fast growing marijuana strains
fast growing marijuana strains

I Need Weed Today! 5 Fast Growing Autoflower Strains for Impatient Cannabis Growers

What cannabis strains can you grow in the shortest amount of time?

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 11, 2020

5 Fast Growing Autoflower Strains for Impatient Cannabis Growers

fast growing weed strains

For any cannabis grower, harvesting your yield is the most important aspect of cultivation as you can’t wait to see the results of your careful and diligent grow operation and hold the buds in your hands or light it up for that smoke. After all, this is the whole point of any cultivation. For cannabis growers growing for personal consumption or on a small scale, waiting for harvest can be a long and nerve-wracking ordeal which not everyone might be able to bear, especially during this pandemic. So what can impatient growers who want to shorten their cultivation period do? Get auto-flowering seeds!

The importance of getting the right seeds from the right strains cannot be stressed enough as they determine the genetics of your plant and ensure a successful grow operation. Autoflowering seeds are the seeds that transition directly from the vegetative to the flowering phase of growth based on time, not lighting. What this means is that they are not light-dependent before flowering but do so when they reach a certain age. This characteristic usually allows them to shorten some of the cultivation processes while also being easy to grow and producing good yields, making it easier on the grower. 

Though it takes some research and trial and error before getting the right auto-flowering cannabis strain that works for you, we have decided to make this easy by listing some of the fastest-growing auto-flowering strains to reduce the waiting period before harvest as much as possible.

The 5 Fastest-Growing Autoflower Strains

Red Dwarf

This auto-flowering strain is quite easy to cultivate as it comes from the cannabis ruderalis line. It is quite rare and does not have a high THC content which is why it only offers you some euphoric yet sleepy effects that can keep you in a relaxed and sedated way which will make it difficult to do much. It can be grown in small spaces as it has small squat plants and takes just 6 weeks to reach full growth. Its smell can be quite strong which might not be great for discretion when growing or smoking while its coffee flavor and taste might keep you distracted.

LSD-25 Auto

This strain is easy to grow with a minimal need for fuss while growing. It takes about 8 weeks from seed to harvest with a maximum height of 70-120 cm and does not need too much effort as it's a rugged plant that can fit in many environments and conditions which means that it's a strain novice growers can handle without stress. It produces some psychedelic effects on the body but only after you have experienced a strong full-body high. Although its aroma and smell of diesel and smoked wood are not pleasant, that can be amended with a little bit of curing.

Purple Cheese

This hybrid cannabis strain which is a cross of Blue Cheese, Lowryder, and Purple No. 1 has a balanced content as it contains about 16% of THC and 4% of CBD. It is quite easy to grow and does not take too much space making it a great indoor plant and it can also produce about two harvests per year outdoors. Having a high CBD content makes it useful for some therapeutic purposes such as the treatment of body pain, anxiety, and depression. It also has a cheesy yet nice fruity flavor and aroma which makes it quite popular although its effects take some time to appear.


This is a popular high yield hybrid cannabis strain that is derived from a cross of Ruderalis and Ginger Ale. Named after the Lord of the Rings novels, it is a well-balanced strain that has a THC content of about 15% to give you a well relaxed, happy but a little bit sleepy feeling that might be good for a day of doing nothing but hanging out with friends. It has a nice strawberry and sugary taste that might make you takes more than you intended. It produces as much as one-ounce yield per seed and can be grown both indoor and outdoor as its resistant to pests and diseases which makes it ideal for a new grower.

Lowryder 2

This is a hybrid cannabis strain descendant from the Lowryder that is small in stature as it only reaches about 16 inches in height but is quite well known for being one of the fastest-growing autoflower strains. Its small stature makes it easy to grow indoors especially if you don't have much space. It is a rugged plant that can survive almost everywhere and can be grown with very little monitoring. It takes an average of 50-60 days to be fully grown and ready for harvest and has a lovely aroma with a THC content that ranges from 12-20%. It is quite popular for use by novices and creatives as it allows one to have a clear mind while feeling relaxed and inspired.








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