CBD dominant strains
CBD dominant strains

Why Aren't There More CBD Dominant Strains and is That About to Change?

Why is there not more CBD strains of hemp and cannabis and is that changing with CBD legalization?

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Lemon Knowles on Sunday Aug 16, 2020

Why there aren’t more CBD strains and is that about to change?

cbd strains of hemp and cannabis

Cannabis has for long been appreciated predominantly for its ability to produce a euphoric and intense high, but with the growing emergence and investigation into medicinal cannabis, more research has gone into the medical benefits of cannabis. The two useful effects that are being given off by the cannabis plant is thanks to the composition of important compounds that are embedded in the plant matrix. These beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant include cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and a host of other important phytochemical compounds.

A trip down memory lane

THC and CBD are the two prominent cannabinoids present in cannabis despite the fact that the cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids. THC has such prominence because the recreational euphoric high appreciated by many cannabis users in cannabis is thanks to its composition in the plant. The percentage of THC in a cannabis plant gives an indication as to what effects should be expected from such a cannabis plant as the higher the THC concentration, the stronger the euphoric effect. This gives an indication as to why when the emergence of cannabis came to the forefront of the world, all that cannabis growers and researchers seem to care about was THC and how it determines potency but is all of that about to change?

Despite the obvious attention given to THC as the prominent cannabinoid of cannabis, the knowledge of CBD, and its isolation as a very important medicinal compound began to slowly gain emergence. In the early 1980s, the special cannabinoid began to gain recognition, and with this recognition more research and studies went into understanding the effects of CBD and how it acts with the other cannabinoids embedded in the cannabis plant matrix. CBD was discovered to be non-psychoactive and able to give a calm, serene, and relaxing effect which was due to its entourage effects with THC.

The benefits of CBD began to come to light both in reducing the adverse effects that were associated with high levels of THC and making the euphoric and intense feeling of THC better with a deeper, relaxing and sedating feel. This promoted the studies that showed the importance of CBD in dealing with pain, insomnia, nausea, MS, seizures, cancer, and a host of other conditions. With these discoveries, more attention was shown to the cannabis industry as a whole and greater attention was shown to CBD both as a special individual compound and as an important component worthy of being measured in cannabis strains.

Where we are presently  

With the stated importance and attention being placed on CBD, there has been more expectation for cannabis growers to be able to produce cannabis strains that have a good concentration of CBD. This is clearly seen presently as most strains are properly designated in terms of the ratio of their THC and CBD concentrations. Cannabis strains are either sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both and with the creation of more hybrids, a lot of growers are consciously opting to grow cannabis strains that are more dominant in CBD which is not just more useful in the medicinal world but is also in high demand.

These CBD rich cannabis strains are the ones required to make cannabis topicals needed when dealing with pain and inflammation, they can also used in tinctures, foods, drinks, edibles, and several other forms in order to ensure delivery of the beneficial product to the body system.

CBD also has an effect on the intoxicating and euphoric effects of THC. Cannabis plants that have a very high ratio of CBD to THC are known to have reduced intoxicating effects and are very reliable to also give the user the beneficial effects of CBD.

What the future holds

Currently, the direction the industry is headed indicates that most cannabis growers will be aiming to grow more CBD dominant strains that can guarantee good yield. Although, presently there are still more THC-dominant cannabis strains than there are CBD cannabis strains but with the emphasis being placed on CBD, that may seize to be the case.

Alongside developing and growing primarily CBD dominant cannabis strains, cannabis growers are subscribing to the development  of clones and seedlings that will give a good product with a considerable level of CBD. These will complement the conventional strains that have been known to have a good level of THC.

All these points to the growing possibility of change that's yearned  for in the cannabis world and with more beneficial applications of CBD being discovered, we can expect more of this forward momentum of CBD strains for many years to come.

What do you think of a cannabis industry with more CBD dominant strains than THC dominant ones? Are you on board for this or will you prefer things remain the way they are. Drop your opinion in the comment section below.








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