how to tell fake cbd oil
how to tell fake cbd oil

Why That CBD Oil You Just Bought Might be Bogus

Lax testing and regulation may lead to fake or diluted CBD Oil on the store shelves

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

Why That CBD Oil You Just Bought Might be Bogus

how to tell fake cbd oil

Cannabidiol or CBD as it is popularly known is one of the several cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis. It is arguably the most popular cannabinoid and has become very trendy over the past couple of years as more people find out about its numerous benefits. The majority use it for medicinal purposes due to the vast range of therapeutic properties it possesses. Compared to its counterpart THC, CBD doesn't have psychoactive properties, a quality that makes it preferable to a large number of users. Also, the fact that it has no harmful side effects and can be integrated into many things such as edibles, tinctures, etc plays a significant role in why it's the favorite of many.

The current state of things

It's no news that CBD has enjoyed huge success over the past couple of years. However, recent events have led to closer scrutiny on CBD oil products as many have turned out to be bogus.

Cannabis companies have had free rein over the control of CBD products because it is not exactly susceptible to government regulations. CBD oil is now sold everywhere including malls, shops, convenience stores, etc instead of licensed facilities dedicated to the legitimate sale of the product. This, among many other factors, has contributed to the increase in the sale of Bogus CBD. Most of the CBD products being sold by these vendors littered all over are fake, most primarily contain adulterants and some traces of the cannabinoid.

The rapid growth of the CBD market and the undefined government regulations have made the CBD scene a system crooks and fake entrepreneurs seek to exploit. Unscrupulous companies want to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers via the sale of bogus, substandard CBD products. These fake companies put out several CBD products just like a real company would, they brand and market their products like it's the real deal to fool consumers, make a quick buck, and race for the exits.

Statistics and Sanctions

According to the American Medical Association journal, tests conducted on CBD products show inconsistencies between what is written on the labels and what is found in the CBD product. Studies show that about 40 percent of all CBD products purchased online contain only minimal amounts of CBD. A staggering stat that shows just how much the CBD market has been compromised by crook manufacturers.

There have been frequent warnings over the last five years by the American Food and Drug Administration regarding the need for caution when purchasing such products.  This came as a result of the FDA's investigation and subsequent sanction of a company called Sana Te Premium Oils that falsely advertised their product to have about 25% CBD whereas their products contained less than 1% CBD and 1.3% THC after testing.

Most of these products end up having some amount of THC (often higher than CBD) in them thus subjecting unsuspecting buyers to the risk of failing a drug test unknowingly. This is one of the several downsides of such deceptions.

Warnings have often been ignored to the detriment of consumers as the majority often buy into the hype surrounding CBD oil instead of paying attention to the content of what they are buying. This is especially true in the case of those who seek to use it in treating or alleviating medical conditions as they are often desperate in their search for a solution or relief to their condition and these manufacturers take advantage of that with their ever convincing marketing strategies.

What You Can Do to Ensure You Don’t purchase Bogus CBD Oil

If you do not wish to get scammed or taken advantage of by getting a substandard CBD product, you need to be aware and be open to learn different efficient techniques that will help you avoid getting scammed by these crooks. Below are a couple of techniques you can employ to avoid purchasing substandard CBD products.

Minimize online purchases from unverified vendors - Minimize the purchase of CBD from online vendors that aren't certified. CBD products purchased online or from stores, malls, and convenience stores have a higher chance of being substandard. It's advisable you don't buy online; but, if you must buy online it's imperative you ensure the vendor is legit. You can do this by conducting proper research on the vendor, the product, user reviews, and so on.

Buying from reputable dealers or medicinal cannabis dispensaries in a state where it is legal for such to operate is always the best option because at such places you can ask questions, get dosage recommendations, and be assured of the quality of what you are getting.

Extensive research - The importance of conducting proper research when purchasing a  product cannot be overemphasized. It's highly recommended that users make adequate research to figure out the cannabis brands or companies that are known to follow the best method of quality compliance, follow the available guidelines on CBD product manufacturing, and so on. Purchasing products from such companies will go a long way in assuring you of getting quality CBD oil.

If you are unsure about how to go about this, the comprehensive list of reputable CBD products compiled by The Hemp Authority can be very useful.

Check reviews of previous users - Reading reviews of previous users who have used the products successfully is one of the easiest ways to know more about a product. By carefully reading user reviews you can find out if the product contains what it claims to contain, if the product caused any side effects or reactions after consumption, etc. You can also search for independent lab reports on that particular product and confirm if the results tally with what the companies have advertised. Try to also consider how the companies advertise and promote their products. This can help you separate the crooks from the legit ones. Responsible and accurate advertisement tells you a lot about the integrity of a brand.

Bottom line

Substandard CBD products littered all over the market is bad news for the cannabis industry because eventually complications occur, and users of fake CBD products have to be treated for different reactions/symptoms which might include hallucinations, seizures, loss of consciousness, altered state of mind, disorientation, etc. These portray CBD in a bad way and for a product just gaining ground and acceptance, it could cripple its development. This is why it is more important than ever to increase awareness on these fakes before they cause irreparable damage.








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