cannabis no cough strains
cannabis no cough strains

The 10 Smoothest Cannabis Strains That Don't Make You Cough

Tired of hacking up a lung after taking a hit, try these easy to swallow marijuana strains!

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DanaSmith on Sunday Mar 19, 2023


no cough cannabis strains

For most people, coughing is simply part of the experience that comes with smoking weed.


Inhaling cannabis smoke is what gets the cannabinoids into your airways, then travels to the brain from there to give you the high. This very process results in a cough reflex, which is normal when the body inhales any type of smoke. Coughing is especially common when doing heavy hitters such as when you use a bong or inhale a huge puff.


However, some cannabis strains are more prone to making you cough than others. They are just harsher than others, likely because the growing conditions necessary for some of them. Some pot smokers don’t mind the coughing at all, and many even feel like coughing makes the high more intense, particularly when you’re holding it in for longer than usual.


Then there are those who simply don’t like the coughing fits associated with smoking pot. Aside from holding the smoke in, you can also choose strains that are known to be gentler on the throat.


Below is a list of popular cannabis strains that are delicious, smooth, and have excellent medicinal benefits:


  • Tangie is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is well-known for a smooth, tasty toke that tastes like oranges. This famous strain was developed by DNA Genetics when they crossed Skunk #1 and California Orange, two equally juicy cannabis strains.


If you enjoy citrusy marijuana strains, you can’t go wrong with Tangie. This contains around 20% THC, and will give you a euphoric and relaxing high. Tangie is a good choice for an afternoon smoke session but it’s also recommended after work because of its potent stress-fighting properties. In addition, Tangie can help those who are struggling with depression and anxiety.


Tangie has won numerous awards in the past, especially at the legendary Cannabis Cup. It’s hard to deny that the uplifting properties of Tangie are truly one of a kind, especially when combined with its yummy citrusy taste!


  • Big Smooth is a hard-to-find strain, but if you do locate some, don’t pass up the opportunity to smoke it. This rare and special strain is a fantastic and tasty way to relax. Possessing indica-dominant genetics from its parents, Blueberry OG and Cookies and Cream. Consumers love the big flavor and smooth toke this offers, with many finding that its taste actually resembles that of blueberry pancakes with hints of vanilla and pine.


This strain does have around 30% sativa genetics, and the average THC content hovers at around 25%. Big Smooth is a strain you’re going to want to use during the evenings because it has the power to completely relax both body and mind. Or better yet, kick your shoes off after a long day at work and have a few puffs of the Big Smooth and get ready for a good night’s rest.


Choose the Big Smooth for a nighttime smoke to kick insomnia right out of the curb.


  • Thin Mint Cookies is a potent hybrid with a famous ancestor: Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a direct descendant of OG Kush and Durban Poison, so you can be sure of its excellent lineage. Loved for its refreshing mint flavors, this is a powerful indica and sativa hybrid that is not for the faint of heart: it’s a very strong smoke that results in a full-body high, so this is something you should be toking when you have hours to spare.


If you enjoy minty flavors, you’ll love Thin Mint Cookies. More importantly, it has been shown to be helpful in treating insomnia, inflammation, nausea, appetite loss, and pain. It’s hard to deny the uplifting and euphoric properties of this strain, though avoid smoking too much if you are prone to anxiety and paranoia.


In addition, Thin Mint Cookies is recommended for anyone who is looking for a balanced sativa/indica effect. It truly provides you with the very best of both worlds for a remarkable experience.



  • Green Ribbon is another balanced hybrid, in fact one of the most balanced out there. With a ratio of nearly 50-50 sativa and indica, this tasty marijuana strain from San Jose boasts of terrific genetics from its ancestors White Rhino, Afghanica, Trainwreck, and Green Crack.


Consumers who like energizing and cerebral highs will love the effects of Green Ribbon. It has a mild fruity flavor and earthy taste with hints of pine and forest, leaving you feeling social and uplifted if you smoke just the right amount. Green Ribbon can help reduce stress and anxiety, but too much tends to make people paranoid.


Fortunately, Green Ribbon is fairly easy to find especially around Arizona and the West Coast. This provides a quick and easy fix for anyone looking for an uplifting and happy high.



  • Jack Frost is yet another balanced hybrid on this list, and one of the more well-known ones. This is the result of breeding Northern Lights #5, White Widow, and Jack Herer. It’s a tasty smoke thanks to the combination of skunk, citrus, and earth. It has high THC levels averaging around 23%, though an hour or two after the high tends to lull you into a sleepy, tranquil state.


Jack Frost is best consumed in the evenings, especially if you need a little help getting some shut eye. Many individuals who need a little help with stress rely on Jack Frost to relax and unwind. It’s extremely soothing for body, mind, and even your throat.




Carefully choosing what you smoke as well as being mindful of how you toke can help reduce the likelihood of coughing. While it’s part of the experience for many, you can also choose to take smaller puffs instead of larger big ones to reduce coughing.







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