legal drug use
legal drug use

Who Decides What Drugs Are Legal and What Drugs Are Illegal?

What’s the problem with drug use – We ALL USE DRUGS!

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Sep 11, 2017

What’s the problem with drug use – We ALL USE DRUGS!



One of the major arguments for prohibition is that according to them, “We want a drug free society”. People see drug use as ‘negative behavior’ because they associate “drugs” with something bad. The problem with this idea is that every single person on this planet uses drugs.


Today I’ll be going through the reasons why drug use is neither good nor bad, it is just a simple human nature.


“You’re just using drugs to escape reality”


Here’s another argument frequently being used to support the idea that “drugs are bad”. Firstly, no one can escape reality. One could alter one’s perception of reality, but one can never escape reality.


The ‘escapism argument’ claims that the only way to live life is to live it sober. It suggests that by using drugs we avoid our current state of reality in order to have a more enjoyable moment. Perhaps this is true, but is this bad?


I argue no. Because if we take the escapism argument to the extreme, the next time you have a headache or back pain…you should merely accept this as your current “state of reality” and endure the pain. Heavens forbid you wish to escape your current state of reality.


In this case, the prohibitionist would claim that ‘those drugs are fine because you’re using it for a medical reason’. Suddenly drug use is no longer ‘bad’, but only ‘bad’ when you don’t use it for medical reasons.




“Yes…drugs are only ‘good’ when used for medical purposes”


Oh really? So the morning cup of joe you use to wake up out of your eight-hour nocturnal coma is for medical purposes? I didn’t know ‘sleepiness’ was a medical condition.


Perhaps you didn’t know that coffee was a drug. In fact, it’s the most consumed drug on the planet. Sugar is somewhere up there with coffee too. So every time you douse a bit of sugar on your food to make it sweeter, you’re using it for medical purposes?


No of course you’re not. You use these drugs to enhance your experience of life itself. Yet, despite the fact that you use these drugs so frequently and even give it to children…you create a division within the realm of drugs.


Suddenly your argument changes from “drugs are bad” to, “drugs can be good for medical conditions, and other drugs (such as sugar and coffee) are just fine…but don’t do those OTHER BAD DRUGS!”


“Yes…don’t do the bad drugs!”



You mean alcohol? You mean tobacco? Or are you referring to the ‘illegal drugs’? You see…the bad drugs are legal…the not so bad drugs are illegal.


Alcohol kills more people than all other drugs combined each year. Don’t even let me get started on tobacco. Alcohol is also one of the few drugs that if you are addicted and suddenly quit…you might die.


You don’t see this with drugs such as cannabis and even drugs like Mescaline, Psilocybin, LSD and so forth. The physiological effects of these drugs are far less harmful than the effects of alcohol and tobacco.


Yet we don’t see an MDMA ad during the Super Bowl now do we? The only reason you claim that these drugs are ‘bad’ is because you have been conditioned to believe so.


Ask any prohibitionist what they actually know about the drugs they are demonizing, and they will never give you a clear answer. They don’t know the chemical properties, the mental and physiological effects of these substances on the individual or any actual statistics surrounding drug use. In most cases, they merely regurgitate information that has been passed down to them by “Papa Government”.


What’s the problem with getting a little blitzed every now and then?


The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with altering your perception of reality for short periods of time. There are many animals on earth that get high for recreation. Look at the Dolphin that passes around puffer fish like a lit joint or the elephant that gets drunk on the Marula tree.


It’s human nature to make life a little bit more ‘tolerable’.


Of course, drug use unchecked can lead to abuse and that’s where things can get hairy. However, properly educating the populous on proper recreational drug consumption and providing the means for people to ‘get out of addiction’ would remedy this within a decade.


Furthermore, the exploration of psychedelic plains is something that we as humanity should priorities. When people eat magic mushrooms, they feel a “connectedness” to the world around them. A “oneness” with every living soul and non-soul on this planet. Their brains light up allowing them to smell color and to see sound.


This is something your brain can do. Why the hell are we not exploring these states with more ferocity? Perhaps, by understanding the state of psychedelia we could begin to understand how things like racial divides occur, hatred, isolationism and so forth. Of course, this is just theory right now…but we’ll never know unless we study it.


So to conclude my eloquent reefer rant, drug use isn’t bad…nor is it good. It’s just something that people do and to attach morals to it is what brought us to the current state of the drug war today.


I hope this article at least gave you some logical arguments to combat the reefer madness still prevalent today.









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