Davinci vaporizer miqro
Davinci vaporizer miqro

DaVinci MIQRO – Your Guide to the new Davinci Vaporizer

The new DaVinci is small and packs a punch

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BehindTheWaves on Wednesday Sep 26, 2018

DaVinci MIQRO – Your Guide to the new Davinci Vaporizer

It’s arrived – DaVinci's new portable vape, the DaVinci MIQRO is making waves in the crowded marketplace with its launch. How can it be described? Everything you love about the DaVinci IQ all rolled into a smaller, neater package. And this is what you need to know.


Introducing the DaVinci MIQRO

The new DaVinci MIQRO certainly, lives up to its name, with its compact features – 8 cm tall by just over 3 cm wide, it has a depth of 2cm – it is perfect for hiding in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at just over 100g, it is lighter than the DaVinci IQ and certainly no backbreaker for carrying around.

All this compactness comes with a smaller price tag too. The DaVinci MIQRO is considerably cheaper in comparison to the DaVinci IQ. This might make you think this means compromising on the kit it comes with. But not so. It comes with a grinder card, extended mouthpiece, gaskets, cleaning tools, carry case with the kit completed by the carry-can for herbs and spare batteries.


Responsive to your needs

Everyone into vaping will know that what they like is probably different from their vaping friend and this is just fine as far as the DaVinci MIQRO is concerned.

DaVinci has made the DaVinci MIQRO to be as responsive as users need. There are various modes and settings that can be tweaked just to your liking – and that includes a boost mode too.

  • Boost mode – raising the temperature a little higher for your last few hits is possible by a simple press of a button.
  • Standby mode – preserve battery life by cooling the device down quickly (great for preserving herbs too).

Like the IQ, DaVinci has made the best use of their Smart Paths technology too. You can opt for a 10-minute session, for example, in which the temperature is slowly increased in increments of 20F.

It has four pre-set Smart Path programs, great for individual and group use;

Smart Path 1

350° F / 176°C - 370°F / 187°C

Smart Path 2

370°F/187°C - 390°F/199°C

Smart Path 3

390° F / 199°C - 410°F/ 210°C

Smart path 4

410°F/210°C - 430°F/222°C

The DaVinci MIQRO’s oven can also be reduced just by turning the zirconium pearl.


Replaceable batteries

Battery power is essential in a portable vaporizer and the better it performs, the better it is received. And if the batteries are replaceable, all the better.

The DaVinci MIQRO is powered by two, replaceable 18350 batteries and can be charged via USB, a cable that is included in the complete kit.

This means charging it on the go is easy. However, the downside is that batteries have to be charged inside the device, rather than removed and charged separately. But most users can love with that when they consider the other great features it comes with.

Charging takes 90 minutes and there is also an option for pass-through charging – that is, you can use it whilst on charge, not something all portable vaporizers boast.

At full charge, expect a total of 50 minutes use which may not seem a lot on the face of it but when you consider the small battery capacity, you are actually getting quite an efficient performance.



Taking 45 seconds to heat up, the DaVinci MIQRO operates on a par with other portable vaporizers at a similar price point. Whilst this may not win it any prizes, what will is the great taste it delivers time after time. This is down in part to the quality of the product but also as a result of conduction heating.

The vapor path, the bowl, air path and mouthpiece are all made from high-grade ceramic zirconium. The result is a cool, pure vapor.

Clouds are dense, with large clouds produced at higher temperatures that don’t lose their taste, no easy feat for other portable vaporizers.

But the conduction heating means that it can only be used with loose leaf. To get the right results, grind herbs as finely as possible and pack tightly into the oven. With a capacity of 0.25g, you can reduce the oven size to 0.15g with the adjustable pearl.


Easy to clean and maintain

To keep your vaping experience pure and tasteful, you need to clean your portable vaporizer and the latest offering from DaVinci certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to easy cleaning.

Empty the vaporizer, brush down the parts and using the pipe cleaner in your kit, give the whole thing an easy clean. After ten to 15 uses, you’ll notice that there is an increased resistance on the draw. When this happens, remove the vapor path and clean it with isopropyl alcohol.



This pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer from DaVinci is worth serious consideration. It delivers serious results for the tiny piece of kit that it is. Compared to other portable vaporizers in its price range, the DaVinci MIQRO delivers fantastic results.


The DaVinci MIQRO – Review and User Guide from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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