Totem Vaporizer
Totem Vaporizer

Totem Vaporizers -Review And Tutorial

What are Totem Vaporizers and what sets them apart from the crowd?

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jsp1073 on Sunday Sep 30, 2018

Totem Vaporizers | Review And Tutorial


If you are looking for a brand new vaping experience, it may be time to give the Totem Vaporizer a try. Totem Vaporizers are those that allow you to place different flavored ‘totems’ together, so that you can create and build a unique flavor that’s perfect for you.


There’s no need to settle for standard vape flavors, as Totem Vaporizers allow you to create something that ticks every box for you personally. Not only does this make the overall vaping experience that little bit more fun, it allows you to continuously mix things up whenever you want to. There aren’t many dry herb vaporizers that can offer something quite so different, which is why there’s such a buzz surrounding the Totem Vaporizer.


Full Review of Totem Vaporizers

Though they are still relatively new to the world of vaping, the vaping community is already embracing the Totem Vaporizer. Those who are brand new to vaping enjoy the social aspect that Totem Vaporizers have and those who have been vaping for a while enjoy that it’s something new to try. So, what aspects of Totem Vaporizers are the most impressive?


  • Unique and Customized Flavors - Whereas other dry herb vaporizers are somewhat limited in terms of flavor, this isn’t the case with Totem Vaporizers. Totem Vaporizers have a wide range of flavor options and a wide range of mixes to try, which is how they are able to offer customized flavors in a way that other vaporizers aren’t able to.


  • Long Lasting - It’s impressive just how long Totem Vaporizers last, both in battery life and overall product longevity. Despite having a lot going on, a Totem Vaporizer is able to last for a long time. This means that there’s no need to worry about your batery running out too soon and there’s no need to worry about needing to buy a replacement. Instead, you can invest in a Totem Vaporizer knowing that you’ll be using it every day and for years to come.


  • Fun and Enjoyable - If you’re someone that’s lost their love of vaping, the Totem Vaporizer is going to be perfect for you. Simply, Totem Vaporizers have put the fun back into vaping. Whether you’re vaping alone or with friends, you’re sure to enjoy the creativity that comes with mixing flavors and personalizing the experience. You may even go as far as to share recommended ‘totems’ with friends. If a friend is raving about a ‘totem’ combination, why not give it a go? There are endless possibilities.


Overall, we’re impressed with Totem Vaporizers. Though they may initially seem to be a gimmick, they’re not. Totem Vaporizers offer high quality vapor that’s powerful, pure and clean. You may be tempted to assume that Totem Vaporizers compromise on quality, that isn’t the case at all. Despite being modern and using state of the art technology, Totem Vaporizers still have the basic things that make for a great dry herb vaporizer.


Are Totem Vaporizers Easy to Use?

Though Totem Vaporizers may seem to be complex, they’re really not. This is why we’d urge you to go ahead and give them a try, not to be put off by the idea of having a lot of control over the way that you vape. If you have experience with other dry herb vaporizers, you’re sure to pick up the Totem Vaporizers and find that they’re simple and straightforward to use. Even if you haven’t used a vaporizer before, Totem Vaporizers are great for a first time vape. This is because there’s a tonne of information online and guidance can be found everywhere. However, that’s not to say that you’ll be needing it. Using a Totem Vaporizer is easy and most of it is common sense; we can’t imagine you’ll be relying too heavily on a Totem Vaporizer tutorial. If you do, there’s always help and information to be found online.


As you can see, The Totem Vaporizer has an awful lot going for it. This means that there’s nothing holding you back from giving one a try. Whether you’re looking for a newer dry herb vaporizer replacement for your current model or you are just bored of the one that you’re using, a Totem Vaporizer is a fantastic choice.


It doesn’t matter on the type of vapor that you like or how you like to vape, the Totem Vaporizers offer it all. There’s even a range of different temperature options, which gives you even more control. Not only can you dictate the flavor combination, but you can also dictate the temperature. With a Totem Vaporizer, you really will get the most out of your supply at all times. With this insight and information, we’re sure that you can see why Totem Vaporizers are so popular. Is the Totem a trend you’ll be trying?










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