Cannabis on Twitch Streaming
Cannabis on Twitch Streaming

Streaming Cannabis on Twitch? What You Can and Can't Do with Weed on the Twitch Streaming Platform

Are you a cannabis content creator using cannabis on Twitch?

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 30, 2022

cannabis on Twitch streaming

We are presently in a streaming era, be it games, movies, selling products, comedy, and anything in between. Twitch, one of the very popular video game streaming platforms, rolled out live content and since then has begun to make huge changes. Just recently, the platform affected some changes, allowing cannabis-inspired usernames and also enabling users to smoke weed during live streams.


Cannabis-inspired Usernames

Even though Twitch announced that it would be cracking down on some insipid usernames, users whose handles reference cannabis have nothing to worry about. Upon announcing the policy update, Twitch affirmed that it wants the platform to be a place where all users feel safe and at home. The platform affirmed that it does not want users to face any hateful or harassing content.


The update explained that users can feel right at home with usernames referencing cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol but not so-called hard drugs. The new policy seems to be in line with Amazon's current stance which had taken such a position early this year. Twitch further clarified that the policy update effectively bans usernames that suggest the threat of violence, hate speech, references to genitalia, sexual acts, fluids, and arousal.


Checking Twitch's username policy page, further details were highlighted about the policy update on what's not allowed and allied as regards drug-related references. The policy states thus;


  • References to drug abuse, recreational drugs, and hard drugs (exceptions include tobacco, cannabis, and alcohol)


  • Referencing psychoactive substances or recreational drugs like peyote.


  • Referencing hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine


  • Promoting the abuse of harmful or prescription drugs, as well as  practices like inhalant abuse


As it stands, it is not clear why drug references would promote a harassment culture on the video game streaming platform. However, advocates are motivated to see Twitch create an exception for tobacco, cannabis, and alcohol deeming that marijuana stays legal at the federal level.


It also remains unclear why psychedelic cacti peyote was specifically cited as an example of psychoactive substances that can't be used as a username. To clarify the whole situation, Marijuana Moment got in contact with Twitch for a statement but a representative did not show up.


It is important to note that Amazon is the parent company of Twitch and the company has been making the news for internally embracing progressive cannabis policies. So far, Amazon has adopted a progressive policy around cannabis drug testing and has publicly supported congressional bills to put an end to prohibition.


Furthermore, logistically looking at the situation, banning cannabis-inspired usernames would be more trouble than it is worth. For instance, individuals who are quite familiar with gaming online recognize that "420" is a symbol for the username lexicon. Trying to explain the policy update, Twitch commented on a blog post that usernames do matter.


Twitch in the blog post explained that usernames are textual avatars in chat and a vital part of branding for users. They are searchable and have wide visibility on the platform. Considering their use across the video game streaming platform, Twitch believes usernames must be held to a higher and universal standard compared to other places people communicate.


Twitch went on to add that they've deleted a lot of reported offensive usernames since the latest policy update. The company believes that building a higher standard is required to develop an inclusive, and diverse global community on the video game streaming platform.


Smoking On The Job

If you're a Twitch streamer who promotes cannabis relatecontentts and marijuana products, the good news from Twitch is you can now smoke on the job!


However, you must ensure you're in line ain't the platform's service terms so you don't risk suspension. Smoking on the job solely depends on the location you are streaming from. So, if you reside in cannabis legalized states such as Colorado or California, then you're good to go.


Please note that, smoking while line streaming is only allowed in States where both medical and recreational cannabis is legalized and not just medical cannabis use. There's also the need to understand that some of your viewers may be outside your state or region and could report you for glorifying illicit drug use.



Twitch's Rules

In explicit terms, Twitch's community guidelines declare that active or content offering, encouraging, soliciting, or featuring illicit activities is illegal. But things are kind of a little tricky.


As it stands federal laws in America consider cannabis plants illegal but some states have legalized the plant, opposing federal law. However, as far as you're consuming marijuana in a cannabis legalized state with cannabis legalized for recreational use, you will be in the clear.


While reports explain that smoking weed during live streams on Twitch isn't against the platform's policy, the company does not agree with or promote it. This is particularly true for viewers below the age of 21 years.


Below is a list of precautions you can take to responsibly and safely smoke weed on Twitch live streams;


  • Restrict your viewers to 18+


  • Make sure your country or state had legalized cannabis for recreational use (not just medical use)


  • Don't do it


While the third precaution might sound off, you shouldn't smoke cannabis on camera especially if you've been previously flagged. You can simply take a drag outside the view of the camera if you have to just to ensure you're in the clear. Besides, it is not necessarily best to use cannabis if you're targeting all age groups.



Since Twitch isn't fond of marijuana use since it is still illegal at the federal level in the United States, one should consume it in private. At least for the time being. If you reside in a cannabis legalized region or state where it's legal to recreationally use cannabis, and you are only attending to adult audiences, then you should be all clear. Twitch's progressive policy update is indeed a pointer that full cannabis legalization across the United States is a matter of time. Hopefully, that will happen sooner than later.





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