cannabis and gun ownership
cannabis and gun ownership

Why Can't Cannabis Users Own Guns, Again?

Medical Marijuana Patients Have to Turn Over Their Guns

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jul 10, 2019

WTF Policies from our Overlords: Why can’t cannabis consumers use guns?

cannabis and gun ownership

This is not a new story, by far. For years now the debate about gun rights and cannabis has been waging. Mainly, because according to Federal Law, if you use or addicted, have been convicted for anything related “illegal drugs”, then you cannot purchase a firearm.


For most people this doesn’t create a problem, however when you’re talking about a state like Texas…well, their “up in arms” about it. As we know, Texans love guns. Aside from things being “bigger” in Texas, there are a few things that are as big as their love for guns.


While Texas has a very poorly developed medical cannabis policy on the books, some people have opted in for the program. The problem now being that they are being told that if they are enlisted in the program, they can’t legally buy firearms.


Why can’t you buy a gun if you use drugs?


The official argument states that, “people who are addicted to drugs have a compromised rationale”. In other words, if you’re a junky, you can’t think straight.


While this isn’t the most absurd notion on the planet, it does require some elaboration. Not all drugs are created equally. For instance, it’s not the same to shoot up heroin as it is to take a hit from a joint. The effects are completely different and we cannot remotely claim that the impairment is equally.


Additionally, cannabis doesn’t induce the hair-pulling, cold-sweating withdrawal symptoms as other harder drugs. This means, if a user does not get access to cannabis, they won’t be prompted to stick up old ladies to “get their fix”.


Nonetheless, the law states that if you use any “illegal drug”, you’re banned from legally acquiring a gun. And now, since Texas is finally being affected by this law, we might start to see some serious resistance on this front.


But who cares about guns?


Americans do. It’s the country where they have as many guns as people. It’s a place where the second amendment is touted as “over my dead body” policies. Sure, guns increase the possibility of someone being shot, and in many cases, people shoot themselves, but there is a reason why the second amendment is so important.


It all comes down to trust. You see, in places where citizens don’t have the ability to legally own guns, they are at the mercy of their overlords. They have to do what they are told, or get shot all the while they defend with sticks and rocks. Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating this point a bit, but the bottom line remains that the reason why people want guns is not to defend themselves from “a bad guy with a gun”, but rather, “a bad State with many guns”.


The reason the Founding Fathers made it the second amendment, right after the Freedom of Speech, is because in order to defend free speech from governments, you need guns. You can’t negotiate with a totalitarian power.


This was the fear of the Founding Fathers, that the government would swell to such a size that the citizens would require arms to defend the freedoms bestowed on them through the constitution.


This doesn’t stop the swindlers from swindling


If you have read my works in the past, by now you should have realized I’m an anarchist at heart. Of course, I understand that there is need for “some government”, however, I do not have a “king, queen or ruler” over me. This is literally the definition of Anarchy, a state which has no ruler.


For me, “Not my president” is every president. I only give loyalty to those who earn loyalty. Thus, I’m always more left leaning on policies.


However, when it comes to your current overlords, they don’t like it when people have rights, guns, or the ability to critical analyze things. They enjoy a docile population that is too scared to offend people and would easily bow down to “Papa State”.


And while they understand that you simply can’t remove the rights of the free individual directly, they find workarounds. You know, like making a slew of drugs illegal and then telling people if you use those drugs you can’t own guns.


That right there, would make the founding fathers roll over in their graves. Cannabis, unlike a substance like alcohol does not impair you to the point of becoming violent. It is alcohol that is responsible for up to 40% of all violent crimes. Yet, you can in most cases have a beer in your hand and still buy a gun.


What can we do?


Resist the propaganda. Become an Anarchist in your heart. It’s okay to belong to something, like a “country”, but don’t get fooled by anyone. Your “leaders” are bullshit artists who use your emotions against you. They take your money and spend it on war, they steal your rights and make you compliant in their crimes.


I hope that Texas, the big Gun state, steps up the game and fights this policy tooth and nail. Whether you believe in guns or not, you should always defend freedom first.








What did you think?

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