rolling trays or stash boxes
rolling trays or stash boxes

Rolling Trays vs Stash Boxes - Which One Do You Need?

Do you need both a rolling tray and a stash box, or would just one be okay?

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jsp1073 on Tuesday Apr 14, 2020

Rolling Trays vs. Stash Boxes

stash box or rolling tray

What is a rolling tray or stash box?  If you are new ot the cannabis space and just getting started, they are two of the more important pieces of hardware you can have when dealing with flower.  Both can be essentail at times, but do you need both or can you get by with one?

When you are ready to roll up your joint, you always look for a tray you can roll up on. This is easier to use than to do it on a desk, coffee table or a flimsy paper. When you are done, you might put it back into a box and stash it away. Many people love to carry weed on them so they’re ready to smoke but some weed accessories are important, some more than others. Rolling trays and stash boxes are two items that you usually see almost every stoner carry.


What are Rolling Trays?

Rolling trays are exactly as they said and more! These trays help the consumer have an easier time to roll up. You can simply place the tray on your lap, grind up your weed and dump it out on the tray. Then use that to roll up your joint or blunt without making a mess everywhere. Simply roll it over your lap without a hassle. They are always a flat surface to keep herbs or other items from moving around.


There are a ton of benefits to rolling papers.

Less Mess

One thing you can be sure of when you use a rolling tray is that you will make much less of a mess. All your loose herbs will be in a central area and protected from falling over, unless the tray falls down.

More Organized

One reason why you want a tray is to make sure you keep everything organized. Smoking weed is fun but your accessories start stacking up after a while. You have cones, papers, lighters, grinders, pop top jar bottles, clear eyes, hemp wick and much more. In order to make sure you don’t lose anything and everything is organized, they need to be in a central location.


Every product or set of products will have their own features. Here are the most popular ones for a rolling tray.

Curved Edges

One thing you want is a tray that is flat but has curved edges on each side. This helps accessories or ground up herbs not fall over to prevent making a mess.

Different Materials

Rolling trays come in different materials and some are better than others. One of the most popular choices for tray material is the metal tin. It is lightweight and cheap. It can easily dent or bend. There are also wooden rolling trays that can sometimes double as a stash box. These are very sturdy. There are also polymer rolling trays which are almost unbreakable. Throw it at a wall or drop it from the roof and you can still use it!


What are Stash Boxes?

A stash box is not as popular as a rolling tray but sometimes they’re a 2 in 1. A stash box is a great item if you want to put all your herbs and herbal accessories into one location that you can close and put away. This will help others from seeing it or smelling it.


A stash box generally comes with placeholders to put some common items there. Some have various size holes to place your grinder in there and it can have tiny holes that are big enough for your cones tips. You can place your cone upside down and start filling it up with your ground herbs.


Keep Herbs Away From Unwanted Eyes

One of the best ways to keep other people from seeing your items you don’t want them to see is to use a stash box. Just like the name says, stash it in a box! You can keep the box hidden somewhere. This is better than placing all your accessories away separately because this way you won’t lose them. Having them all in one central location makes it easier for you to grab one item that has all your accessories in it.

More Organized

Stay organized with a stash box. Place all your items in there and you won’t worry about it being all over the place.


Placeholders for Other Items

An awesome feature that stash boxes generally have are the placeholders. You can place different cones, or papers in there so you can just fill it up with your herbs.

Stash Boxes with Rolling Trays?

There are also stash boxes with rolling trays. Most of them are wooden bamboo boxes with a top and bottom. They usually close magnetically so you place the top portion on the bottom and it connects. When you open the two pieces, flip the top part over and start rolling up on that!



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