cannabis etiquette
cannabis etiquette

Higher Etiquette: Learning Cannabis Etiquette From Emily Post’s Granddaughter

Do you know your cannabis manners?

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Mar 19, 2019

Higher Etiquette: Learning Cannabis Etiquette From Emily Post’s Granddaughter

cannabis manners and ediquette

No one knows about etiquette and manners better than Emily Post. She wrote the book on it, literally.


For many years, Emily Post was a leading authority on all things socially acceptable. After having written books on the topic, she became a household name for etiquette.


Now, her granddaughter Lizzie wants to do the same – but this time for cannabis.


Lizzie Post has written a book entitled, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties. This is a sign that we’re no longer living in prohibition, even though cannabis is still illegal. More people are consuming cannabis than ever, but there’s certainly much more to it than smoking a blunt – hence, the book.


Exploring cannabis culture can be overwhelming to many newbies, particularly those who have adopted it as part of their lifestyle. Higher Etiquette is the perfect introduction to navigating cannabis culture, as it covers many angles and social issues around pot. These include how to bring cannabis to dinner parties, giving cannabis as gifts, how to consume respectfully if you are a guest, how to behave at a dispensary and much more. Of course, she also discusses cannabis faux pas.


Lizzie also goes into detail on understanding how cannabis works. She explains what dabbing is all about and how to do it, how eating edibles is different from smoking, and how the various strains work.


Lizzie isn’t shy about her love of toking, and The Emily Post Institute has already been discussing the right way hosts should manage a situation when they have a guest who wants to partake – as far back as 1982.


In the book, “The Complete Book of Entertaining from The Emily Post Institute,” under the Party Preparations chapter, they write:


“Another problem that many hostesses face today is that of the guests who want to smoke marijuana. If the hostess approves of the practice and is untroubled by the fact that it is illegal, of course she has no problem. But if she does not approve and is concerned about people breaking the law in her home, she should say so firmly. The moment she sees the first joint being lighted or passed around she should tell her guests that she’s sorry if she’s being a spoilsport, but she doesn’t want people smoking in her home where she would be held responsible if the illegal use of marijuana were detected. Then rather than letting the group continue to sit and chat, she should get some lively games or activities under way to distract them.”


Several years ago, Lizzie already saw that cannabis was going to be ingrained in our culture in the same way that wine is. “Like anything else, don’t assume everybody does it,” Lizzie said. “Wine as a hostess gift is just so ingrained in our culture, and the same thing could one day happen with pot. At its core, etiquette is a behavior that affects two people, and smoking pot is obviously something that affects people.”


Lizzie currently helps operate the Emily Post Institute, and she also has a cannabis etiquette column for Broccoli magazine, which specializes in cannabis content for women. But her famous grandmother has already been mentioning cannabis in her early books long before it was legalized anywhere in the United States.


“Wee etiquette, cannabis etiquette really, is truly a thing,” Lizzie said. “As long as people have been sharing cannabis together, there has been etiquette about how to do it.”


Certainly as cannabis becomes more widespread and popular, it will be helpful for the public to have a better understanding of the rules, etiquette, and manners associated with cannabis culture. Contrary to what many people think, there is a right and wrong way to conduct yourself socially when using cannabis.


Cannabis etiquette has been largely unwritten about until Lizzie’s book came along, and it only makes perfect sense to keep these tips in mind. Knowing exactly how to puff, puff, pass; share cannabis, give it as a gift, and offer it as a host without acting like a pusher can make all the difference. Not just to your guests and social circle, but as a way to help fight the stigma of using cannabis.








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