everyone needs to use cannabis
everyone needs to use cannabis

The Only Way We Survive 2020 - Everyone Needs to Smoke Weed

Why everyone needs to be using cannabis to get through these historic stresses

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Sep 20, 2020

DOCTOR GREENTHUMB PRESCRIBES – Everyone must smoke weed till 2021

everyone smokes weed to survive

We’re coming into the final stretch of 2020. I don’t know about you, but where I live – things got colder really fast. I expect this sudden cold front to disappear for a bit, but then Old Man Winter will be dragging his cold beard on the floor.


Today I write this think piece because of a previous Twitter interaction I had with several hundred people. As my regular readers know – I am an anarchist (romatically). I subscribe to the philosophy that no elected “leader” is my leader. These are people in positions of power – similar to how Jeff Besos is the CEO of Amazon [fk, is he?

], Trump is merely the CEO of the US for me.


Would I bow to him? Fuck no! To Biden! Pff…you’ve got to be kidding me? I write from a position of political neutrality. All sides are rotten in my books.


This isn’t to say that government doesn’t serve a function – it simply means I have an inherent distrust in any political office. It could be the decades’ long persecution against my people – stoners everywhere!


The point being – I don’t give a flying duck who is in power, as long as I’m not dealing with all the shitfuckery they dispense. Of course – if there’s a leader that is systematically murdering people in gas chambers by shipping them in trains to concentration camps – I’d resist and fight to save as many of my fellow humans as possible.


But if Trump or Biden were to ask me to go to war – I’d refuse and go to jail without batting an eye.


The reason I had to preface this article was because the Twitter dispute I had was particularly related to politics. I generally try to stay away from engaging, but my one comment triggered a Twitter spasm that filled my notification feed with a horde of comments.


No matter what I said – if I didn’t agree with the sentiments they were hustling, I was either a Trump-apologist or a Russian, a moron, a cunt, an asshole, ignoramus, stoner, dumbass, jackass…you name it.


Of course – when so many butt-hurt people are thinking they can verbally joust with me…they obviously don’t know that I’ve written more than 15,000,000 words professionally. I eat research papers for breakfast and have been dissecting shitty studies for over a decade. I have enough research on my computer to challenge many different narratives – all from “official sources” (CDC, WHO, Journals, etc)


While I usually ignore – this time I decided to respond, and respond I did. But what I learned through all of the interactions was the motivation for reading this.




I get it – most people are not happy these days. What do you expect? Being locked up for months, watching news agencies split people over political nonsense, multiple-opposing narratives existing simultaneously, poor perception of leadership, riots…the list goes on.

What this does is increase stress levels. I’m almost certain that the vast majority of interactions I had were with people who have been suspended in a “Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fold” state for months now. What happens when you’re in this state is that blood runs from your major organs to your extremities – your vision narrows, you become less rational and critical and more reactionary.

Since there is no place to run from a virus – there is only FIGHT left. The place to fight…social media.


Arm this with ideological bullshit being peddled by the figures on television and you’ve got a recipe for chaos.


I’m not going to lie, in the beginning of the pandemic I too was losing my shit – but I decided to use this time for self-reflection. I changed my habits. I started doing exercise, eating healthier, meditating,  and Breathwork.


I started reading more, growing vegetables, cooking, and so forth.


I’m almost certain the people who I interacted with (the majority at least) – probably aren’t doing a great deal to destress and to shift from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”.


If you are one of those people – DO THIS ACTIVITY NOW – It’s a guided Breathwork video that will shift you from fight or flight back into rest and digest. Thank me later.


Dealing with 2020 stress requires some doobies


I don’t see the year getting any less whacky – at this point in time, we can expect aliens to arrive any time now, or perhaps a zombie uprising. Not sure yet.


One thing is certain – PEOPLE NEED TO SMOKE MORE WEED!


If you’re losing your shit over a Facebook comment or a Twitter comment – turn off all your devices, smoke a joint and walk in the forest or something. Unplug folks! I know things are scary right now – but it’s always been scary, you simply haven’t been aware of it.


The illusion of safety is ever present. The reality is that tomorrow you could scrape your knee and die from an infection you never knew existed. We could get hit by a comet. Hell – a mosquito might bite you tomorrow and you could die.


The point is – we’re always tap dancing on the edge of death. People are just not comfortable sitting next to death…but let me tell you something about death – it is the price of admission to being alive in that, in order to be alive – one day too you will die.








What did you think?

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