount. Imagine having to only choose from a few products at a time? While having a few, highly curated quality products can be a good thing, a dearth in product can be a hinderance for costumers looking for different experiences. Dispensaries that carry a variety of products, from flowers to edibles, tools and even seeds, you can feel their expertise coming through. It’s also a great way to keep things interesting in terms of the types of experiences customers can have and you can guarantee their clientele will be just as diverse.


3. Service


Probably the most important quality of a reputable dispensary is having a great team to back it. The staff at a dispensary can make or break an experience, and a lackluster team can say a lot about a dispensary. Being able to trust your ‘budtender’ to facilitate the buying experience can make a huge difference, especially for inexperienced and first-time users who may need more guidance and assurance when choosing a product. People from all walks of life now visit dispensaries, from senior citizens to the disabled, a shop’s staff should be able to cater to a diverse range of people and be able to walk them through the process, recommending products that are suited to their individual needs and giving them instructions on how to properly dose. A good ‘budtender’ is the perfect guide into the ins and outs of a particular product and no dispensary worth its salt should be without one.


4. Competitive price range


Due to the current saturation of the market, many dispensaries are forced to lower their prices to be able to compete. At the end of the day, they best way for them to make a profit is by ensuring customers return and keep shopping there. As a result, it behooves them to provide their services and products at competitive price points that ultimately benefit customers, whether it’s through discounts on older inventory, promos, or loyalty programs, these will all give customers reasons to come back. While you shouldn’t go looking for cheap prices, remember, quality cannabis costs a premium, they should be reasonable enough to not be so high or low compared to other dispensaries. Make sure you do your research first and compare pricing between different ones in your area to make sure you get the best deal and quality overall.


5. Giving back to the community


Engaging and giving back to the community through outreach programs or fundraisers are a great way of standing out from the competition and making a valuable contribution to the community at the same time. Look for dispensaries that do more than just turn a profit and who actually want to better their community, whether it’s by participating in local fairs, cleanup events, or donation drives. Some dispensaries also provide additional services that may be beneficial to its customers, like massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga.


6. Reviews


A reputation is earned. It doesn’t come overnight. And with that, the best way of really determining if you can trust a dispensary is by going straight to the ‘horse’s mouth’ and reading reviews online. These days, there are several platforms on the Internet where you can check those reviews, whether it’s on Yelp, Weedmaps, or good ol’ Facebook, there’s nothing better than going straight to the source and getting a read on a shop from a grassroots level. What are the people saying? You’ll be surprised how much costumer feedback can help with choosing a dispensary, especially if there are a lot in your area.











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