medical marijuana in school
medical marijuana in school

Why Medical Cannabis SHOULD be Allowed in School

Medical Marijuana For Kids In School is Fine and Safe

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday May 13, 2018

Why Medical Cannabis SHOULD be Allowed in School

Why Medical Marijuana SHOULD be Allowed in School from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


I can’t believe I have to write about this topic, but here we are. In a world where legislation is more important than life, we have to address the issue of having cannabis in schools.


Sure, for decades people have been conditioned to believing that cannabis is a “drug” and it should be kept as far away from children as possible. However, with people become aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, especially in treating severe conditions in children, the idea of having cannabis in school should be discussed.


Hell, we give our children amphetamines to use at school, claiming it will help them with their focus. So why not cannabis?


If a child needs to take a controlled medicine such as anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants and the likes, we have no problem with them taking it at school. Yet somehow cannabis is the drug that causes conflict.


Today, we’ll be talking about not only why cannabis SHOULD be allowed in school, but why teachers should become familiar with helping kids take their medicine.


The Reasons why Cannabis Should be Allowed in School


Laws primarily exist to preserve human life. We don’t drink and drive because we know that the combination of the two actions could lead to death, either to the individual or others. This is the main reason why we have laws on the books.


However, when the laws start interfering with human life…then there is something wrong. We’re seeing this in the case of cannabis.


Some kids need medical cannabis to function normally within society. People with severe epilepsy and other seizure disorders can’t get through the day if they don’t have medical cannabis. To deprive someone medicine that improves their quality of life is deplorable.


Irrespective of whether we want children to avoid consuming drugs, medical cannabis is a different story. This is why it’s absolutely important to make a clear distinction between recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis.


Sure, we’re talking about the exact same plant however intention comes into play. There is a difference between getting high and medicating. For kids who suffer an illness or a debilitating condition, consuming cannabis isn’t about euphoria. It’s about living life.


To prohibit children, or any individual for that matter, from consuming their medicine should be considered criminal.


Teaching Teachers about Medical Cannabis


When you send your children to school, you’re essentially handing over their health and safety in the hands of the teachers. To have schools ill-prepared in administrating cannabis to students who might need it is reckless.


There has to be at least one faculty member that understands the child’s condition and how to properly deal with the issue if anything were to occur.


Cannabis is only going to become more available as time passes. While today there are only a handful of children who use cannabis as medicine, these numbers will increase. Thus, educating faculty is of the utmost importance.


Fortunately, cannabis isn’t a difficult medicine to administrate, however making the distinction within the minds of the teachers will go a long way to help ease the struggle of the child – who might already be stigmatized for using cannabis as a medicine.


It’s our duty and responsibility as a society to facilitate the means of people to live a higher quality of life. Accepting cannabis as medicine is a huge step in the right path.


While the debate rages on whether we should or shouldn’t allow children to use cannabis on school property for treating their specific condition or illness; teachers should start doing their homework in relation to cannabis as a medicine.


The importance of linguistics within legislation


The only reason we’re having this debate today is because we have been conditioned over the decades to believe that cannabis is bad for you.


One of the principle reasons why we have such lax cannabis laws on the books these days is due to linguistics. Making the distinction between medicinal and recreational cannabis was key. People were no longer using cannabis to get high, but to actually help ease symptoms and facilitate in the healing process.


Linguistics is important. This is why we need to emphasize that there is a difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis. It assists in the transitioning and de-programming of government propaganda surrounding a highly beneficial plant.


Cannabis as a medicine, means that depriving a child of it during school hours is akin to depriving a child from an epipen if they are having an allergic reaction. It would be a violation of human rights.


Of course, the prohibition of any substance is a violation of human rights…but we’ll leave that for a different article. For now, we focus on the issue at hand…not only should cannabis be allowed in schools, teachers should be trained in administering it to students who might need assistance. It’s the least we can do.


Why Medical Marijuana SHOULD be Allowed in School from CannabisNet on Vimeo.



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