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CBD flower farmer

The 5 Best CBD Flower to Try in 2022

What are the best CBD flower to smoke this year, we asked the judges!

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Lemon Knowles on Friday Sep 9, 2022

If you are a true cannabis aficionado, you are probably always on the lookout for new products that will enhance your high, and there are plenty of options these days. Medical marijuana and recreational dispensaries are exploding with new cannabis innovations like sticky live resin dabs, mind-bending shatter, edibles of every kind, and even transdermal patches.


One product you may have overlooked, however, is CBD flower. Many cannabis-lovers pass up this tasty addition to their repertoire simply because of the fact that it has little to no THC.


However, a good CBD flower has plenty to offer even the most hardcore potheads. Low-THC hemp that has been properly grown and cured to preserve or enhance its natural terpenes can help you relax your way through your day without feeling foggy. It can be combined with marijunana to help you get the most out of your buzz, and it is versatile enough to use for a wide variety of feel-good effects.


Keep reading to learn the top 5 CBD flower brands to try, what to look for to know you are getting the best and tastiest nugs available, and the benefits of focusing on terpenes rather than THC alone.

1.Bonata - Best CBD Flower of 2022

bonata cbd flower

It just takes one whiff of the buds that come from Bonata to know you’re onto something special. These potent little CBD flower nugs are pungent in all the good ways, and they are covered in sugary trichome deliciousness.


Bonata focuses on just smokable CBD products, so they’ve gotten their strategy down to a science. They start with hemp grown by small cultivators in indoor facilities for maximum environmental control, and they finish by taking the time to properly cure before packaging or processing.


The result is a CBD flower that is packed with the terpenes that will help you feel your best (or get your best buzz) while delivering a dose of all-natural wellness to boot. And you never have to worry about mixing seeds up in your grinder, because these nugs are all seed-free.


If you are looking for a pick-me-up to start your day off right, try their sativa-dominant Sugar Queen 2.0 hemp flower strain. Or, if you are looking for something to mellow you out after a long hard workweek, their popular indica hemp flower, Dream Berries, is packed with relaxing myrcene—known for inducing couch lock.


No matter how high your cannabis aspirations are, you’re sure to find something you love from Bonata!

2.CBD American Shaman

cbd american shamen

This brand has been around for a while, and it makes every form of CBD you can imagine, from oils and topicals, to teas and lotions, and even somd CBD products for Fido. But the thing to love about CBD American Shaman is its prerolls.


You don’t have to grind, roll, or pack when you want a hit of green. Just light up these CBD joints and you’re on your way to feeling great. If you’re looking for something different, they also sell CBD kief.


Unfortunately, none of CBD American Shaman’s CBD flower descriptions offer any information on strain or effects. So it’s hard to tell what to expect when you try their nugs. However, the company pledges to use only the most reputable growing, harvesting, and processing practices, so you’re certain to get a safe, quality product when you buy CBD flower from CBD American Shaman.


If you love the taste of hemp mixed with other flavors, the flavor sampler is a great way to go, with cherry, grape, menthol, and original. And you can even buy prerolls by the carton from this brand.

3.Absolute Nature CBD

absolute cbd

Absolute Nature CBD starts its quality process by carefully vetting every grower it works with. The brand works to foster great relationships with its cultivators and with its customers. And you never have to worry about getting a contaminated or subpar product, because Absolute Nature CBD tests its products the whole way through the process.


Once the organically-grown hemp is harvested, it goes through one final test with third-party labs to ensure it is free of anything that might harsh your vibe like pesticides, heavy metals, molds, and mycotoxins.


You’ll always know what to expect when you buy CBD flower from this brand, because it’s in the description. The strain or hybrid strain mix, dominant terpenes, total CBD concentration, effects, and even aroma are all spelled out for you for each strain on the website.


If that’s not enough, their buds come in a glass jar that’s perfect for storage and recycling.

4.Cheef Botanicals

cheef cbd

If you are looking to add sheer variety to your stash box, then Cheef Botanicals is worth a look. This brand was founded by cannabis enthusiasts who are on a mission to educate the world about the healing benefits of our favorite plant.


The website is a great resource for learning more about CBD and good dosing guidelines, and browsing through the selection of CBD flower is almost as good as having the real thing in front of you with the enormous selection of strains.


Each strain includes a detailed description of the plant’s genetics, as well as a terpene profile and description of the effects you can expect. Though, some of the strains have the same names as some popular marijuana strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. So, as you shop, try not to be too disappointed to learn that these do not have any tangible amounts of THC in them.


While Weed.com is not one specific brand, it’s worth a mention for its variety and for its mission. This site that focuses on partnering with the best cannabis product suppliers in the market was founded by a former physician after he saw the benefits cannabis provided to his HIV patients.


The company is run by a group of advocates who are passionate about destigmatizing cannabis and working with communities to provide safe, legal access to the healing properties of the astounding plant medicine.


Check out Weed.com for a wide array of CBD flower, Delta-8 flower, CBG flower, prerolls and more.


How to Know Which CBD Flower to Buy

Buying marijuana legally at dispensaries is a simple process. It’s so heavily regulated that you can pretty much guarantee that you are always getting a high-quality, safe product. Buying CBD flower can be a little more complicated because it is in a legal gray area.


Hemp used for CBD is not as regulated by Federal or state authorities, so you have to do a little investigative work to ensure you are getting something you can count on. But choosing the best CBD flower to buy online is simple as long as you keep a few general standards in mind.

1.Look for Third-Party Lab Results to Ensure Purity and Potency

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning that it can clean the surrounding soil by soaking up heavy metals and other toxins. While this is great for the environment, it’s not so good for anyone consuming hemp that was grown on contaminated land.


In order to ensure that you are getting only the purest CBD flower, you need to stray away from products that do not include third-party lab results. Testing by a third-party lab is important because these labs have no vested interest in the results, so they are completely objective.


The results should indicate that there are no heavy metals like lead or cadmium, or pesticides like glyphosate. Even if these are not present or used in the cultivation process, they can be absorbed through agricultural runoff if plants are not protected.


Third-party labs also test for molds, bacteria, and mycotoxins. These organic contaminants can develop during cultivation or after harvest, and should be screened in the final phase of curing before being sent off to consumers.

2.The Best Hemp is Grown Indoors

Many cannabis connoisseurs will argue that the best pot is grown outside in the natural sunshine and fresh air, with rainwater for sustenance. However, there is little to no environmental control in outdoor cultivation.


Unpredictable growing seasons can cause plants to harbor mold or dry up with poor terpene development, and a recent report from Stockholm University indicated that it is not safe to drink rainwater anywhere in the world because it is contaminated with PFAS.


Hemp that is grown indoors is protected from agricultural runoff and contaminated rainwater. It is possible to completely control the environment to encourage the most potent possible growth for any strain, and cultivators can ensure conditions that discourage mold, fungus, and bacteria growth.

3.Properly Cured Hemp Makes All the Difference

Have you ever had a batch of weed that just tastes grassy? You know the stuff: nugs that burn your throat with every hit and maybe even give you a headache more than a good clean buzz. In these cases, the problem is often that the plant was not properly cured before being packed up and shipped off to the consumer.


It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to properly cure cannabis. During this time, the harsh weedy flavor mellows into that tasty sweet skunk you love. The terpenes have time to settle into their most potent form, delivering the results you expect from a good-quality strain.


Some CBD flower brands shorten curing time or skip this step entirely for the sake of getting its product out faster. If a CBD flower brand takes the time to cure its hemp the right way, it will proudly display this on its website, just as prominently as those third-party lab results you’re looking for.

4.Reputation is Important

No one likes to be part of a popularity contest, but reputation for CBD brands is important. It’s not hard to find out if the CBD brand you are looking at is reputable or not with all the information online these days. The weed community is tight, and consumers are quick to call out companies that are putting out subpar products.


Keep an eye out for brands that have good reviews and get noticed by major publications. These brands have been vetted by the public, and unscrupulous operations rarely go unnoticed.

What Are Terpenes and Why Are They Important in CBD Flower?

Besides major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes are the compounds that produce the effects of your buds. They are present in most plants and even some animals, and they give plants the majority of their look, aroma, flavor, and texture.


Lavender is relaxing because of the presence of the terpene, linalool, and lemons are uplifting because of limonene. These terpenes and many others are present in cannabis in various concentrations and combinations, and they are the majority of what makes the difference between strains.


Here are some of the more common terpenes in CBD flower, and what you can expect from their effects:


Myrcene is famous for its “couch lock” effects. When you’ve got a CBD flower strain that is heavy on the myrcene, like Bonata’s Sugar Queen 2.0, you’re going to want to clear your calendar for the next few hours. Sit back, relax, and prepare for some Netflix and chill or whatever it is you do when you are looking to get that deep deep sense of calm.


Caryophyllene is another terpene that is prominent in indica strains of CBD flower. It’s also what gives black pepper its spiciness. Caryophyllene is being studied for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, and it may also help to inhibit tumor growth according to some early research.


Ahh Pinene. That wonderful smell when you bring a fresh Christmas tree into the house or walk through a pine forest is the result of pinene permeating the air. Pinene is known for its uplifting and clarifying qualities, and it has neuroprotective effects as well.


Humulene is another terpene known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is being looked at to aid in the reduction of the size of tumors, as well as in healing wounds. Humulene is also found in hops and ginger.


Limonene (see above for link) is popular in lots of lotions and soaps because of its uplifting qualities. It is an energizing terpene that is also found in lemons and other citrus fruits.


Lunalool’s (see above for link) relaxing effects are renowned for helping babies get to sleep with a sweet lavender bath or lotion rub down before bed. Linalool is found in most indica strains of CBD flower, but it is also the dominant terpene in lavender, cinnamon, and some mints.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great addition to your stash box, give CBD flower a try. This overlooked cannabis product is packed with terpenes that will enhance your high and help you feel your best even when not using THC-heavy products.


You never know. CBD flower may be your go-to when you are looking for a way to relax and feel calm on your busiest and most hectic days!







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