What does it feel like the first time your get high? Photo source: 9gag.com
What does it feel like the first time your get high? Photo source: 9gag.com

A Newbie’s Guide to Consuming Cannabis

How to maximize the experience and prepare for your first high

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HighChi on Tuesday Jan 26, 2016


The Newbie's Guide to Legal Cannabis from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


A Newbie’s Guide to Consuming Cannabis

With cannabis legalization ever inching closer to realization, there will be many people who will attempt to smoke marijuana for the first time in their lives. In order to maximize your experience and prepare you for the perceptive alterations you’ll experience, we have developed this guide for all you canna-newbies out there. 

I’m not feeling it…

Many people, the first time they try cannabis won’t feel the effects of “being high”. This doesn’t mean you’re immune to cannabis, but rather that you’re unaware of the euphoria you are experiencing. Some people however would experience the euphoria from the first time they smoke, especially due to the higher potency strains. 

Nonetheless, I would suggest that you take it easy, start with a mellow strain and then work your way up. You don’t want to jump right into a 20%+ THC count on the first go…start mellow and gradually increase potency. If you didn’t feel the effects of cannabis the first time you tried it…you most definitely will the second time around. 

Setting is important

For the experienced toker, lighting up anywhere is no problem. For the newbie, finding the right conditions for your ‘entry’ into the world of cannabis is key. You’ll want to find a place that will be safe from any ‘unwanted interruptions’ as that is a total buzz kill. 

I personally suggest that you also smoke with some more experienced tokers the first time around. They will be able to guide you through the entire experience and easing your mind if you get too high. Don’t worry however, getting ‘too high’ won’t kill you…nobody has ever died from consuming marijuana…you won’t be the first. 

Nonetheless, find a place that is quite, safe and away from other people that aren’t partaking. You’ll be able to enjoy the experience much more. 

How to smoke it?

When it comes to actually consuming the plant, you have many options at your disposal. Like South Park Mexican so eloquently put it, “A Bong, a Blunt or a Paper Square, it really don’t matter she’ll take you there”. 

Nowadays you can choose from smoking a joint, a pipe, a bong, a vaporizer or even waxing…depending on your preferences. Seeing that you’re “new” to this, you wouldn’t have any preferences. I believe most people start off smoking a joint or a blunt but any method would do. If you don’t like “smoke” then you could always vaporize. In fact, personally I find vaporizing a much more enjoyable high. Whichever method you have available will be fine on your first go. 

Take it slow on the Edible Train

This one is important for all you Newbies out there…take it slow on edibles. The difference between eating marijuana and smoking it is that it takes roughly 30-45 mins for the effects to hit you. In addition, the effect is much ‘heavier’ and longer lasting than smoking it. 

Therefore, the best bet when it comes to edibles is to start with perhaps a half a dose…waiting for roughly an hour and then deciding whether you’ll eat the other half. This especially rings true for people who made “home-made edibles” as you won’t know the exact THC content of each dose. 

Also, it’s important that you have some ‘other munchies’ available because you could end up eating all the Edibles and then the “fun stuff begins”. 

I once ate 17 brownies. That’s right, 17 monster brownies in on setting. At first, I was fine. Thirty minutes later, I was stoned (very nicely baked). By the second hour after eating it, I was couch locked. Couch lock is when you’re so high you don’t want to get off the couch…however, I managed to move over to my bed. 

As I laid there on my bed, the effects only became stronger. I could hardly keep my eyes open and was unable to drift into sleep. Never throughout the experience did I feel “fear” however, I was definitely unable to maintain a conversation for a long time. Eventually after about 12-14 hours after consumption, I dosed off and woke up feeling like Superman. It was probably one of the best “rests” I have ever had in my life; however, I don’t recommend this to anyone on their first go. Hell, I wouldn’t repeat that experience again even now, after twenty years of smoking the sweet leaf. 

Get some Munchies

One of the most common side effects of smoking marijuana is “the munchies”. You’ll have a deep desire to stuff your mouth with any food laying around. The best bet is to get your munchies prepared before your first toke session. 

Get something to drink, get something to eat and have it on hand. One thing you’ll understand when it comes to the munchies is that Food will taste amazing! It will be as if your taste buds are having an orgasm. Yummy! 

Nowadays I prepare my munchies beforehand. I prefer to eat healthier things so I have fruits and other healthy snacks on hand, so I don’t snarf down ‘junk food’; however, that is entirely up to you. 

PRO TIP: Eat some Mangoes roughly 30-40 minutes before smoking to increase the effects of THC. 

Oh, Crap! I’m too high! 

Okay, let’s say that you are feeling the effects too much for you to handle. The first thing you should do is ‘NOT PANIC!” As mentioned, you can’t die…so really you’re just “tripping out” and if this occurs simply find a quiet place to lie down, eat some food and chill. The effects will pass eventually. You can put on some music, splash your face with some water and accept that you are “high” and you’ll just have to ride it out. 


While the world of cannabis is quite vast, this newbie guide should provide you with the essentials to enjoy marijuana for the first time. So if you’re ready to enter the world of cannabis…enjoy the journey! 












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