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How Cannabis Helps Smart People Get Ahead In Life

Stops Addiction, Gives Focus, Improves Attitude

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Dec 12, 2016

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I’m going to tell you the story of how Reginald Reefer got into the entire drug game. When I was thirteen, I smoked my first joint. I liked it from the get go.


Then, after about a year or two, I started experimenting with other drugs. Now I know some people will look at this and say, “SEE, cannabis is a Gateway drug!” However, I’d respond with…I drank alcohol before I smoked weed…so if anything is to blame for the progression of drug use…it’s definitely alcohol.


The fact of the matter, is that unlike the gateway theory suggests…I wasn’t looking for a “better high”, I was rather curious about the different affect drugs could have on me. If weed makes me feel like this, what would MDMA feel like? What about cocaine? What about LSD?


You see, for me it wasn’t about getting ‘higher’ because the ‘weed high’ wasn’t enough. It was more about the curiosity of exploring my options and understanding that ‘weed was nothing like the PSA claimed it would be”, so perhaps they were lying about the rest.


Making a long story a bit shorter, eventually I had done a buffet of drugs and was getting high every week. Sometimes I’d go on month long benders, making cocktails of drugs from Peyote to Coke, mixing it with acid and whatever else I could find.


This stint lasted for about five years. After my father died, I realized that my current use of drugs was not the ‘healthiest’ thing I could be doing.


I entered into a short religious phase where I cut out all my drug use except the sanctioned alcohol.


cannabis helps brain cells


When I realized Drugs were cognitive tools


It was after my religious stint that I re-introduced cannabis into my life. This time around, cannabis wasn’t a novelty action I used to ‘have fun’ but rather a tool for alternative cognition practices. I understood that drugs in general are just that…tools.


Eventually I re-introduced psychedelics into my life, yet with cannabis as my teacher, I now knew how to use it in moderation. No longer was I a weekend thrill seeker, but understood that if used correctly, I could vastly improve my cognitive functions.


You see, when you’re younger…you are in a constant state of self-realization. You explore options and do things in excess…testing your limitations.


However, with time you begin to learn what you can and cannot do. You learn the limitations of yourself and learn to regulate your consumption of other substances.


Everything can be “bad for you” when used in excess. Even weed can be ‘bad’ if you let it control you. However weed + age can equate to wisdom.


how to think freely with cannabis

Cannabis helped me realize that I could use substances to empower my thought processes. I use things like LSD when I need to break paradigms or explore options from a different perceptive stance. Cannabis is my constant. I don’t smoke all day, in fact, I smoke a lot less than I used too when I was 15.


I don’t need to smoke that much anymore. I like to play around with my state of mind to achieve different things.


Thus, cannabis actually did the opposite for my drug use. I hardly drink alcohol anymore, I do psychedelics maybe once or twice a year, I smoke way less than a gram of cannabis per day. (I dab)


Not only has alcohol curbed my drug use in general, it has given me the perspective to utilize drugs in the right way.


Cannabis helping with Addiction


Now, straying away from the personal perception of how cannabis helped me, let’s stroll down the paths of history for a minute.


During alcohol prohibition, cannabis ‘clubs” were erected to help people wean off alcohol addiction. Many people use cannabis to break stronger addictions and even today we can see how cannabis legalization has affected prescription pain killer overdoses.

subutex compared to cannabis

This indicates that cannabis is indeed an exit drug or at least can be. We have to understand that drug use has a lot to do with your personality as opposed to your physical response to any drug. The idea that cannabis leads to harder drugs have been disproved a long time ago, in fact, the opposite might be true.


I was a crazed youth, seeking drug filled adventures for many years, however with time and understanding I discovered that there was a better way. My teacher; Cannabis, has helped me come to the right conclusions over the years.


My question to you guys is the following; has cannabis chilled you out? How has cannabis taught you to be a more responsible drug user? I’d love to hear about it so leave your comments below.



how cannabis makes you think differently



cannabis and the brain


What did you think?

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