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online retailers cannabis

How Grasscity and Canna Cabana Are Leading the Paradigm Shift in Cannabis to Online Retail Ordering

Two industry leaders are getting online with sales, GrassCity and Canna Cabana

Posted by: on Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

online retail cannabis

Grasscity and Canna Cabana Lead The Paradigm Shift In Cannabis To Online Retail


Cannabis is one of the most exciting, high-touch, and profitable global industries. With wide application, the cannabis plant is taking the country, and the world, by storm. Due to its variety of medicinal, recreational, and industrial uses, economic experts expect the legal cannabis market to hit $38.2 billion by the end of 2022.


This impressive market forecast should not come as a surprise as the plant has deep roots in the artist and scientific communities. Now legalized and normalized, new innovators can only use the plant to help with their creative process, as many of history’s greatest creators and thinkers used the plant secretly. Additionally, as cannabis has been legalized for medical usage for decades, doctors who are also advocates of the plant no longer need to be afraid of the stigma. Beyond its recreational and medicinal purposes, cannabis is revolutionizing a wide variety of industries due to a fiber that grows from it, hemp. Hemp has a long relationship with humans as it’s been used throughout history as a sustainable replacement for fuel, building material, food, paper, clothing, plastic, concrete, and more.


With increased legalization and positive attention, a handful of brands are pioneering the new era of cannabis, online retail. Grasscity and Canna Cabana are two brands that are leading the paradigm shift in cannabis to online retail.




Grasscity is an innovative brand with a storied history in the industry. In fact, Grasscity is the world’s oldest online headshop. Although Grasscity is an online resource, the brand started in Amsterdam, the major city associated with cannabis entrepreneurship. True to form, Grasscity is not only intent on providing quality e-commerce cannabis accessory options, but it is also intent on helping the cannabis community grow and support each other.


Grasscity has the most varied accessory roster in the market. For over 20 years, Grasscity has enabled enthusiasts to easily search for and purchase top-of-the-line cannabis accessories and paraphernalia. Grasscity offers industry-leading vapes, bongs, dab pens, dab rigs, hookahs, CBD, mini bongs, heady glass, towering percolator glass bongs, beaker base glass bongs, and silicone bongs on the market. Grasscity is leading the charge in the online cannabis retail movement as they boast a high-quality product inventory easily accessible from the comforts of one’s home. Further, Grasscity is leading the charge in the cannabis online retail space partially because of its authentic commitment to the community. To this point, Grasscity runs one of the oldest online cannabis forums. By providing a space for education and support, cannabis enthusiasts are rewarding Grasscity with their consumer loyalty.


Canna Cabana


Canna Cabana is another pioneer of the online retail cannabis space. While Canna Cabana owns the largest amount of cannabis retail storefronts in Canada, with 113 stores, Canna Cabana is also innovating online retail. Understanding that many cannabis enthusiasts may not be in close physical proximity to a store, may live in a different country, or may prefer to shop privately, Canna Cabana is continuing to push the boundaries online despite its brick-and-mortar success. Affectionately dubbed as the ‘Costco of Cannabis,’ Canna Cabana has the industry's most comprehensive set of cannabis accessories available from their online, e-commerce platform.


While the company is based in Canada, Canna Cabana ships worldwide and offers products from Canadian as well as American brands. As Canna Cabana is a large brand with a prominent physical presence, the retailer has industry-leading purchasing power. This enables Canna Cabana to offer the highest quality cannabis and accessories for incredibly affordable prices. From bottom-shelf cannabis to top-shelf cannabis to bongs to vaporizers to pipes and more, Canna Cabana has the most competitive prices across all of its products. Canna Cabana carries its own ‘in-house’ brands such as Dopezilla, Famous Brandz, Puff Puff Pass, Vodka Glass, and Evolution Glass, in addition to carrying all of the larger brands. Finally, Canna Cabana is further disrupting the cannabis industry and spearheading the online retail movement with its new Cabana Club offering. Canna Cabana consumers who join this innovative new club receive access to new products before they hit the shelves as well as special deals.


We are excited to see how Grasscity and Canna Cabana continue to lead the paradigm shift in cannabis to online retail


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