stashbox ideas
stashbox ideas

Why a Stashbox in Your Car and Home is an Essential Item Now with New Marijuana Laws

A stashbox isn't just for keeping your kids out of your weed, it works for police as well!

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Aug 27, 2021

Why a Stashbox in Your Car and Home is An Essential Item with New Cannabis Laws

stashbox ideas

With cannabis becoming more available, the idea of a Stashbox is becoming as popular as the liquor cabinet.


At least this couple from Virginia saw an opportunity to capitalize on the law which states that cannabis inside a car must be kept in a sealed container in the trunk of the car.


And so, they created a “Stashbox” which has the ability to ensure that Virginians remain within the bounds of the law and eliminates any potential mix-ups with law enforcement.


While I’m not going to be focusing on their product in this article, I thought it was worth mentioning how people can participate within the cannabis industry in a parallel way, solving issues within the industry.


Within this article, I will be talking about the importance of stashboxes at home and in the car, especially as cannabis becomes more popular and more available with the passing of time.


The Benefits of the Stashbox


Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to get your own stashbox, whether you create your own or buy a pre-built solution is up to you.


Firstly, if you are a parent, the idea of a stashbox at home makes a lot of sense. In the similar fashion to the “Liquor Cabinet”, the Stashbox would be a container that is closed via lock and key.


This is meant to keep the “adult substances” out of reach of your kids. While it’s not very common, we have seen children eating cannabis infused candies by accident, and this typically happens when the product is simply left out in the open.


In some cases, especially as kids become teenagers – they could actively seek out the substances, which creates more incentive to protect your stash under lock and key.


Weed’s expensive, you don’t want your teen to be smoking up all of your green!


Beyond the practical solutions that a stashbox provides, it also sends a message that “this is not for kids” loudly and clearly.


It creates a psychological distinction between what is acceptable for kids and what is acceptable for adults. This is something that we need to reinforce within the “post-prohibition society” where kids will be growing up in a “cannabis friendly” world.


A Stashbox in a Car


Similarly, having a Stashbox in the car – as was designed by the Virginia Couple – provides additional securities to the users and shields them from law enforcement.


Right now, law enforcement still has a bias against cannabis use, and as a result – whenever they are faced with these substances they have an instinctual response to “apprehend” the user.


It will take some time for this automated response to be overwritten, and thus, a stashbox in the car seems like a novel solution to bridge the transition.


A stashbox in the trunk for example, will undoubtedly tell the officer that;


  1. You were not using the product but are only transporting it

  2. It is kept in a secure storage container out of reach of anyone in the car.


Furthermore, unless the cops have probable cause – they have no right to search your vehicle. A smell proof stash box would eliminate any probable cause, meaning you won’t have any issues with the police or at the very least – minimal issues.


What separates a good stashbox from a bad stashbox?


Now let’s talk about quality control. A good, hermetically sealed stashbox, will provide you more benefits than just keeping your stash safe.


Under a hermetically sealed container, the degradation of cannabinoids will slow down. Couple this with the fact that a stashbox would also seal the contents from “light” which accelerates the degradation process – a stashbox can also help you keep your weed fresh and lasting longer.


Most professional stoners like to use glass as their medium to store their bud. And so, incorporating a glass element within your stashbox would be a solid option.


Furthermore, a good stashbox will also have a lock and key that only the user has access too. You could even use a safe – but I know of too many teens that know the combination to their parent’s safes to ensure that your stash will be…well safe!


Modern technology allows us to utilize our smart devices to lock our safes, and thus – incorporating some sort of tech solution like Facial ID or thumb print access could provide an additional layer of security.


Of course, most people are going to simply find a box that they can lock and store somewhere where their kids or any unwanted people can’t gain access to.


Lateral Products within the Cannabis Industry


The main reason I mentioned the couple from Virginia in this article is to get your mind churning. You see, there are plenty of industry issues that still require a custom solution.


This means that there is opportunity for anyone with enough drive to solve them. The Virginia couple who made their version of a Stashbox should be acknowledged because they saw a potential problem and proactively did something to solve it.


The industry is still evolving and we’ll be seeing more of these custom solutions being developed by smart entrepreneurs everywhere.


The stashbox will probably become a staple for consumers in the future. Before, it was meant to hide your habit from the world but these days it will be to ensure that you and your family is protected from accidental consumption, from law enforcement poking their noses in places they don’t need to and to keep your products lasting longer and fresher.


The Sticky Bottom-line


There’s still plenty of opportunities within the cannabis industry to introduce new (or modded products).


Do you have a stashbox at home? Or Could you think about a better way to secure weed? As weed becomes more readily available all over the world, it’s these types of solutions that will become more popular and turn some people into instant millionaires.





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