Anastasia Romanova’s Cannacare
Anastasia Romanova’s Cannacare

Anastasia Romanova’s Cannacare Proves the U.S. Cannabis Industry’s Potential for Sustainability

Can cannabis be sustainable from growing to packaging?

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Lemon Knowles on Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Anastasia Romanova’s Cannacare

As the U.S. cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace following legalization efforts across the country, this growth has come with an increased demand for sustainable farming practices – especially as the negative environmental effects of present-day cannabis farming standards become increasingly evident. With consumers spearheading this shift toward eco-friendliness through their spending power, many cannabis businesses are beginning to realize that sustainable practices are the way forward for the industry’s future, helping to protect our planet and ensure that future generations have access to the same resources – and cannabis – that we do today. 


Beyond environmental protection, adopting sustainable cultivation practices can help cannabis brands ramp up profits by meeting consumer expectations, reduce their costs by cutting down on wasting resources, and foster positive relationships with a population progressively more concerned with the ethics of the businesses they patronize. Still, as the cannabis industry continues to lag behind on changing for the betterment of the planet in favor of pushing for increased profit margins, only a few select cannabis brands have tapped into this emerging sustainable sector, including entrepreneurs Anastasia Romanova and Dojcilo Scekic buzzed-about and 100-percent organic cannabis brand, Cannacare. 


As leading proponents of the cannabis industry’s eco-friendly makeover, Cannacare has aligned its actions along with its words as Cannacare has ingeniously innovated industry standard cultivation techniques and invented proprietary technology to push its cannabis crops to maximum growth while producing minimal waste. To start with, Cannacare refuses to use any pesticides or herbicides throughout its growth process, sticking with completely organic soils further fertilized by in-house composting By using these organic methods, Cannacare can produce high-quality cannabis that is likewise safe for consumption by consumers. 


Taking its sustainable efforts one step forward, Cannacare has created its own LED lights to help stimulate its plants’ growth, letting Cannacare’s plants thrive while reducing energy waste. Age-old irrigation techniques have also gotten a makeover under Romanova and Scekic’s watchful eyes, with Cannacare utilizing new irrigation technology to cut down on the cultivation process’ overall water waste – one of the farming sector’s largest environmental issues


As Romanova and Scekic’s Cannacare has so proved through Cannacare’s undeniable success in its first two years on the market, organic cultivation is predicted to be the future of the cannabis industry. By cultivating organically, growers can produce top-level cannabis that is fit for human consumption and can help to reduce the amount of waste produced by the industry overall. And with Cannacare pledging 20 percent of its profits to philanthropic causes of choice, perhaps Cannacare can encourage the cannabis industry to not only fully embrace the earth’s future through eco-friendly operations, but charitable give back to the planet's population as well. 


For more on Cannacare, visit the organic cannabis brand’s website or Instagram for the latest updates. 


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