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cannabis for carpal tunnel sydnrome

Top Cannabis Strains for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Medical Marijuana For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Posted by DanaSmith on Friday May 19, 2017
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Top Cannabis Strains for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



For working professionals whose jobs require them to engage in repetitive hand movements, such as those who do a lot of computer work, sewing, driving, working in assembly lines, or even in sports such as tennis and handball, there is a risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.



Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the nerves in the hands, causing neuropathic pain, tingling, numbness, and even weakness. In some cases it can be so severe that it’s virtually impossible for a person to do their job properly due to excruciating pain. It can be difficult to pinpoint when carpal tunnel will occur since by the time it’s usually diagnosed, it can already be irreversible despite modern treatments.



However, cannabis can help patients manage the pain and help them restore their quality of life.



If you have carpal tunnel syndrome and are looking to treat it with cannabis, these are the top strains you can use:




  • Afghan Kush is a unique landrace strain hailing from Afghanistan as well as the Hindu Kush region. This is one of the purest indicas you can find out there, given that since it’s a landrace strain hasn’t been exposed to hybridization of modern day cultivators. Afghan Kush has a naturally high THC content, which many patients love for its ability to help relax them while knocking out pain. Given that this is potent indica, Afghan Kush is recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome patients who need to medicate at night and have problems sleeping due to excessive pain on their wrists. Afghan Kush is also effective in treating depression, stress, and lack of appetite.




  • Cannatonic is well-known for soaring CBD content, and many patients prefer to medicate with this strain because of low THC levels. This is the ideal hybrid strain used by many medical cannabis patients around the world to help manage pain as well as inflammation, depression, muscle spasms, and stress. Cannatonic delivers a quick but short-lived effect, so while it’s extremely efficient at targeting pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, you may have to medicate several times throughout the day if you suffer from chronic pain.




  • White Widow is a potent and well-balanced hybrid that delivers the best of both sativa and indica strains. Patients appreciate White Widow’s ability to give a euphoric and uplifting buzz, while still being very useful in treating pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. White Widow is widely used by patients who suffer from pain caused by a variety of conditions, because aside from the cannabinoids it’s also rich in linalool, a terpene that is rich in anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. This is a highly recommended strain for daytime medication since it has the ability to relax you while still keeping you in a state of mental clarity. White Widow is also used to treat insomnia, stress, lack of appetite, and depression.



  • Jack Herer is a world-famous sativa-dominant hybrid that has gotten just as famous as its creator, the namesake who authored The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Patients love the ability of Jack Herer in easing pain and discomfort caused by carpal tunnel syndrome while offering a cerebral high that sativas are known for. Jack Herer has been around sicne the mid-1990’s, and even then was already recognized by Dutch pharmacies for its powerful medicinal properties. Jack Herer is also used for the treatment of fatigue, depression, stress, and lack of appetite.


pineapple express cannabis

  • Pineapple Express is more than just a popular stoner movie. This hybrid has excellent pain-relieving properties that delivers a long-lasting energetic high that is ideal for medicating during afternoons. If you enjoy creative pursuits or are an artist that has to work by hand, Pineapple Express can help inspire you while providing relief from carpal tunnel syndrome pain. Patients love that this strain has a long-lasting buzz; just a few tokes can ease pain for several hours. Another great aspect of Pineapple Express is that it delivers a fun, euphoric high, so if your pain gets you down this is the strain for you. Pineapple Express is also used to treat headaches, stress, depression, and lack of appetite.



What are your favorite strains to help combat carpal tunnel syndrome?








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