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What Is A Desktop Vaporizer?

What is a Volcano Vape - A Brief History of This Industry-Leading Vaporizer

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What is a Volcano Vape - A Brief History of This Industry-Leading Vaporizer

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Stress is the mother of innovation- the proverbial situation became Storz’s and Bickel’s reality in the early 1990s. Out of their frustration with the models of vaping devices in the market then, they would consider coming up with something that could give them healthier and better standards of enjoying marijuana. The idea behind Volcano vaporizer was born.


The journey began in 1996 when Marcus Storz couldn’t find any herbal vaporizer that matched his desired standards. His desire was to come up with a vaping design that gives high quality, healthy and consistent results. The maiden model of the Volcano used a Steinel heat gun, which Storz pulled from his storage. The model wasn’t good enough since its results had particle remains of carbon brushes. This became the foundation for designing the air pump used in the modern Volcano vape.


During the time, there were bulb or whip vaporizers which were gaining popularity for their ability to disperse heated vapor evenly. The steady flow and even dispersion of air enable efficient utilization of heated herbs. With this in mind, Storz went ahead to use forced air for his device to serve a similar purpose.  In 1998, Volcano patented its detachable balloon chamber, a valuable addition to the company’s arsenal.


The main purpose of the balloon is to separate inhalation from the vaporization process. This keeps the patient away from the heat generated during vaporization since they do not need to vape directly from the device. Another importance of the balloon was to enable another party (like a caregiver) to prepare the vapor dose for a patient and deliver it. The balloon can store vapor for up to 8 hours.


The Merger


Jürgen Bickel, a German civil engineer practicing in Peru had been a good friend of Storz for long. He was lucky to obtain the first version of the vaping device from Storz. Bickel’s preference for vaporization to smoking indigenous hash cigarettes made the Volcano a suitable companion for at least 5 years. In 2002, Bickel and Storz became partners in business under the name Storz & Bickel. Bickel’s specialization in portable water supply and treatment would prove complementary for Storz’s work, whose main training was in graphic design.


Storz and Bickel had a keen admiration of high-quality standards. This would incline their innovations to the medical market. Fortunately, the market affirmed their innovation’s relevance to medical cannabis, a move that would strengthen the company’s quest for higher standards. Their efforts would pay off later a year later when Storz & Bickel was awarded the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize for their exceptional technical invention.


As cannabis was growing in popularity everywhere in the world, Storz & Bickel continued to innovate ways to make the experience of vaping convenient. The American market got their first experience with the Volcano in 2003 when Storz & Bickel released its first 110v device. This step opened overseas markets for the company with the first subsidiary being established in Oakland CA in 2005.


In 2007, a model of the Volcano with efficient temperature control, the Volcano Digit was released. With this model, one could adjust precise temperatures that were required to turn specific cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor. This innovation stretched the vaporizer’s relevance to the concentrate and culinary fields as well.


Volcano Vape Today


There has been a series of innovations and improvements of this device. However, Storz & Bickel have maintained their fundamental approach. Quality and health implications are key in every design of their vaping solutions. When buying the Volcano vape, you will come across two options: Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital, their key difference is the temperature control function.


The Volcano vape is still handcrafted by skilled employees using first class materials to guarantee efficiency, safety, and durability. The stainless steel casing is durable but also elegant. The balloon, valves and other accessories used in Volcano vapes are food-safe and heat-resistant.  Its high-quality design has worn it a certification by ISO, UL, and NRTL. The Volcano has also attained the prestigious first medical use vaporizer status.


Volcano vape coins its name from its pretty cone shape, which was chosen to make the unit stable on the table especially when preparing your dose. The tip is also very convenient when you want to attach a tube, balloon or any other component to the desktop unit. The quality of vapor generated by Volcano is matchless. So long as you choose your ingredients and set temperatures properly, you are sure to obtain rich, dense, and consistent vapor from your Volcano vape.



A look at the highlights of Volcano vape mentioned above tells a lot about its position in the desktop vaporizer industry. No other desktop vaporizer has caught up with Volcano’s consistency in quality, health, and durability this far. Storz & Bickel’s dedication to technological innovations and their application to medical marijuana make Volcano vapes, among other products by the company, indisputable leaders in vaporization.








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