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Facebook Of Weed

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Posted by:
Oaktree on Tuesday Apr 5, 2016
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Hello From Cannabis.Net,




If you haven't seen the news today on Street Insider, PR WEB, or Global NewsWire, we have launched our beta version of the Cannabisseur Network, or the "Facebook Of Weed".  We are excited to launch with many of your favorite sites posting material as well as Cannabis Celebrities like Dr. Michele Ross and Catherine Hiller. 

We are a Lean Startup up so sign up now and give us your feedback as we adjust the network to what YOU want, and not what we THINK you want.  Invite your friends, the more feedback we get, the better the network will be built to your liking.  Current contests include winning free vaporizers, IPads, and Sonos Sound Systems for inviting friends and posting.

Are you a fan of the Stoned Girls?  They have a huge following online and all of the girls are live and posting on the network.  Send them a friend request or post and they can let you know what it is like being featured on one of the hottest sites in the cannabis niche. 

We are here to build a safe and fun place where all things cannabis can be discussed and talked about in a fun way.  We will never kick a dispensary or person associated with cannabis off the network like some other social networks out there.

Grab an account today, create a profile and leave us your thoughts as we add more and more features each day to the network.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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Dont' forget that our freinds at HERB.CO were so impressed they shot their own video for us and you can check it out below.






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