cannabis and wellness centers
cannabis and wellness centers

Why Cannabis and Wellness Centers Make Sense Together

Cannabis in health centers and yoga studios could be big businesses

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Feb 25, 2018

Why Cannabis and Wellness Centers Make Sense

Why Cannabis Should Be in Every Wellness Center from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Spa Clinics and other wellness centers are embracing the legalization of cannabis…and it makes perfect sense! We’ve heard about things like Cannabis Yoga, Cannabis Pilates and even Cannabis meditation over the past few years and it seems that this trend isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

In fact, Utopia, a Wellness center and Spa, is applying for the first Cannabis Consumption License in Public, that will set up the framework for similar establishments to follow suit.

Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa, will convert the historic Creswell Mansion into a cannabis-friendly establishment where people would be able to get cannabis-infused massages, drink cannabis infused smoothies and vape/smoke on the premises.

If all goes well, before the end of this year, people in Colorado can get relaxed and baked at the same time!


Why Cannabis and Wellness make Sense

Of course, Utopia is a spa, but if we step a bit into the health-realm of things, implementing cannabis within the recovery process of any major issue is just a great idea.

First of all, cannabis has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that anyone who suffered an accident or injury of any kind, using cannabis within the recovery process will help significantly. Furthermore, cannabis also helps with things like PTSD, Anxiety, Pain Management, Increased Appetite and it promotes Rest depending on the strain.

All of these things are beneficial to anyone in the hopes of a swift recovery.

Couple this with physiotherapy techniques and general wellness techniques and you have a recipe for success.


The Rise of Cannabis Friendly Medical Facilities

Right now, the political climate around cannabis is still not ideal. The vast majority of the US population is in favor of outright legalization; however, politicians are still loyal to their corporate sponsors. As a result, the laws have not changed on a Federal level, save for a few riders here and there.

Consequently, we’re not seeing more of these establishments on the rise (currently), however, as I have written about before…this will change as the laws change.

I can foresee in the near future the rise of these establishments focusing on specific conditions. For instance, a cannabis cancer clinic makes absolute sense.

In a place like this, you would be able to create “condition specific strains” and diets specifically designed to help fight cancer alongside cannabis.

The only thing currently standing in the way of this occurring on a massive scale are the laws on the books. However, once these laws are removed, we can expect a sudden surge of niche cannabis medical centers pop up all over the country.


How Utopia could open the doors to the rest of the industry

One of the biggest problems with cannabis legalization is that despite the fact that they remove all criminal penalties for possession, consumption and distribution (if you have the license), is that they don’t make space for people to consume.

Public consumption is still pretty taboo even in legal states. California will be addressing this problem over the next year, and if Utopia is granted public consumption rights, it will open the doors to other establishments to follow suit.

Music bars, cafes, theaters and the likes would all be able to incorporate cannabis into their business models. It only makes sense, especially if we look at the legal competitor to cannabis, alcohol.

Alcohol is much more dangerous than cannabis for the consumer and society alike, however, we don’t mind it if people go to bars or night clubs and guzzle it down like it’s the end of the world. Yet for some reason, smoking cannabis in a bar setting would be detrimental to society?

Of course, with moving cannabis into the public space we could see a few problems arise from people who are not educated in cannabis consumption, however, even the worst reaction to a high dose of cannabis will be infinitely safer than a heavy reaction to alcohol.

Furthermore, the move from cannabis to the public space sends a message that society has grown up when it comes to cannabis consumption. It legitimizes use in the sense that wine is a legitimate recreational substance and can be consumed responsibly.

It also opens up the dialogue to other substances that are currently being prohibited.

With moves like this occurring within the cannabis landscape, it’s no wonder people like Jeff Sessions is losing his shit over the movement.

People are moving ahead with integrating cannabis into society whether the government likes it or not. The cannabis industry has matured in such a fashion that it is no longer living in the realm of idle puns or comic relief within the general debate, but rather a serious industry with plentiful benefits to offer society.

I for one hope that Utopia gets the right to make people well, while making them high. 


Why Cannaibs and Wellness Centers Will Go Together from CannabisNet on Vimeo.









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