Giving Out Free Cannabis
Giving Out Free Cannabis

Yes, People are Walking around Giving Out Free Weed Now

Florida man decides to give out free marijuana to strangers and gets busted!

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jan 10, 2020

Florida Man Spreading some Kushmas Spirit!

giving out free weed

Imagine walking down the street and a 67-year old man shows up, hands you a bud and says, “Merry Christmas!” Well – you don’t have to imagine anymore. The return of “Florida Man” brings us one more golden story before we close of 2019.

In St. Petersburg Florida, Richard Ellis Spurrier did just that – until he was busted by the fuzz. When asked by the police as to why he thought it was okay to hand out cannabis to strangers on the street – the man replied, “Because it’s Christmas!”

He was then arrested with 45 grams of reefer, a digital scale, a glass pipe and…wait for it…A SWORD HIDDEN IN HIS CANE! Sweet Jesus, you can’t make this shit up!

He was charged with the intent to sell but was released shortly after being processed. We don’t know whether he will be charged with intent to sell, however the addition of the digital scale does point to the attempt to sell weed.

However, did he actually sell any weed? Probably. But should this be something that should be considered a criminal offense – I think not!


Ganja Clause – You’re My Hero!

Firstly, I’d like to personally thank Mr. Richard Ellis Spurrier for being the type of dude who would think it’s a good idea to go about a public place and gift strangers weed. May his weed sacks be always filled to the brim!

Secondly, I’d like to nominate Spurrier as the “Stoniest Stoner of 2019” because I think this was one of the ballsiest moves done by an individual in Florida – especially when it comes to weed.

Thirdly, from hence forth Mr. Richard Ellis Spurrier will be referred to as Ganja Clause (At least within this article).


WTF Arrest Ganja Clause

I think we’re at a point in time where arresting and processing an individual for selling minor amounts of pot, or in the case of Ganja Clause “handing it out”, should be avoided. At the most, a warning or “don’t do that” would suffice”.

However, the arresting cops went ahead to arrest and process the man. This means that this hilarious incident was funded by the taxpayer. It’s your dollars that is paying those police officers, and the staff processing the paper work. Hell, it’s your tax dollars paying for the gas and the paper used throughout this entire ordeal.

Did it make society safer? Did we rid the world from the scourge of drugs? Did anything change? Nope!

In fact, I recently wrote about the infectivity of drug busts in the US and how it’s simply ego masturbation. Nonetheless, we see these types of headlines all the time and it only goes to show us one thing – The State could give two shits about what the American people actually want.

In minor cases like that of Ganja Clause – The cops should have merely confiscated the weed (at most) and sent the man home with a warning. In the best case scenario, they send Ganja Clause home with his bag of weed.

I’m not saying that we should live in a lawless society – however, we should not be so legalistic that there is no room for compassion. We should have the insight to be able to spot whether something is truly dangerous or not.

In the case of Ganja Clause, there was no child put at risk, nobody was being forced to do anything and nobody actually bought anything illegally. A man, simply handed weed to a bunch of strangers.

However, it shouldn’t surprise me that the cops went this far, especially because they even arrest folks for giving food to the homeless. But it does point to a larger problem that most people ignore throughout their waking life – How much freedom do we really have?

The Land of the Free?

Every day we are losing more freedoms in our modern society. It’s a fact that you are being spied on right now. It’s a fact that you do not have full autonomy over your mind and body. It’s a fact that if you decide to unplug from the grid, you can get arrested or fined by the state.

Ganja Clause’s actions this December showed us that Freedom in the United States is not absolute – it’s conditional. You’re not allowed to without permission from your authorities. They would much rather arrest a 67-year old for giving out weed, than do actual police work to stop the real criminals (who are often protected by those in power.)

Hear me out folks, Liberty is not a white picket fence – it’s being able to gift people weed on the streets because “It’s Christmas!” It’s about being able to give the homeless food without being arrested. It’s about being able to unplug from the grid if you so choose, it’s about starting up a business without having to ask permission from Uncle Sam.

I hope that Ganja Clause – with all his wisdom, at least helped people reflect on these ideas.








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