Why You Shouldn’t Be Silent About Your Support For Cannabis

Why You Shouldn’t Be Silent About Your Support For Cannabis

If Your Heart Tells You To Show Green, Stand Up

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday May 25, 2016

Why you shouldn’t be silent about your support for cannabis




I was going to start to write this article with the premise of “not being quiet about your cannabis use”, however, after speaking to a few people I decided to change the approach. I personally have no qualms over the admittance of my cannabis use, however, I do understand that some people don’t have the same luxury as I have seeing that I answer to no “boss”.


My line of work is mainly project based and the “boss” is me and he’s totally fine with my cannabis use.


For others the same cannot be said. The vast majority of people find themselves working a J-O-B and don’t have the luxury to simply say, “Hey, I smoke weed and I’m not a bad person”. Nonetheless, the fact that you can’t openly admit that you smoke cannabis doesn’t mean you have to be silent in terms of support.


Support isn’t the same as admitting you smoke


There are many people who don’t smoke marijuana but take no issue with those who do. Whether you smoke marijuana or not, voicing your support for the freedom of others to do so is not a bad thing. Not only are you not admitting that you smoke marijuana, you are challenging a narrative that has been so deeply embedded into the subconscious of society.


It is important to raise your voice when people are talking negatively about cannabis. For the most part, folks who do not “benefit from prohibition” yet are still against the notion of legalization, are regurgitating decades old programming. They do not know all the facts, but believe that because of “what they have been told” about the plant, that inherently it is “bad” and therefore prohibition is justified.


They believe the lie, ate the last piece of the cake and asked for seconds. Unaware of the fact that the information provided to them was faulty from the start. By raising a counter point of view, you start to challenge the story the government has been telling about marijuana. In some cases, those who are willing to learn, you might educate them and illuminate certain truths that will help them break down the paradigm that has been so delicately installed since a young age. To those who are adamant about the policy, will react with anger yet even though their response might be hostile, you must understand that it is due to the fact that you are chipping away at a constant variable in their lives. Changing thesecore paradigms will inevitably change their entire perspective on life; people hate change.


Remember when you “didn’t know”?  We’ve all been there. There was a time for most people that they bought into the idea that “drugs are bad, marijuana is a drug….marijuana is bad!” This all changed the moment we first tried marijuana, however prior to that you too were subjected to a skewed version of cannabis.


It was only when someone introduced a new paradigm that you were willing to give it a try. It was only when someone else helped bridge the gap between what you have been taught and what the truth really is that you were able to accept the notion that perhaps everything the government tells us, isn’t true.


Sure, this is probably why stoners love them a good conspiracy theory but that is mainly due to the entire conspiracy that has been in play suppressing research and knowledge about cannabis and hemp that occurred over the past nearly eight decades.


The point here folks, is to stay vocal about your support for cannabis. Whenever you can admit that you smoke marijuana without suffering some severe consequence, by all means go ahead. I personally talk about my use whenever I can. I like to give people a different perspective of what a “stoner” is and then try to meet them somewhere in the middle.


“You like drinking, I like smoking…can’t we all just get along?” Typically, people have no problem with me smoking marijuana. Hell, I even admitted it to my mother-in- law the first day I went over for dinner.


She asked me, “Do you smoke marijuana?” and I said, “Yes”. She took a minute to process the truth bomb I dropped on her and she eventually concluded, “Okay.”


She has always been against marijuana, but suddenly…she knew someone who wasn’t a pothead and had a future. I could hear how her paradigm shifted.







What did you think?

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